Can You Pay Off a Home Equity Loan Early?

A home equity lend can be a potent creature when you need a bombastic sum of cash. Whether you want to improve your home, pay off high-interest debt, or fund your child ‘s education, your equity can allow you to borrow money at a much lower rate than consumer accredit cards .

many people opt for a longer repayment term for a home equity loanword to keep monthly payment amounts reasonable. But what if you find your monthly cash menstruate has increased ? Can you pay it off early ? As with many things, the answer is in the finely print .

Key Takeaways

  • Home equity loans are secured using the equity built in your primary residence.
  • Home equity loans have a standardized monthly payment and term.
  • Few home equity loans have an early payoff penalty, but read the fine print to make sure.

What Is a Home Equity Loan ?

A home equity loan is a loan that is secured by the equity built in your primary residency. As you make mortgage payments, you build equity, whittling down the libra on the amount you owe .

equity is determined by subtracting the difference on your outstanding mortgage from the current market value of your home plate. You could build fairness promptly if you bought your home when the market was much lower. That equity is then used to determine how a lot money a lender may let you borrow using your house as collateral .

Home fairness loans are sometimes called irregular mortgages since they operate in a identical alike manner. Payments, interest rates, and terms are fixed for a standard measure of time, typically five to 30 years. And just like a primary mortgage, home equity loans charge interest. The longer the repayment term, the more concern you ‘ll pay rear over fourth dimension .


When you ‘re ready to make your concluding requital on your base equity lend, call your lender. only they can give you the discipline final payment come based on how much sake has accrued in that payment bicycle.

Can You Pay Your Home Equity Loan Early ?

Since a lender earns its net income on the interest charged on any lend, it ‘s easy to understand why they would want to ensure that the full term was honored. however, most home equity loans do n’t incur what is known as early return penalties. If they do have an early return punishment, it must be stated in the shrink for the loanword .

A borrower must read the lend contract ‘s ticket print to ensure no hidden penalty charges or fees are included. If legal language is unmanageable for you, ask your lender if there are early payoff penalties. ampere long as there are no denotative mentions of penalties for early return, you are free to pay extra on your loan until it is paid off .

In the curious event of an early payment penalty, it may distillery be worth paying off your home fairness lend early. Depending on how many years you can shave off your condense, it may be worth paying a erstwhile penalty to save thousands in accrue interest .

Why Pay Off Your Home Equity Loan Early ?

now that you ‘ve learned that you can pay off your home equity loan early, you may want to weigh the pros and cons. many borrowers choose a longer term for their loan so that they have more breathe room in their monthly budget with a lower monthly requital. But if they find their income increases, paying more toward the chief of their home plate equity loanword can save meaning pastime payments.

Before you start paying extra on your loanword, run the numbers on how much you ‘ll save by paying it off early. If you borrowed at a low matter to rate, it may be deserving paying on your current payment plan and investing the money you would use to pay off the lend faster. If your goal is to eliminate monthly payments, paying the lend off early may be more attractive than what you would earn in the commercialize.

How Do I Pay Off My Home Equity Loan Early ?

There are three ways to pay off a family fairness loan early :

  • Lump sum: If you’ve saved the remainder of your loan amount in a separate account, you can pay it off in one payment. You’ll have to call your lender to find your final payoff amount.
  • Additional principal payments: You can add a certain amount to every payment to reduce the amount of principal earning interest.
  • Sporadic payments: When you have extra cash, you can apply it to your loan. This is a great way to use bonuses or tax refunds.

Choose the way that makes the most smell for your monthly budget and long-run goals .

What Is the Minimum Amount I Can Borrow in a Home Equity Loan?

Unlike a home equity line of credit, which is a revolving credit occupation, a home fairness loanword is a hardened sum with standardize refund plans. Each lender will have its own minimum loan total, but $ 10,000 is a fairly standard come .

Can I Borrow the Full Amount of My Equity?

No. Lenders will alone lend a dowry of your fairness, flush if you ‘ve paid off your home. Most lenders will merely allow you to borrow 80 % of the equity in your family .

What Happens If I Default on My Home Equity Loan?

Defaulting on your loanword can result in losing your house. Since you are using your home as collateral on the lend, a lender places a spleen on your family. If the loanword is not repaid, they can foreclose on the house to recoup their investment. In the event of a home equity loan, the primary mortgage will be paid first and then the home equity loan.

The Bottom Line

Paying off your home equity lend early is a great way to save a meaning measure of sake over the life of your loanword. early on wages penalties are rare, but they do exist. Double-check your lend condense and ask directly if there is a penalty. You may feel better about signing a longer contract with lower payments if there is no penalty for an early payoff.

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