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Mortgage Affordability Calculator by Payment

Prequalifying for a mortgage is a helpful footstep if you ’ re looking to buy a home. normally, a mortgage agent or lender may prequalify you by assessing your credit rate and income information .
Using PropertyNest ’ s mortgage calculator can give you a good mind of how much you might be prequalified for and what your monthly mortgage payments, closing costs, and monthly taxes might look like .

How Do I Use PropertyNest’s Mortgage Calculator?

Finding out how much you might be able to afford is vitamin a simple as entering your income and credit score rate. Customize your breakdown to a particular place by entering place tax and HOA information if you have it.

About the Loan

type of the lend

mortgage term
interest rate ( % )

Your Financials

What is your annual income ?

What is your accredit score ?

Down payment ( % )

Do you have funds to cover down payment ?

Have You ever Been Foreclosed on or Filed for Bankruptcy in the Past Four Years ?

Have You Been Unemployed in the past 2 Years ?

Your Monthly Expenses

Your entire monthly reocurring debt payments

cable car loan or lease payments
student loanword payments
Minimum credit menu payments
other regular payments

Estimated Property Expenses

Monthly Property Tax Cost

monthly Homeowners Insurance Cost

monthly Homeowners Association Fee/ Maintenance Fee

You should feel full about your chances of getting prequalified for a mortgage. We do n’t know your broad credit history, but your citation score and risk profile are consistent with what lenders find attractive. Your income and debt levels will act as key factors in determining how much you prequalify for .

You’re likely to prequalify for at least the amount below:

unfortunately you ‘re not qualified in this scenario
loanword amount


Estimated monthly mortgage payments


/mo .

A lender might still prequalify you for a mortgage of as much as:

unfortunately you ‘re not qualified in this scenario
loanword sum


Estimated monthly mortgage payments


/mo .

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Understanding What a Prequalification is

A mortgage prequalification is something you work through with a lender or bank. Going through the process will help the lender decide if you have the necessary criteria in terms of income, credit, and debt. It can be an eye-opening dance step to not only deem if you are cook to buy, but how much you can actually spend .

How is Prequalification Determined?

Looking at income is just one of the components that is used to determine your buying ability. Your monthly debt gets used as true measuring stick against your monthly gross income when it comes to fiscal institutions. Most lenders feel comfortable with applicants who have less than a 36 % debt-to-income proportion or a DTI. PropertyNest ’ s Prequalification Mortgage calculator besides factors in the DTI to approximate your buying office .

Preapproval Versus Prequalification

Preapproval and prequalification sounds like closely the same thing. They are actually exchangeable, but preapproval is a much more all-important tone when you want to be one step closer to purchasing your base. With a preapproval letter from a bank, you can make a good volunteer on a place, showing that you are a buyer with credentials and have passed the foremost good step in obtaining a mortgage. The preapproval process is much more official than prequalification and involves pulling your credit and submitting pay stubs and other income documentation. The prequalification and preapproval process can take merely one day depending on how quickly you can get your data and documentation the lender. however, a prequalification is more informal, whereas your preapproval letter is commodity for about three months, after which point you may have to submit paperwork again .

How You Can Improve Your Prequalification

You can get prequalified for a bigger mortgage by improving on your citation score if that ’ s the factor that is holding you back. Some of them can be bare fixes such as paying down balances and any open collections. If your credit is suffering from repeated late payments or bankruptcy, you may have to wait for some time for improvement. If income is holding you back, you can try ways to increase your income or improve your debt-to-income proportion by paying down your debts .

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