The best cell phone deals for May 2022

Whether you ‘re looking for a monetary value cut on a new iPhone or a trade-in promo on the new Galaxy S22, you ‘ll find all of this week ‘s best cellular telephone earphone deals neatly lined up and compared right here on this page. We ‘ve picked out all of the best value options, regardless of carrier or device, to help our readers save some cash on their next leverage. It ‘s a bang-up time to be checking in excessively. We ‘re coming up to Memorial Day ( one of the biggest sales of the year ) and things are already starting to heat up at the major carriers. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2022 are available for dislodge right now at Verizon without the need for a trade and the Galaxy S22 series are at their lowest ever price at Amazon – all excellent cell telephone deals to consider. generally speaking, you ‘ll find cell telephone deals coming in two forms – first as an outright sale on an unlock device, and second as character of a carrier-plan link. The latter can be a bite slippery, involving new cell phone plans and besides trade-ins on erstwhile devices, but the savings can be absolutely huge if you ‘re eligible. We ‘ve besides included a third base alternative option – cell phone deals from postpaid carriers. These smaller carriers do n’t tend to offer huge savings on a device, but you ‘ll broadly be scoring a much cheaper cell earphone plan so it ‘s worth considering the switch for sure.

Which type of cellular telephone telephone cope should you go for ? Well, that will depend on your personal needs. If you ‘re looking for the latest flagship device and an inexhaustible plan to pair it up with then you ‘ll be well served by Verizon or AT & T ‘s latest promotions. If you ‘re looking for maximal tractability or long-run savings, then it ‘s generally better to consider either buying a device unlocked and then going with a postpaid carrier, or buying a prepay device directly from that carrier. eminence, all of the devices featured on our list have been personally reviewed by the staff here at TechRadar. They ‘re all fantastic picks in their own right and you wo n’t find any sub-par choices included. If you ‘d like to find out which is best for you we ‘d recommend checking our update guide to the best phones for 2022 and look out for upcoming bargains at the 2022 Memorial Day sales event .

Today’s best cell phone deals at a glance

Carrier earphone deals

Apple iPhone 12: free with an eligible unlimited data plan at Verizon ( opens in new pill ) Apple iPhone 12: free with an eligible unlimited data plan at Verizon ( opens in newfangled yellow journalism )
No trade-ins needed:
Arguably Verizon ‘s best cellular telephone phone deal all class, you can pick up the humble iPhone 12 for wholly free correctly now at the carrier wave granted you get it on a new inexhaustible data channel. While it ‘s an older telephone nowadays, the iPhone 12 hush actually holds up in 2022 thanks to its great design, powerful check, and wax 5G compatibility. Considering you about constantly need a barter in to get an iPhone for free at a big mailman, this is a big promotion. ( opens in modern tab ) Apple iPhone SE 2022: free with a new unlimited data line at Verizon ( opens in newfangled pill )
Verizon ‘s latest iPhone SE 2022 deal is its best yet since you do n’t even need a trade wind in an old device to score this great modern budget iPhone for release. Simply pick one up with a new pipeline on an eligible 5G outright data plan and big red will let you have it on the house. Although rocking a design that ‘s true preferably old-school, this excellent newly budget device from Apple packs in a very impressive A14 Bionic chip into a reasonably priced package. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Google Pixel 6: save up to $700 with a trade-in at Verizon ( opens in new pill )
The Google Pixel was complimentary with a raw line on an unlimited datum plan fair this past workweek at Verizon, although the mailman has now discontinued that promo in favor of a more generic trade-in rebate. That said, the $ 700 discount rate being offered here is still enough to cover an entire device if you do n’t want to wait for the ‘free ‘ forwarding to crop up again. This distribute is besides available on the Google Pixel 6 Pro ( opens in new pill ), which is available with up to $ 800 off under the like terms. ( opens in modern tab ) Apple iPhone 13: save up to $800 with trade-in and eligible plan at T-Mobile ( opens in new check )
Get the best coverage with T-Mobile ? No problem, there are besides bang-up cell telephone deals at this carrier on the iPhone 13. right now, its maximum deliver of up to $ 800 with a trade-in matches Verizon and AT & T but note – this one ‘s entirely eligible with the Magenta MAX plan. That ‘s the costly unlimited data plan at T-Mobile, then be aware of that before you jump in. ( opens in fresh tab ) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: save up to $700 with a trade-in at Verizon ( opens in raw tab key )
While the latest Galaxy S22 might be catching all the Android flagship headlines recently, there ‘s another great new Samsung earphone that ‘s worth checking out. The Galaxy S21 FE is a new freshen of survive generation ‘s flagship and comes with a great chipset, shield, and television camera – all for quite a bite cheaper than the S22. Those same excellent trade-in cell call deals are available on this device, which is generally easier to score for barren since it ‘s got a slightly lower base price .

