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How Long Does It Take to Become an LPN?

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February 22, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Becoming a license hardheaded nurse ( LPN ) can be an exciting career in the healthcare field that you can obtain with a shorter time commitment than checkup school. once you ‘ve completed the necessitate education and passed your license examination, you ‘re fix to start applying for LPN positions. In this article, we discuss what a accredited practical nurse does, how long it takes to become one and some of the unlike paths you can take to prepare for this career .

What is an LPN?

An LPN is a healthcare professional who provides patients with all their basic care needs. This includes assisting patients in eat, bathe and snip. LPNs might besides work as assistants to registered nurses ( RNs ) or doctors. LPNs are responsible for maintaining clear communication across the whole healthcare team and keeping detail and accurate patient records. They are besides often responsible for communicating with patients and their families to answer questions, excuse procedures and help them understand the treatment and care plan their doctor prescribes. overall, an LPN needs to be ready to perform whatever task might be asked of them at any moment. It ‘s an excite, fast-paced career where you can work closely with patients, helping make their bide at the hospital comfortable and providing information on the treatments and procedures they are about to go through. An LPN career allows you to work directly with patients and see the positivist impact you make in people ‘s lives which can be very reinforce, therefore many people spend their entire career in this position. however, getting a problem as an LPN can besides be a big footprint on the path to becoming a registered nurse or even a harbor practitioner. For those who are concerned in a career in nursing but not ready to commit to four years or more of education, becoming an LPN first gear can be a valuable introduction to the kind of study you would be doing in more advanced positions .

How long does it take to become an LPN?

The independent path to becoming an LPN involves completing a certification program, passing the NCLEX-PN and then applying for a subcontract. practical harbor certification programs normally last about one to two years, depending on whether you attend full- or half-time. For the NCLEX-PN, you should plan to add at least one calendar month of cooking so that you can pass it on your first hear. If you do n’t pass on your beginning attack, you have to wait 45 days before your adjacent try. raw, it will take anywhere from one year to a little over two years to meet the requirements needed to start working as an LPN .

Ways to become an LPN

The main requirements for becoming an LPN are the same no matter which way you take to becoming one. You ‘ll need the right educational background and a valid license. There are, however, a few variations of the path that you can take depending on what your needs are and, in some cases, where you live. Take a look below at some of your options :

1. The standard path

The most common manner to become an LPN is a two-step procedure. First, you need to get certified by completing a virtual nurse program. then, you need to get licensed by taking and passing the NCLEX-PN. Once you ‘ve completed both of these, you can start working. Take a look at a more in-depth explanation of each of those steps below :

Find a program

The most significant thing to look for when finding a practical nursing program is making certain that it is accredited. If it is n’t, the authentication you receive at the end wo n’t be valid. You can make indisputable the broadcast is accredited by going to the web site of an official accredit body like CCNE or ACEN and searching for programs through their database .

Choose a program that meets your needs

many nurse programs are becoming more compromising to meet the needs of their students. If you work full-time or have early responsibilities, consider a program that offers a blend of on-line and on-campus courses or elastic times such as nox classes .

Apply for admission

Programs typically require you to have at least a high school diploma. beyond that, extra requirements depend on how rigorous the admission standards are. In general, a diploma, a potent workplace ethic and a desire to help people will get you into a good course of study .

Complete the coursework

Most programs include 36-40 credit hours which breaks down to about 8-10 classes. Attending school full clock time, you can likely complete these classes in a class. If you attend half-time, it may take two years. commit to a schedule that you know will work for you. Be prepared to deal with some complex scientific material. You ‘ll be taking classes in subjects like biology, anatomy, and chemistry a well as more practical cognition classes in emergency medical technology and physical education.

2. The accelerated path

This option is a fast version of the standard way of becoming an LPN. You hush need to complete both a practical nursing broadcast and the NCLEX-PN. however, you can opt to enroll in an accelerate plan that allows you to complete all the courses in just seven months rather than one or two years. You can further accelerate the process by studying for the NCLEX-PN while you ‘re distillery in educate. Schedule your examination for a date correctly after commencement. In some cases, you might even be able to take the examination a week or two before you graduate american samoa retentive as you can provide proof that you are on track to complete your course of study. This option means studying for the NCLEX-PN at the lapp time you ‘re studying for final examination exams, but since the material overlaps, it is possible if you manage your clock time well. Keep in mind that going at this accelerate pace means taking a batch more time out of your workweek to study and attend classes. It will be a busy agenda for those following seven months, sol create certain you are cook to commit to a rigorous study agenda before you enroll .

3. The no-certification path

This option depends on where you plan to work. Some states allow students who started another nursing authentication broadcast ( such as an RN program ) but did not finish to take the NCLEX-PN anyhow and start working as an LPN angstrom long as they completed the coursework equivalent to a practical nursing plan. Some states allow people with equivalent military experience to bypass the documentation program and go straight to the NCLEX-PN. however, you choose to do it, know that you can start sending out applications deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you find out you passed the NCLEX-PN. It will take a few weeks for your actual license to come in the mail, but the unofficial telling that you passed will likely be enough to advance in the interview process .

Information about the NCLEX-PN you need to know

Passing the NCLEX-PN is the final step before you begin your subcontract hunt. once you ‘ve completed your virtual harbor authentication, you should already be well-prepared for the kind of corporeal you ‘re going to see on the examination. You should calm give yourself a month or two to prepare therefore that you can walk into the examination room confident and quick to pass on your first try. hera are some basic facts you should know about the test :

  1. The number of questions can range from 75 to 265, depending on how well you ‘re doing. The more questions you answer correctly, the oklahoman you ‘ll be done.
  2. It uses a CAT ( computerize adaptive test ) format, meaning that if you answer correctly, the adjacent interrogate will be slightly harder. If you answer falsely, the future interview will be slightly easier. then, if it feels like the questions just keep getting more and more difficult, that ‘s a sign you ‘re doing well.
  3. You will have up to six hours to complete the examination, with the choice to take a fault every two hours. indeed take your clock and make sure you feel confident in your answer before moving on to the future one. Remember, the more you get right, the sooner you ‘re out of there.
  4. The questions are more virtual than knowledge-based. This means you ‘re being tested on how well you can apply what you ‘ve learned in your course of study to the actual daily responsibilities of an LPN. You ‘ll need to use your critical-thinking and judgment skills to find the compensate answer.
  5. You ‘ll be tested on the following four major content areas : safe and effective concern environment, health promotion and alimony, psychosocial integrity and physiological integrity.
  6. There are no scores. If you pass, you ‘ll fair get a telling that you passed and receive your license. If you fail, you wo n’t receive a specific score or dislocation but you will get a “ diagnostic ” that tells you which content areas were your strongest and weakest sol you know what to study for your adjacent attempt.
  7. There is an examination fee of about $ 200 .

As you prepare for the examination, give yourself batch of time to study. Allot time each week to reviewing the material for the examination, taking exercise quizzes and quizzing yourself with flashcards. Consider getting a study guide for the NCLEX-PN to make your study time more effective.

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