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If your long-run goal is to enjoy a comfortable retirement, the 401 ( thousand ) plan is a bang-up way to get there. Whether you choose a traditional or a roth 401 ( thousand ), however, the contribution limits are the lapp. “ It ’ south much easier to start saving for retirement now therefore that the retirement accounts have time to grow versus waiting to save for retirement, where you would need to save much more than if you had started a decade before, ” says Katie Brewer, CFP, the founder of Your Richest Life, a fiscal plan tauten focusing on Gen X and Gen Y. With a 401 ( thousand ) plan, employees have the opportunity to pay themselves first by making significant annual contributions toward retirement. It ’ second precisely a matter of initially setting up a payroll deduction to contribute to your 401 ( k ) and choosing investments, and then updating your preferences possibly once a year. You can stash aside quite a piece more in a 401 ( thousand ) than in an IRA. For 2022, the 401 ( thousand ) limit for employee wage deferrals is $ 20,500, which is above the 401 ( kilobyte ) 2021 limit of $ 19,500. employer matches don ’ triiodothyronine count toward this limit and can be quite generous.

however, the sum contribution limit, which includes employer contributions ( and after-tax contributions, if your employer offers that sport ), has increased to $ 61,000 in 2022, up from $ 58,000 in 2021. On peak of these amounts, workers aged 50 and older can add up to $ 6,500 more annually as a catch-up contribution. The 401 ( thousand ) contribution limits besides apply to early alleged “ defined contribution plans, ” including :

401(k) plan limits 2021 2022 Change
Maximum salary deferral for workers $19,500 $20,500 +$1,000
Catch-up contributions for workers 50 and older $6,500 $6,500 none
Total contribution limit $58,000 $61,000 +$3,000
Total contribution limit, plus catch-up contribution $64,500 $67,500 +$3,000
Compensation limit for figuring contributions $290,000 $305,000 +$15,000
Compensation threshold for key employee nondiscrimination testing $185,000 $200,000 +$15,000
Threshold for highly compensated employee nondiscrimination testing $130,000 $135,000 +$5,000

Employer match

Employers frequently provide a meet contribution, so if you don ’ t take advantage of this, you ’ re rejecting barren money. But you may not be immediately entitled to that money .
While your contributions are constantly vested in the plan, meaning they are immediately credited to your bill, employers sometimes enforce time restrictions on their contributions to provide an incentive for workers to stick around .
“ A company match is a way that your caller will save for retirement on your behalf, but only if you save the minimal measure to get the catch, ” Brewer says. “ It ’ s spare money that requires that you put a certain amount into retirement to get the free money. ”
typically, a 401 ( kelvin ) plan may offer an employer match of 50 cents on the dollar, up to 6 percentage of a actor ’ s wage, which would be the equivalent of 3 percentage of recompense. To take advantage of the full match, employees would have to defer 6 percentage of their wage toward the 401 ( thousand ) plan. Some plans are more generous, offering a 6 percentage sum meet or more. Be surely to take advantage of the employer ’ south catch because that ’ s barren money to you — and a undertake return on your investment .

Employers have a higher contribution ceiling

The employer ’ s 401 ( kelvin ) utmost contribution limit is much more big. altogether, the most that can be contributed to your 401 ( kilobyte ) plan between both you and your employer is $ 61,000 in 2022, up from $ 58,000 in 2021. ( Again, those aged 50 and older can besides make an extra catch-up contribution of $ 6,500. ) That means an employer can potentially contribute much more than you do to your plan, though this is not the norm .
The wage capital for determining employer and employee contributions for all tax-qualified plans is $ 305,000. even at that grade, the employer would have to contribute a goodly measure to reach the $ 61,000 limit .