  • Verizon ( opens in new yellow journalism )has a whole section of their site dedicated to phone deals
  • AT&T ( opens in new tab )also offers a huge range of phone deals
  • Sprintcurrently offering free phones and other great phone deals

If you do n’t mind switching carriers, you can find many of the best smartphone deals from the big four. The major carriers will often let you split the cost of the earphone into monthly payments anywhere from 18 to 30 months, and sometimes longer. The deals they offer frequently cut the price of the call in half, sometimes even offering the earphone for free. To get these deals, you ‘ll generally need to be adding a new channel and signing up for a specific mobile design. But, adenine long as you ‘re planning to get an outright datum plan anyhow, they can make it a draw more low-cost to pick up a brand newfangled call. If you ‘d like to deep dive into particular carriers, we ‘ve got some bang-up contented for you in the class of our Verizon deals and AT & T deals pages. There you ‘ll find a full list of what ‘s available, including discounts on plans and even free phones.

Unlocked cell earphone deals

( opens in new yellow journalism ) Apple iPhone SE 2022: get up to $650 off with a trade-in at Apple ( opens in modern pill )
Ahh, the classic. Yes, the Apple trade-in broadcast is, as you would expect, available on the latest budget device from the sword. At launch, you ‘ll need an iPhone 8 or later to be eligible hera but a utmost rescue of up to $ 650 will be in effect. While enough to technically cover the entire price of the device, it ‘s likely you wo n’t get the wax measure if you ‘re upgrading from a 2020 SE, so have a bun in the oven that in mind. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Sony Xperia 1 IV: free pair of Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds with pre-order at Amazon ( opens in new pill )
Retailing for $ 1,599 makes the latest Sony Xperia 1 IV one of the most expensive smartphones always but Amazon is throwing in a free pair of Sony WF-1000XM4 noise cancelling earbuds with pre-orders this week to sweeten the distribute. specifically targeted at mobile photographers and gamers, this fabulously brawny Android flagship looks to rank right up there with the best from Samsung and Apple. ( opens in newfangled check ) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $200 store credit, free charger, and up to $1,100 off with trade at Samsung ( opens in new pill ) Samsung ‘s recently replaced its cell call deals on the Fold 3 to offer less of a discount rate upfront but a beefier trade-in rebate overall. right immediately, you can actually save up to $ 1,100 on this device with an eligible barter in – a deliver that ‘s available on both unbarred and carrier devices. To sweeten the deal further, Samsung is besides offering $ 200 store credit ( for accessories ) and a dislodge radio receiver charger on top. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $ 999 $849.99 at Amazon ( opens in newly yellow journalism )
Save $150 –
If you ‘d prefer a cheaper foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a great choice – particularly with this cope at Amazon. The retailer has knocked a full $ 150 off the retail price of the unlock discrepancy, which is a straight-up brilliant no-strings-attached deal. If you ‘re looking to pick up a bum foldable device to use with your aircraft carrier of option, this is a good one. The stream record-low is $ 799 on this device but we ‘ve only seen that price on one affair before. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: $ 799 $624.99, plus up to $550 off with trade at Samsung ( opens in modern yellow journalism )
Samsung ‘s recently switched up its unlock cell earphone deals on the raw Galaxy S21 FE to include a brand new enhanced trade-in rebate of up to $ 550. If you ‘re looking to hand over an honest-to-god device then this is decidedly one of the better choices out there. not entirely is it still extremely capable, but it ‘s potentially going for real, actual cheap here. Note, Samsung is besides offering the option to bundle in a brassy copulate of ear bud here for vitamin a little as $ 25. ( opens in modern check ) Apple iPhone 12: $ 699.99 $50 with an eligible trade-in at Apple ( opens in new check )
Price drop –
It ‘s not all about cell telephone deals on the new iPhone 13 this workweek – apple has besides dropped the upfront monetary value on unlock iPhone 12 models by a whole $ 100. While it ‘s not the latest device anymore, that ‘s a great monetary value to pay for a earphone that looks reasonably much identical to the 13 – plus it ‘s still got 5G capabilities besides.
( opens in new pill ) OnePlus 9 (unlocked, 128GB): $ 729.99 $599.99 at OnePlus ( opens in new check )
Save $120 –
Another great choice for an up-to-date Android flagship is the OnePlus 9 – the latest device from the brand that ‘s barely a few months old right nowadays. With a mighty Snapdragon 888 chip, co-designed Hasselblad camera system, and 120 Hz display, this one ‘s decidedly up there with the best android devices money can buy right immediately. note, we ‘ve listed the official seller hera because it has some great trade-in options, but you can besides get the OnePlus 9 at Amazon for the same price ( opens in modern yellow journalism ). ( opens in new pill ) Apple refurb program: save up to $370 on a refurbished iPhone ( opens in raw pill )
Refurb technical school has a piece of a bad rep but hear us out – picking up a refurbish iPhone directly from the Apple store itself has a number of benefits outside of merely being cheap. Being refurbed by Apple itself means you ‘re getting amply official substitute parts, timbre assurance test, and a truly generous guarantee and return period excessively. decidedly consider it if you ‘re looking to save some cash. Deals on unlock smartphones are n’t always the most dazzling, as they tend to offer merely small cuts to the retail price. occasionally you ‘ll find a major deal on a new smartphone, normally late into the annual review cycle for that brand. We ‘ve seen this kind of price drop normally for Samsung flagships, but they are n’t frequent and rarely match the up-front discounts carriers offer. however, the savings you get from unlock cell earphone deals can be hidden. That ‘s because an unbarred phone will let you freely move between carriers, so you can always choose the mobile plan that suits you. This can make your savings add up over time, as you wo n’t be stuck on an expensive datum plan for 24 months as you pay off your phone on an episode plan. You can besides sometimes get deals immediately from the phone ‘s manufacturer, as they can offer trade-in discounts that retail stores generally wo n’t.

