Experian Boost Review: The Pros & Cons of Boost (2022)

FinMasters contentedness is free. When you purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission. Advertiser disclosure Experian introduced Experian Boost in early 2018. The serve allows consumers to include their utility accounts in their Experian credit composition. This review should help you understand how it works ! !
Most utility companies do not report requital history to the credit chest of drawers. even if you pay these bills on time for years, the payments won ’ t be included in your credit report card or reflected in your accredit score .
Companies pay to report payments to the credit agency. Reporting companies besides have to accept rule under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Utility companies don ’ metric ton want to bother, so they don ’ thyroxine report.

If you miss payments, your score can be affected. The utility company won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate report the late payments, but if they send your history to a solicitation means, that changes. The collection means will report a collection account, and that will hammer your credit .
Experian Boost does the opposite. They won ’ thymine report any miss payments, but they will place all of your on-time payments on your Experian credit record. That can help you build a better credit criminal record .
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Experian Boost can help you build your citation record with telephone and utility payments… and it’s absolutely free!
Try Experian Boost nowadays !

Experian Boost Review & Ratings

Experian Boost

Experian Boost adds your utility payments to your Experian accredit report for complimentary.
The change in your credit score won ’ t be dramatic, and it will only affect one credit report. On the other hand, the service is release and you ’ ve got nothing to lose by signing up. potency


ease of Use







It ‘s unblock Adds positive information to your credit composition late payments do n’t hurt your score


You have to pay your bills online It only works for people who already have a accredit file lone helps your Experian score

How Experian Boost Can Help

Experian Boost is designed to help the 62 million Americans who have “ dilute credit files ”. Credit bureaus indigence data to establish your creditworthiness, and they need payment history to do that .
Experian Boost gives Experian access to more requital history, which can boost your credit score .

Can Experian Boost Hurt Your Credit Score?

late payments normally hurt your credit grudge, but that international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate how Experian Boost™ works .
👉 Experian merely considers convinced requital history. That means if you missed your utility requital, rent, or cell phone payment, the late payments won ’ t bring down your credit score .

How Boost Affected Me

I signed up for Experian Boost with the understanding it can only help your credit score, not hurt it. What I found was that may be genuine for your score but that may not be the case when applying for a lend .
here ’ s how it shows up on my credit report .
then here ’ s what happened : I refinanced my mortgage, and my broker said the utilities I had reported on boost showed up on my credit report as   “ self-reported debts. ”
That created the stamp that I had more monthly debt payments than I actually did. Luckily, the amount was excessively modest to seriously affect my debt-to-income ratio. It is something you should be aware of if you ’ re going to be applying for a mortgage or any other loanword where they look at your debt or debt-to-income proportion .

Using Experian Boost: 7 Easy Steps

hera ’ s how it works :

1. Enroll

Go to Experian.com and click on the “ Start for dislodge ” release. There is no fee for enrolling in Boost .

2. Give Boost Access to your Checking Account

Boost learns how you pay your utility bills by looking for payments you have made to utility companies from your on-line checking account. You ’ ll have to give Boost access to your checking report by providing your login credentials .
If your bank requires multi-factor authentication ( like a erstwhile code texted to your phone ), you ’ ll be prompted to enter this code to verify that you want to give Experian access to your checking report .
👉 Banks are very particular about you sharing your log in credentials. Be prepared to work through this work. Be careful not to enter wrong information so you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incidentally get locked out of your on-line depository financial institution account .

3. Experian Boost Finds Your Utility Accounts

Experian Boost will review your checking account looking for payments to utility program companies. eligible accounts include :

  • Cell phone
  • Land line
  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Power/Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Waste

Experian Boost will mechanically detect payments made to these accounts .

4. Select the Accounts You Want Included in Your Credit Report

If Boost finds at least three payments made to a utility report, this account is eligible to be included in your credit report. Boost then presents all eligible accounts to you so you can pick which ones you want to have included in your Experian credit reputation .
Boost alone includes positive requital history in your credit report. It can not detect any former payments you might have made, or payments you might have skipped .
This is an advantage to the consumer, but a disadvantage to the lender who relies on complete and accurate data to make accredit risk decisions. Some lenders may not recognize accounts added by Boost because they consider the information incomplete .

5. Experian Boost Re-Calculates Your Credit Score.

citation grade models are complicated and use a variety of information as contribution of the grade calculation. Some credit scores do not use utility accounts in their calculations .
once your utility accounts are included in your Experian credit report, any recognition scoring model that values utility accounts will reflect this data. VantageScore 3 values this data and is the second most popular score after FICO .
All newer versions of these accredit score models continue to value utility accounts. This means FICO Score 9 and VantageScore 4 rate utility accounts .
Experian Boost lone affects your Experian credit report and credit scores generated by Experian .

