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AAA Membership Plans and Prices

Your travel, driving and outgo habits are unique. That ‘s why abdominal aortic aneurysm Central Penn gives you the choice to choose from respective different plans — all offering the security system and peace of take care you expect from AAA. We offer respective membership levels, including :

  • AAA Classic Membership: Our Classic membership plan provides essential benefits, including roadside assistance, accident protection, travel assistance and other perks. AAA Classic Memberships costs only $61 per year or $6.16 per month!
  • AAA Plus Membership: Our Plus membership is our most popular plan. It offers valuable extras beyond our Classic coverage to help you get the most out of your membership. AAA Plus Membership costs $92 per year or $8.74 per month.
  • AAA Premium Membership: Our Premier membership offers our highest level of coverage. It’s perfect for those who frequently drive long distances or are looking for a comprehensive package of roadside and travel assistance benefits. AAA Premium Membership costs $128 per year or $11.74 per month.
  • Optional Assistance Plans: Our Plus RV and Premium RV plans extend AAA benefits to your registered recreational vehicles. These plans are available with Plus or Premier memberships. Add this coverage to your plan for an extra $35 per year.

All of our membership plans require a erstwhile registration tip of $ 15 .

AAA Membership Comparison

Each plan offers unique services, products and benefits. Compare the details of each plan to help you determine which AAA membership level is best for your needs .

AAA Classic Membership

With AAA Classic coverage, you get all the vital membership benefits you need to stay protected on the run while saving money. You ‘ll get 24/7 wayside aid, which includes :

  • Up to 5 miles of free towing (4x per year).
  • Free jumpstart for a dead battery.
  • Free flat tire removal and spare installation.
  • Free emergency fuel deliveries — you pay the pump price for fuel and we deliver it for free.
  • Up to $50 coverage for vehicle entry services.
  • Extraction service with up to one truck and driver.
  • Assistance for bicycle breakdowns.

Your AAA Classic Membership besides has you covered while you ‘re traveling. Through our trip break protection coverage, you ‘ll be reimbursed for lodgment, food and other expenses up to $ 200 when your cable car breaks down over 100 miles away from home.

AAA has partnered with Experian to give our members identify larceny protection. As a classical penis, you ‘ll gain access to Experian ‘s ProtectMyID, a unblock identity monitor service that checks millions of on-line data points to identify any signs of imposter.

What ‘s more, your AAA Classic Membership can save you money at hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and theme parks. You ‘ll besides receive 20 % off Hertz rental cars and a detached Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership .

AAA Plus Membership

AAA Plus Membership offers first wayside aid, discounts, travel benefits and other perks. You ‘ll get all the same services you receive as a authoritative penis, plus extra benefits like :

  • Up to 100 miles of free towing (4x per year).
  • Free fuel delivery service, which covers the cost of fuel and delivery.
  • Up to $100 coverage for vehicle entry services.
  • Extraction service with up to two trucks and drivers.
  • Automobile Accident Protection for up to $800.

AAA Premier Membership

AAA Premier Membership brings you the highest level of AAA perks. You ‘ll receive everything you get as an AAA Plus extremity and much more, including :

  • Up to 200 miles of free towing (once per year – the other 3 tows are limited to 100 miles).
  • Automobile Accident Protection for up to $1,500.
  • Up to $100 reimbursement for home lockout services.
  • Free one-day emergency car rental.
  • Vehicle return protection for up to $500.
  • Free concierge services in the U.S. or internationally.
  • Travel Emergency and Medical Assistance services in the U.S. or internationally, which include arrangements for emergency medical transportation, medical provider referrals, translation services and prescription replacement.
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