Two VA Loans at Once – Can You Buy While You Still Own?

A VA lend is one of the best lend programs in universe, and it offers a wide kind of benefits to eligible veterans. But there are some common misconceptions surrounding the loan — one of those being entitlement. many people believe that VA entitlement is a erstwhile benefit. But that ’ s not the case. Once you ’ ve earned the benefit, you will continue to have it your entire life. To explain, entitlement is the dollar amount the VA guarantees to repay the lender, in case a borrower defaults on their loanword. so if you get a VA loanword, does that mean all your entitlement is gone ? not necessarily. Is it possible to have two VA loans at one time ? The simpleton answer — yes ! In some situations, you can own two homes at once with a second VA lend, if you have adequate stay entitlement. Before we dive in, let ’ s take a couple steps back and explain the loanword and VA entitlement in more contingent .

What is a VA loan, and who is eligible?

With the determination of helping servicing members finance a home with friendly loanword terms, a VA Loan is a mortgage lend that ’ s guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs ( VA ). The main perks of a VA loanword is that zero down requital is required, and there is no private mortgage indemnity ). To qualify for a VA loan, you must have a valid Certificate of Eligibility ( COE ), and you must meet sealed income and citation requirements. Length of service, conduct, and duty condition can besides affect your eligibility .

You may be able to obtain a COE if you belong to any of the following categories : seasoned, active duty service member, National Guard member, military reserve member, or surviving spouse .

How much entitlement does the VA provide?

entitlement can be confusing for even the most feel mortgage professionals. But it actually fair involves a bit of mathematics. In most areas of the country, basic entitlement is $ 36,000. additionally, junior-grade entitlement is $ 70,025. Adding those together gives you a full of $ 106,024 for eligible veterans. In higher monetary value areas, it may be evening more. additionally, the VA insures a quarter of the loan total for loans over $ 144,000. therefore, you can multiply that entitlement come, $ 106,024, by four for a maximum loan come of $ 424,100. That ’ s the full amount qualified buyers could borrow before having to factor in a down requital.

When could I get a second VA loan?

Let ’ s suggest you presently a own a home in Pensacola, Fla., financed with a VA loan. But you good received orders for a permanent wave deepen of station ( PCS ) to Norfolk, Va. What if you want to keep your existing base in Florida and rent it out, but besides want to purchase a new home in Norfolk with a moment VA loanword ?

With enough remaining entitlement, you may be able to secure a second VA loan with short to no money down to purchase a family in your new sphere .

First of all, you can ’ metric ton leverage a home with a VA lend with the exclusive purpose of renting it out. however, if you purchased a home with the intent of using it as your primary residency, and then you lived in it a while, you may be able to rent it out late on. Let ’ s suggest you borrowed $ 150,00 for your first home. Since the VA guarantees a quarter of your loan total, that means you tied up $ 37,500 of your entitlement. As mentioned before, in most parts of the country, your total entitlement is $ 106,025. bare subtraction tells you that you have $ 68,525 left over entitlement that you have entree to. And again, multiply that by four, and you have a sum of $ 274,100. Keep in mind, this is not the soap total you could spend on a home. You would good need to factor in a polish requital for anything over this total .

What are the stipulations?

Acquiring a second VA loanword does come with certain conditions. With most lenders, you must have a renter locked into a lease and a security depository to offset your first VA loanword mortgage payment. While having a tenant locked in helps your debt-to-income ratio because it offsets your mortgage requital, unfortunately, any extra lease income can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be used towards qualifying for your second lend. For case, say your monthly mortgage requital is $ 800, but you ’ re going to charge your renters $ 1,000. That $ 200 extra can ’ thyroxine be used as extra income to qualify for a second gear VA loanword. Income qualification for junior-grade properties can vary by lender, thus be certain to ask about the necessity underwrite guidelines when applying for a second home. additionally, you ’ ll inactive need to meet the occupation requirements of a VA loan, meaning that this new home must be your primary residence. You ’ ll necessitate to occupy your raw home before a certain time period passes ( normally 60 days ) following your close. VA loans are arguably the best lend program available. then if you ’ ra eligible, be sure you know how to take fully advantage. If you have questions about keeping your home and buy again, please feel release to contact a mortgage banker .

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