6. Experian Boost Updates Your Score Regularly

Every calendar month Experian Boost will review your checking account looking for new payment transactions for your utility accounts. It updates your credit report to reflect this information .

7. You Can Delete Accounts

If for any reason you no longer want your utility account ( s ) reported to your accredit report, you can delete the account from Boost. Boost will stop inquisitory for the bill you delete .
If you no longer want Experian Boost log into your on-line bank bill for any reason, you must delete the military service from your Experian Profile wholly .
👉 If you change your on-line trust account log in credentials, don ’ t forget to change the lapp information in Experian Boost .
Experian Boost can help you build your credit record with telephone and utility payments… and it’s absolutely free!
Try Experian Boost nowadays !

Pros & Cons

Experian Boost can be an effective way to help your credit. That doesn ’ metric ton beggarly it ’ s the right motivate for everyone .


  • It’s free.
  • Adding more positive information to your Experian credit report can have a very positive impact if your credit report has very few accounts.
  • Experian claims the average credit score improvement is 14 points. That could make a big difference for some people, especially if you cross over one of the major score thresholds from “poor” to “fair”, and from “fair” to “good”.
  • If you have late payments, it won’t hurt your credit score since Experian doesn’t know about your late payments. Since they won’t be included in your credit report they can’t affect your credit score.


  • You have to give Experian access to your online checking account.  This is a non-starter for some people who are concerned about the security of their checking account. 
  • You have to pay all of your utility bills from your online checking account.  This is the only way Experian Boost can scan your checking account to look to payments to utility companies.  This means you can’t use a credit card to pay your bill and earn reward points. 
  • It only works for people who already have a credit file.  
  • Because Experian Boost only reports positive payments, some lenders may not use these accounts when they calculate your credit score. 
  • Experian Boost only helps your Experian score.  It won’t help your scores at the two other major credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax.

Experian Boost works best for people with slender credit files. If you have 20 years of payment history, have owned multiple credit cards, and had a car loanword and home loan, adding proof of utility program payments will not have the impingement that it would have for person with a sparse credit file .

Does It Work?

now let ’ s lecture turkey. Does it actually work ? The answer is yes !
But how much does it truly help ?
It depends on your starting credit sexual conquest. The average consumer saw their credit seduce go up 14 points. If your credit is 579 or less, you could see an tied bigger increase. eighty-six percentage of people in this stove saw an average increase of 21 points .
Considering how slowly it is, that ’ s a significant addition .

You might wonder if all of this is legal. Can Experian expect you to give them access to your bank history so they can see your payment records ?
Rest assured that Boost is 100 % legal. The serve is optional. You do not have to participate. As for their access to your records, that ’ s Experian ’ randomness entire commercial enterprise model. They are a consumer report agency. Every time a credit calling card company or lender has sent Experian data about you, you have given them license to do then ( credibly in the very well print when applying for a modern credit menu or loan, which few of us ever read ) .

Is Experian Boost Safe?

Anytime you ’ rhenium dealing with your finances, you want to take precautions. ( Identity larceny is very ! )
Experian Boost is safe. The system uses use 256-bit SSL encoding, which is government-level security .
Experian will review your bank records to find qualify payments made to utility and phone companies. You will have to give Experian access to your history .
They ’ ra limited to read-only access. That means they don ’ thymine store your login information and can ’ thyroxine make any changes to your score .

Experian Boost Support

Experian Boost is easy to use. Visit Experian.com and click “ Sign In ” in the upper right corner to log in .
The servicing is absolve, but they ask you to upgrade each time. To access your bill, barely click the option that says “ No, Keep My Current Membership. ”
Navigating to Experian Boost is easy. Click the menu button and blue-ribbon “ Experian Boost ” under the “ Reports & Scores ” section. If you hit a snag, you can call customer support at 866-617-1894 .
It helps to have your Member ID number when you call. You can find it by clicking the menu button and then going to your profile .
If you want to cancel your report, it ’ south slowly to do with the automated earphone arrangement .
Experian Boost can help you build your credit record with earphone and utility payments… and it’s absolutely free!
Try Experian Boost immediately !

Other Ways to Add Payments to your Credit Report

There are several other systems that let you add regular payments to your credit report .
Experian RentBureau adds rent payments to your Experian credit rating report. It ’ randomness free and easy to use. Your landlord will have to be willing to participate .
rent report services like Rent Reportes, LevelCredit, and Rental Kharma will report your rent payments to the three credit rating chest of drawers, but you will pay a fee .
eCredable Lift is a service similar to Experian Boost but run by TransUnion. Using both Experian Boost and eCredable Lift will place your utility requital records on two of your three credit reports.

These services have limitations. The change in your recognition sexual conquest won ’ thyroxine be dramatic, and it will alone affect one credit report .
On the early hand, Experian Boost is free ( there ’ s a fee to use eCredable Lift ). These services are easy to use and pose little or no hazard. What have you got to lose ?
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