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Best practices when you have multiple Shopify stores

Running one shop is a challenge in and of itself .
indeed, managing multiple Shopify stores only increases the atmospheric pressure. That ’ second why it ’ sulfur significant to adopt certain methods of running your businesses. differently, you ’ ll cursorily get submerge, and all your stores will suffer the consequences of poor business management .
To help you out, here ’ s a tilt of best practices for businesses running multiple Shopify stores :

1. Consolidate your customer support

multiple queries from multiple Shopify stores can cursorily lead to multiple problems if they come from different channels.

Consolidating your customer support system will allow you and your team to entree queries from one target and ensure that no accompaniment tickets are left unanswered .

2. Using data to uncover hidden opportunities

It ’ mho great taking the Shopify multi-store approach to sell because you can use each store ’ mho analytics to discover untapped niches .
Take advantage of Google Analytics and other tools to find out information about the people who visit your store. Once you ’ ve done this, you ’ ll be able to see the demographics of people who make up your core consultation and determine if you ’ re democratic with a certain group. once you have this information at hand, you can decide whether it ’ s worth refocusing your shop, or investing in another store on Shopify, to better target this group .

3. Continuously work on SEO

To make certain you ’ re getting the most exposure for your Shopify multi-stores, you ’ re going to need to look into each memory ’ south SEO .
Find a list of relevant high-level keywords on Google, using free tools like Ubersuggest and target them across your websites on a landing foliate :

  • Headings
  • Meta-titles
  • Image ALT descriptions

But, the samara to SEO is to make this a continuous task to stay ahead of the competition. And be indisputable not to cannibalize your keywords by targeting them across different stores .

4. Centralize your order management

When orders start to pile up from your Shopify multi-store border on, you ’ re going to need to find a way to centralize your sales and manufacturing orders .
otherwise, you ’ ll run the risk of losing racetrack of orders, which will :

  • Create bottlenecks
  • Increase manufacturing lead times
  • Ruin your business’s reputations

5. Take advantage of the Shopify App Store

Finding the right Shopify tools will help you centralize all your shop and different departments .
The Shopify App Store comes with batch of great plugins and integrations that will automate business processes for each of your stores. just be certain to remember to find a joyride that can besides help you optimize your manufacture .

Why having multiple Shopify stores is the right choice

here are merely a few reasons why it can be a lucrative decision for a manufacturer to set up multiple stores with Shopify :

1. Managing your brand’s value

This is the trickiest strategy to manage, and it ’ s why we want to talk about it first .
Some businesses with luxury brands have off-price or outlets to appeal to different audiences. This would be an ideal tactic for businesses with a stigmatize that is a family list. The mind is to have your main store, but then open another store so that economical customers can get something cheaper, without devaluing your other products .
An case of this theory in action is Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack .

2. Selling internationally

It could be that it ’ mho time to open Shopify multiple storefronts to sell your products across the globe.

even though you can show different currencies on one storehouse, you can only receive payments in one currency, which is your store ’ s default. Depending on where you ’ re going to sell, there ’ s a casual you ’ ll be dealing with different tax rates and early regulations you ’ ll need to follow. Setting up a different store, even to sell the like products, allows you to ensure that your clientele is compliant .
The target audience in another country won ’ t necessarily be the lapp as the master store ’ second consultation .
Each region should be treated as a different market, and you ’ re going to need to figure out how to attract that newfangled audience .

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