Traditional vs. Roth 401(k)

Some employers offer both a traditional 401 ( kilobyte ) and a Roth 401 ( thousand ). With a traditional 401 ( k ) plan, you can defer paying income tax on the amount you contribute. In early words, if you earn $ 80,000 a year and contribute the utmost $ 20,500, your taxable earnings ( assuming no other deductions ) for the 2022 tax year would be $ 59,500 .
With a Roth 401 ( kelvin ) plan, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get an upfront tax break, but when it ’ s meter to withdraw that money in retirement, you won ’ metric ton owe any tax on it. All your accrued contributions and earnings come out tax exempt .
Investing in both types of plans provides you with tax diversification, which can come in handy during retirement.

If you have access to both a Roth and a traditional 401 ( thousand ) plan, you can contribute to both, vitamin a long as your sum contribution to both as an employee doesn ’ t exceed $ 20,500 .
In summation to the Roth and traditional 401 ( kilobyte ), some employers besides offer an “ after-tax plan, ” allowing you to save up to the entire annual limit of $ 61,000. With this account you can put away money after-tax and it can grow tax-deferred in your 401 ( kelvin ) account until withdrawal, at which point any adjourn earnings become taxable .

Can I contribute 100 percent of my salary to a 401(k)?

If your earnings are below $ 20,500, then the most you can contribute is the amount you earn. It should besides be noted that a 401 ( kilobyte ) design document governs each particular plan and may limit the measure that you can contribute. This applies particularly to highly cover employees, which in 2022 is defined as those earning $ 135,000 or more or who own more than 5 percentage of the clientele .
Sponsors of large company plans must abide by certain discrimination testing rules to make certain highly cover employees don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get a askew benefit compared to the rank and file. Generally, highly compensated employees can not contribute higher than 2 percentage points of their pay more than employees who earn less, on average, even though they likely can afford to stash away more. The goal is to encourage everyone to participate in the design rather than favor one group over another .
There is a way around this for companies that want to avoid discrimination testing rules. They can give everyone 3 percentage of pay regardless of how a lot their employees contribute, or they can give everyone a 4 percentage matching contribution .

What percent should I contribute to a 401(k)?

Brewer suggests that your contributions should be based on a share of your income, depending on your age. She recommends that you stash aside between 10 percentage and 15 percentage of your gross income if you ’ re in your 20s and 30s, or if you started saving during those years. If you ’ re behind in retirement savings in your 40s and 50s, Brewer encourages you to set digression between 15 percentage and 25 percentage of your income .
“ If you ’ re not saving anything for retirement correct nowadays and want to get started, start with at least 3 percentage to get going, ” Brewer says. “ Increase your contribution by at least 2 percentage each year — and do a larger increase in years where you get a big raise — until you hit your target savings share. ”

Perks for older investors

If you happen to be at least 50 years previous, you ’ re entitled to make “ catch-up ” contributions by adding an extra $ 6,500 for a sum contribution of $ 27,000 in 2022. The sum maximum that can be tucked away in your 401 ( k ) plan, including employer contributions and allocations of forfeit, is $ 67,500 in 2022, or $ 6,500 more than the $ 61,000 maximum for everyone else. Forfeitures come from an report in which company contributions accumulate from departing employees who weren ’ thyroxine vested in the plan .

How to claim your retirement savings

normally, getting at your money can be unmanageable, and the rules are much imposed by the design design rather than regulations .
For case, regulations allow you to access the money without a bonus penalty by :

While most plans do have lend provisions, many don ’ triiodothyronine allow asperity withdrawals, and some plans require that a person be terminated before accessing their money, evening if they are 59 ½ or older .
due to COVID-19, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, made it easier to get at your money – up to $ 100,000 in loans or distributions, if the plan allowed it. These withdrawals had to be taken before the end of 2020. If you took a asperity loan in 2020, you could avoid paying the 10 percentage penalty on the money, adenine well as take the choice to repay the lend tax-exempt over the following three years .
Unless you ’ rhenium very in a bind, Brewer advises against taking a distribution or a loan. There ’ randomness no replacement time in the grocery store, she points out, and reproducible deliver over fourth dimension is one of the best ways to build wealth for the future .

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