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A credit wag ’ south APR, or annual percentage rate, quantifies the cost of taking out accredit. In other words, if you carry a balance beyond your credit card ’ s grace period, your APR will determine the come of sake the wag issuer can charge on that symmetry. If you want to know whether a credit card has a good APR, compare it with the average credit circuit board APR, which is presently above 16 percentage. If the tease ’ randomness APR is below the national average, that ’ s an excellent APR. even a credit rating card at the national median is a good option, particularly if you ’ ra looking at one of today ’ south best recognition cards that comes with rewards, bonuses and perks. Try to avoid credit cards with APRs that are significantly above the home average. If you carry a libra on those cards, you could end up paying a fortune of money in matter to. That is why some 0 percentage APR credit cards offer an introductory period where they do not charge you interest on your purchases.

Understanding how credit tease interest shape will help you choose the credit card that is probable to offer the best april package. here are some of the things to consider when looking at APRs :

What is a good credit card APR?

While there are many unlike types of credit wag APRs, the most common one people are interest in is the purchase APR —the interest pace you pay on purchases. While it ’ randomness comfortable to say that you should always look for credit cards that offer APRs at or below the national average, a dear purchase APR for you actually depends on your credit sexual conquest. People with below-average credit scores will likely be offered higher interest rates than people with good or excellent accredit. This means that a dear credit menu interest rate for a person with bonny credit is different from a good interest rate for a person with excellent credit. If you want the best credit tease APR possible, you might want to work on improving your credit grudge first. once your FICO Score passes 670, your accredit will move from “ subprime ” to “ prime. ” This means you ’ ll become eligible for prime interest rates. As your creditworthiness continues to improve, you ’ ll be more likely to receive good credit card APR offers from lenders .

How to compare credit card APRs

When you ’ re comparing credit cards, take a look at each card ’ s APR range. If you ’ re in the commercialize for one of the top rewards credit cards, for model, you might be considering these two cards : The lowest APR you can get with the Chase Sapphire Preferred is around the national average APR of 16 percentage, but it ’ second two share points higher than the lowest APR you can get with the Blue Cash Preferred.

You ’ ll besides want to check whether the credit calling card comes with an introductory APR on purchases and/or balance transfers. The Blue Cash Preferred Card, for example, comes with 12 months of 0 percentage presentation APR on purchases ( then 14.74 percentage to 24.74 percentage variable APR ) but not counterweight transfers. The Chase Sapphire Preferred, on the other hand, doesn ’ t have any 0 percentage intro APR offers. It ’ randomness besides authoritative to be mindful of any penalty APR that may be applied if you miss a accredit card payment. Both the Blue Cash Preferred and Sapphire Preferred may charge a punishment APR of 29.99 percentage ( variable ). Decide which factors are the most crucial to you and choose your recognition card accordingly .

How to qualify for a good credit card APR

The best way to get a effective APR is to drill good credit habits. here are some actions you can take right now to improve your score :

  • Make all of your credit card payments on time, every time. Payment history makes up 35 percent of your credit score, so make sure it’s positive.
  • Avoid maxing out your credit cards. Keeping your balances low will improve your credit utilization ratio.
  • Pay off as many of your outstanding balances as possible. Work toward becoming debt-free.

As your recognition seduce improves, look for credit cards with low concern rates. The better your credit rating score, the better pastime rates you ’ re likely to be offered. Paying off your balance each month is ultimately the best way to avoid interest entirely.

How to lower your credit card’s APR

There are two ways to lower your credit menu ’ randomness APR. The foremost means to get a better APR on your credit card is by calling your recognition batting order issuer and asking for a lower interest pace. If calling customer serve and asking for a lower APR makes you skittish, keep in mind that a December 2020 survey from Bankrate.com found that 78 percentage of cardholders who asked for a rate cut received one. If you ’ re having trouble making your monthly payments, your issuer may consider you for a asperity plan. sometimes, you precisely need to ask. The other way to lower your credit card ’ south APR is by building your credit. In some cases, lenders will offer better interest rates—including promotional 0 percentage APRs—to their most creditworthy customers. even if your current citation batting order issuers don ’ t lower your APR as a answer to your newly improved credit score, you ’ ll be more probably to receive good accredit card APRs when you apply for raw recognition cards or loans .

The bottom line

generally speaking, a dear APR for a credit tease is at or below the national average. A good APR for you, however, depends on your citation score. employment on getting your grade adenine high as possible to gain access to credit cards with lower sake rates. If you want to avoid paying citation tease sake, balance transfer credit cards can help you pay down your old balances interest-free—but the best manner to avoid accredit card matter to is to never carry a balance at all .

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