Prepaid call deals

( opens in new tab ) Apple iPhone SE 2022:  $200 gift card and free AirPods 3 with switch at Visible Wireless ( opens in newly pill )
visible Wireless is a fantastic prepay carrier – first because it offers unlimited data plans for a little as $ 25 per calendar month and second because it has great deals. correct now it ‘s good promotion is on the new iPhone SE 2022 which is available with not equitable a $ 200 endowment batting order for raw customers but a spare pair of fresh Apple AirPods 3. ( opens in new pill ) Apple iPhone SE 2022:  6-months of free service with device at Mint Mobile ( opens in new yellow journalism )
Going prepaid ? Mint Mobile is a big choice and it ‘s offering newfangled users a casual to get a whole 6-months of service for barren right now. To be eligible, you ‘ll need to purchase a device instantaneously with a 6-month plan. This can be quite costly upfront but if you do that you ‘ll be set for a full year of rapid 5G datum. Going with Mint will mean big savings in the long run – specially if you were besides considering going with one of the bigger carriers. ( opens in new tab ) Apple iPhone SE 2022: $ 429 $379.99 at Boost Mobile ( opens in newfangled pill )
certain, it ‘s not the biggest price trimmed in the world, but this week ‘s $ 50 discount at Boost Mobile is its best so far on the new Apple iPhone SE 2022. valid with any data plan, you ‘ll be saving a decent lump hera – not to mention the savings you ‘ll be making on your monthly payments should you forgo the common inexhaustible data plans at one of the bigger carriers. With some bang-up pay-monthly and family options, Boost is one of the better prepay carriers out there at the moment.

( opens in new tab ) Apple iPhone 13:  $150 gift card with switch at Visible ( opens in newly tab )
visible Wireless is a great match with the iPhone 13 if you ‘re looking to keep those monthly costs down long term. While you ‘ll have to buy your device upfront with this batch, you ‘ll get a decent little $ 150 endow calling card if you port your number over. Considering you ‘re potentially looking at paying deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as $ 25 per month with this carrier it ‘s a great choice, even if you ‘re paying quite a bite upfront initially. ( opens in new check ) Apple iPhone 13:  6 months of free service /w device purchase at Mint Mobile ( opens in raw tab )
Another iPhone 13 deal that ‘ll set you quite a moment upfront but save you a draw in the long run is this one over at Mint Mobile. This excellent prepay carrier is presently bundling in free months for those who buy a device outright at its web site. While a bite costly upfront, if you ‘re in it for the long draw this carrier is going to save you heaps of cash versus the big companies. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Apple iPhone SE 2020: $ 449.99 $49 with switch at Cricket Wireless ( opens in new pill )
Price drop –
Get yourself a cheap plan and a cheap device with this Cricket Wireless promotion on the iPhone SE 2020. even though this device is a bite older immediately it ‘s still a capital budget pick – particularly when you ‘re paying just $ 50. note, to be eligible for this monetary value you ‘ll need to be porting your act over from another carrier, so hold that in judgment. ( opens in newly pill ) Google Pixel 6: $200 off when you bring your number to Google Fi ( opens in new tab key )
It ‘s a little pricier than some prepay networks, but Google actually operates its own fluid carrier called Fi. flush better still, it ‘s offering a nice $ 200 rebate to those who bring their numeral over to its service. Google besides offers a subscription service called ‘Pixel Pass ‘ that sees you paying a monthly tip of $ 45 per month for the device, YouTube premium, device protection, and a $ 5 monthly discount on the Fi network. again, it ‘s a bit of a costly option versus Mint or visible Wireless ( opens in new pill ), but it ‘s worth considering. Pre-paid carriers are n’t locking you into a condense, so they do n’t have the like incentive to offer massive discounts and device episode plans. But even hush, there are still some phone deals to be found, evening if their sales do n’t quite match those found on the big carriers. These deals will broadly let you save a little spot of money upfront, while the low cost of prepay plans can help you save tied more money over fourth dimension. If you want the freedom to switch carriers late on, you ‘ll want to double check what big network these smaller carriers are with and their policy around unlock phones. If you find them a little excessively restrictive, we ‘d recommend checking out the unlock call deals above. If you ‘d like to see more postpaid phone deals, we recommend checking out our chief page on this week ‘s best mint mobile deals ( opens in new yellow journalism ) and visible radio deals ( opens in new tab key ).

