How Many Years Does It Take to be a Nurse? You might be surprised!

How Many Years Does It Take to be a Nurse? You might be surprised!

How Many Years Does It Take to be a Nurse? You might be surprised!

“ Patience is an crucial virtue and the best things in life are constantly deserving waiting for. ” You might have heard this honest-to-god proverb a million times but it doesn ’ triiodothyronine fit correct with you. You have your life mapped out and you don ’ thyroxine want to waste clock time to achieve your goals. With a sweetheart growth and above modal earn, it ’ randomness no wonder eager-beavers like you are pursuing harbor careers. But you don ’ t want to spend years in educate. fortunately, there are several ways that you can become a nurse .
If you ’ re wondering how you can become a nurse, one of the questions that you might be asking yourself is how long it will take you to become a nanny. Becoming a nurse can take anywhere from two to four years depending on the type of degree you want to pursue. however, the ADN is the most common route to become a register nurse, and normally takes two years or less, if you choose an accelerate degree program .
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Reasons to Consider an Accelerated ADN Programs

RNs are in high demand

You have most probably listen of the national nursing work force dearth. The massive pamper baby boomer generation that made up closely one-third of the stallion U.S. population started turning 65 in the year 2011. As they age, more nurses will be needed to manage their declining health. additionally, retiring baby baby boomer nurses will besides create more jobs in the nurse industry. The Affordable Care Act has besides changed the means nurses deliver care as it emphasizes closer collaboration with patients.

Job flexibility

Do you want to work in a hospital or a secret clinic ? In a school ? Take your pick. There are different types of nurses and different places that you can work as an RN, a position you could earn after graduating from an accredit educational program and passing the NCLEX examination. furthermore, the schedule of a breastfeed international relations and security network ’ thyroxine fixed. While you may have to work occasionally at night, during the weekend or on holidays, you could benefit from working longer shifts .

Job satisfaction

In a holocene survey that was conducted on over 88,000 RNs, over 90 percentage of the participants stated that they were satisfied with their breastfeed careers. This shouldn ’ t occur as a surprise considering the especial benefits, recompense, and job security. furthermore, nurses besides get personal gratification from assisting other people to recover from illnesses. There is no early career that will give you the prospect to help save lives on a daily basis .

Quick degree programs

A traditional nurse degree program often takes four years or more to complete. however, schools that have accelerated ADN programs allow you to finish your associate degree ’ s academic degree in deoxyadenosine monophosphate short as 18 months .

Finishing your Associate’s Degree in Nursing Gets You Started on your Career Sooner

Choosing the ADN route to become an RN has respective benefits. The most obvious one is that you will complete your education preferably than if you pursued a knight bachelor ’ s academic degree. Earning your license in less than two years could get you into the nurse work force faster, and you can start earning money .
While some hospitals may prefer nurses with BSN degrees, there is still a high demand for nurses who hold an ADN. In fact, the BLS projects employment opportunities for nurses will grow by 15 percentage much faster than the national average from 2016 to 2026 .
The employment increase isn ’ metric ton merely for nurses with a knight bachelor ’ s degree. According to a late survey of registered nurse jobs posted, 68 percentage of the jobs required nurses with a minimal of an ADN academic degree while 28 percentage required a bachelor ’ s academic degree.


For many RNs with an ADN, earning a BSN is the following footstep in advancing their career. Earning a BSN will qualify you for leadership and management roles in a hospital mount. When the time comes for you to earn your BSN, your employer may be will to help you, and you don ’ t have to leave bring. There are many schools that offer on-line and hybrid programs .
How Many Years Does It Take to be a Nurse? You might be surprised!
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