5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Tracfone Wireless

If you ’ ve browsed the postpaid cell call part at major retailers, possibly you ’ ve hear about Tracfone Wireless .
Tracfone is a big player when it comes to low-cost cell call plans. In accession to its Tracfone Wireless mark, the company runs Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk and more .
These democratic prepay brands all provide no-contract plans with many similarities, but they ’ re not identical .

What Is Tracfone Wireless and How Does It Work? 

For case, Tracfone Wireless is trying to stand out from other wireless providers by offering inexhaustible carryover data on its plans that are designed for light data users.

In this article, I ’ ll review the winder features and what you need to know before you sign up !

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1. Network Coverage 

Tracfone Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator ( MVNO ) that partners with four major cell phone companies : Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint .
Although Tracfone doesn ’ t own any wireless network infrastructure, it has agreements with the Big 4 that allow the company to offer service to its millions of customers .
When you sign up for Tracfone, you ’ ll scram service on one of those major networks, not all of them. It ’ s based on your device and localization .
If you ’ re presently a Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile or Sprint customer, there ’ s a effective opportunity that you ’ ll be able to keep your existing call, call number and network when you switch .
To be certain, follow these links to check coverage and phone compatibility. ad

2. Plans and Pricing

Tracfone ’ sulfur most popular prepay plans with carryover data start at $ 20 a month. For that price, you get unlimited lecture, text and 1GB of 4G LTE data. There are $ 25 and $ 30 monthly plans with more data .
If you ever run out of high-speed data, you can constantly add more for $ 10 per GB. No unlimited data design is offered .
Tracfone service plans
other servicing design options do exist, including respective 365-day plans with identical limited data. Tracfone ’ s eBay exclusive annual plan features 1,200 minutes, 1,200 text and 3GB of data for $ 39.99 .
As I mentioned earlier, these types of plans will entirely work for people who don ’ thyroxine use their smartphones besides much .

3. Service Features 

You won ’ t get many premium features with Tracfone. In fact, the outright rollover data is possibly the most valuable perk up that you get with this low-cost carrier.

I reached out to a Tracfone corroborate spokesperson for details on the watch features :

  • Mobile hotspot: Not supported
  • Video streaming: Video streams at DVD quality, 480p
  • Wi-Fi calling: Yes, if your phone supports it

As you can see, Tracfone offers simple telephone plans with lecture, text and a specify sum of data. If you rely on mobile hot spot or HD pour, this international relations and security network ’ t the provider for you .

4. Phone Options 

Most people who switch to Tracfone will want to keep their existing smartphone. That ’ s possible if you have a GSM unlock device or one that ’ s compatible with Verizon, AT & T or T-Mobile .
To make certain that you can bring your own smartphone to Tracfone, check the party ’ s web site first .
Tracfone phone selection
For those who want a raw phone, Tracfone sells a circumscribed total of devices. When I checked the company ’ randomness web site, there were about 30 smartphones for sale. All of them were priced below $ 300. ad

New and refurbished phones from Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorola are among those for sale on-line .

5. Customer Service 

There ’ s no in-person patronize for Tracfone users, so any issues that you may have energizing, setting up or using your device will be handled through phone or chat customer service .
Customers can besides get fast answers to coarse questions — including data usage — by dialing 611611 from their device .
As part of my research for this article, I reached out to Tracfone ’ s customer patronize a handful of times. There was sometimes a wait, but the representatives were able to answer my questions .
In the past, I ’ ve had mix results with customer service from other Tracfone-owned brands.

Final Thought 

With a presence in major retailers and on-line, Tracfone makes switching to a prepay carrier convenient. If you don ’ t use a lot of data, its plans will likely save you money compared to Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint .
To learn about early radio providers that can lower your bill, see Clark ’ s usher to the best cell phone plans and deals !

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