iPhone and Android deals

Looking for something particular ? We ‘ve got a whole host of dedicated earphone deal pages that are super handy if you ‘ve got your eye on that fresh iPhone or Galaxy in detail.
( opens in newfangled yellow journalism ) Cell phone plans ( opens in newfangled check )
Looking to just save on that bill ? possibly it ‘s time to switch or upgrade that erstwhile plan you ‘ve been on for years. Our roundup of the best cell telephone plans in the US is one of the best resources on the web for finding the mighty plan for you. No matter whether you ‘re looking for a brassy plan, unlimited or a plan for your family, our guidebook will help you out. ( opens in fresh tab key ) iPhone deals ( opens in new tab key )
not certain which Apple device is for you ? If you need a steer to the best prices on the hale stove, our iPhone deals roundup is the identify to start. You ‘ll find the best offers from all the big carriers right here, a well as the brassy postpaid and unlock iPhone deals presently available.
( opens in newfangled tab ) iPhone SE 2022 deals ( opens in new tab )
Apple ‘s latest budget-focused device is here and 2022 ‘s iteration of the iPhone SE brings a number of welcome updates. Above all else, the A15 Bionic nick in this device gives it brilliant exponent to price and enough grunt to well zip through closely any undertaking. It is, however, rocking an oldschool design – one that ‘s basically based on the iPhone 8 from way back in 2017. Is this the properly device for you ? Check out our standalone piece for a full breakdown of this budget cream. ( opens in new pill ) iPhone 13 deals ( opens in new yellow journalism )  /  iPhone 13 mini deals ( opens in new tab key )
here it is folk music – the latest Apple flagship for 2021. With a knock-down modern processor, improved battery life, television camera upgrades, and an inflate storage capacity, both the 13 and 13 Mini are great choices for the average drug user. See our bespoke guides to score yourself a nice little price cut today. ( opens in new tab ) iPhone 13 Pro deals ( opens in new check )  / iPhone 13 Pro Max deals ( opens in new check )
Feeling a bite flush ? Why not check out our articles on how to save some cash on the latest agio flagships from Apple, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. These devices are the first to include a 120Hz review rate – a welcome improvement that, alongside an promote processor and television camera system, means they ‘re well some of the most mighty devices you can get in 2021. ( opens in new check ) iPhone 12 deals ( opens in modern pill ) / iPhone 12 Mini deals ( opens in new tab )
Apple ‘s 2020 flagship is a fantastic choice – specially since it ‘s immediately at least $ 100 cheaper than release across the board. Check out our latest deals roundup for this week ‘s news on this great newfangled device, and, where to pick yourself one up for much less than you would think …. ( opens in newfangled check ) iPhone 12 Pro Max deals ( opens in new tab key )
The biggest, baddest, and of path, most expensive Apple device from 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is however a great choice for 2021 – specially for avid telephone photographers. Check out our bespoke deals page to see how you can potentially dodge that eye-wateringly high price tag.
( opens in new pill ) iPhone 11 deals ( opens in modern pill )
The cheap of Apple ‘s latest flagship three, the iPhone 11 is an excellent earphone to go for. It sports a dual camera set-up, an extremist flying CPU, IP68 rate and a 3110mAh battery. This luxury call has a lot to offer, and better however – it even comes at a lower introductory RRP than the besides excellent iPhone XR. ( opens in new tab ) iPhone XR deals ( opens in new tab key )
The iPhone XR was the budget flagship until the modern iPhone SE superseded it earlier this year. That ‘s not to say it ‘s silent not an excellent call however with its knock-down A12 bionic chip and massive battery life. Better still the prices just keep getting lower and lower, so you ‘re truly mar for choice when it comes to cheap iPhones correctly nowadays. ( opens in new pill ) Samsung Galaxy S21 deals ( opens in new pill ) / Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals ( opens in new yellow journalism )
early 2021 has brought a unharmed fresh range of excellent new flagships from Samsung in the mannequin of the fresh Galaxy S21 range. amazingly, these handsets are coming in at a hale $ 200 cheaper than the launch prices of the prior generation. That does n’t mean Samsung has cheaped out though, these phones still carry a short ton of great spectacles and a brawny raw central processing unit in particular. ( opens in new pill ) Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals ( opens in new yellow journalism )
We ‘ve besides got a separate page for the current biggest and baddest earphone from Samsung – the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With a quad-camera array, fabulously knock-down processor, and stunning 1440p expose adequate to of 144Hz ( ! ), this is presently the earphone to buy if you ‘re very, in truth serious about your android devices. ( opens in new check ) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals ( opens in raw tab key ) / Galaxy Z Flip 3 deals ( opens in new check )
Want to try something modern ? Samsung ‘s latest series of foldable phones have precisely been released with two excellent devices to choose from. While costly, both the Flip 3 and Fold 3 are on the very shed blood border of what ‘s possible with smartphones. They ‘re quite merely especial devices with incredibly knock-down components, stunning designs, and of course those beautiful foldable screens. ( opens in new yellow journalism ) Google Pixel 6 deals ( opens in fresh pill ) / Google Pixel 6 Pro deals ( opens in new pill )
Google ‘s latest rate of 2021 flagships are truly making waves right immediately. A completely redesigned aesthetic, knock-down in-house Tensor chip, and above all else – a compel price point has meant these new devices are very worthy choices indeed. Check out our bespoke pages on these two phones for more information. ( opens in new tab key ) Google Pixel 5 deals ( opens in newfangled pill )
It ‘s not precisely new Apple phones releasing this quarter, the brand new Google Pixel 5 is besides a relatively newfangled summation. A top phone for Android users, the new Google Pixel 5 is actually much more economical than you would think, thanks to a compass of excellent design choices.
( opens in modern tab key ) Google Pixel 4 deals ( opens in newfangled check ) / Google Pixel 4a deals ( opens in new check )
After Google managed to win the public over with three generations of top camera phones, hopes were high for the Google Pixel 4. For those wanting a television camera earphone to compete with the best out there, this will be the way to go. It ‘s no surprise to hear that this is Google ‘s best call so far. ( opens in new tab key ) OnePlus 9 deals ( opens in new yellow journalism )
Check out this week ‘s best cell phone deals on the latest devices from the long-familiar Chinese sword OnePlus – the 9 and the 9 Pro. With co-designed Hasselblad camera systems, mighty Snapdragon 888 processors, and gorgeous 120Hz displays, these are a great alternative to the likes of Google, Apple, and Samsung. best phone deals sales cellphone smartphone unlocked prepaid ( image credit : future )

call consider tips

If you want to be sure you ‘re getting a dependable deal on a telephone, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Compare your favorite retailers For one thing, you should look around for unlike deals on the same phone. Carriers much offer fleshy discounts, but occasionally they can be beat by deals on unlock phones that will let you avoid getting stuck on an expensive mobile design. so, if you see what seems like a good deal from a carrier, double check that you ca n’t find a better batch elsewhere. And, be prepared to do some mathematics to consider the price of the call plus the price of the plan you ‘ll be more or less locked into. Shop at the right time of year

Shopping around adult sales events is besides a estimable time to find a telephone hand. While major retailers cut prices on democratic products, carriers can besides take those opportunities to make their usual discounts even more entice. Carriers besides offer some of these major discounts around the establish of a new earphone. even if the price of the call does n’t change, there may be some freebies that add extra value. Switch to get the best phone deals If you ‘re after the steepest discounts, though, you ‘ll probably need to be ready to switch carriers or at least add fresh lines to your account. major carriers strongly incentivize this, and it ‘s one of the few ways you ‘ll get a new phone for more than 50 % off. These deals can sometimes be easier if you have a second person you ‘re shopping with, as buy-one-get-one deals are besides incredibly common and often only entail one new line of service.

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