2022 Solar Panel Cost in California (Guide to Local Prices & Savings)

solar panel cost in californiasolar panel cost in california

What Should Californians Know About Using Solar Energy?

With well over one million solar installations throughout the state, California has hanker been a leader in the U.S. solar industry. recent legislation mandating that all newfangled homes in the department of state must be built with solar panels likely leaves residents wondering about the monetary value of solar panels in California. With ample sunlight, unnaturally high energy costs, ambitious climate goals and progressive leadership, California is ripe with solar potential. The preexisting handiness of local solar providers in California allows solar customers the valuable opportunity to gather a boastfully act of competing quotes, sometimes generating several thousand dollars worth of savings in the procedure.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in California?

As of 2021, our market inquiry and data from circus tent brands shows the average cost of solar panels in California is around $2.73 per watt. This means a 5-kW arrangement would cost around $ 10,101 after the federal solar tax credit rating is applied. here ’ s how that price looks when applied to other solar dialog box system sizes :

Size of Solar Panel System California Solar Panel Cost Cost After Federal Tax Credit
5kW $13,650 $10,101
6kW $16,380 $12,121
7kW $19,110 $14,141
8kW $21,840 $16,162
9kW $24,570 $18,182
10kW $27,300 $20,202

It may surprise some readers that the cost of solar in California international relations and security network ’ thymine a low as in many early states, but keep in mind that the substantial value of solar comes relative to the price of energy in the state ( and California ’ south is the highest in the state ). All in all, solar baron provides excellent value to California residents.

Knowing the average price of solar panels in California is $ 2.73 per watt, a grok solar customer can compare quotes against this trope to ensure they receive the best value possible. You may find that popular national brands don ’ t have the lowest prices.

What Determines Solar Panel Prices?

The price of solar jury installations in California largely depends on a homeowner ’ randomness placement and energy needs. In most cases, areas with higher local electricity rates offer more value from solar panels. here are other factors that influence initiation costs.

Solar Equipment Costs

exchangeable to most advanced technology, solar products and arrangement costs vary greatly based on their timbre, scale and included features. Some customers may be satisfied with a minor array of low-cost solar panels and inverters, while others may prefer a system with bounty panels, full-home backup power and an electric vehicle charger.

Solar Financing

The overall cost of solar depends significantly on whether a customer chooses to finance or purchase their system in cash. Paying upfront provides the best return on investment and fastest solar panel vengeance period, as there are no fees or interest charges associated with it. The two most common solar financing options include taking out a loanword and leasing solar panels. If paying with a solar loanword, be careful of gamey interest rates and early refund penalties and other fees. Homeowners who lease their panels or sign office purchase agreements ( PPAs ) enjoy little to no upfront costs, but solar leases provide the least total of overall value.

Solar Installation Costs

With about 2,500 solar companies throughout California, prices can range importantly based on the installer. Larger solar providers like Sunrun offer the advantage of solar leases and quick installations. local providers looking to get a leg up on their competition may offer lower prices to undercut the biggest names in the industry.

California solar panels in desertCalifornia solar panels in desert

What Solar Incentives Are Available to California Residents?

California ’ s progressive leadership has done well bring in spurring investment in renewable, clean energy. however, given the state ’ mho ambitious climate targets and the energy burden on most of its population, it could probably do more. All homeowners are eligible for the union solar tax credit rating, and the country offers respective bonus programs and solar rebates aimed at further increasing access to reliable, low-cost solar panels. Pacific Gas and Electric ( PG & E ), San Diego Gas and Electric ( SDG & E ), and Southern California Edison ( SCE ) are three local utility companies that provide solar rebates and funding to assist with the upfront costs. Let ’ s take a closer look at the solar incentives available to California residents.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

All California residents are eligible for the federal solar investment tax credit, or ITC, for installing photovoltaic ( PV ) solar panels and any other eligible solar equipment. Any reputable solar installer will assist in the march of claiming the ITC on your union tax returns. Claiming the ITC deducts 26 % of the total cost of your solar initiation from the taxes you owe. To be eligible for the solar tax credit, homeowners must own the solar energy system, either having paid for it in cash or by taking out a solar loan. Homeowners who lease residential solar panels are not eligible to claim the ITC.

California Net Metering Programs

final energy meter ( NEM ), or net meter, allows customers to feed the excess energy generated by their solar panels binding to their local world power grid in exchange for energy credits from their utility program company. As most solar energy systems generate more energy than can be used during the day, this incentive provides homeowners extra savings on their electricity bills and lowers the need for grid-supplied electricity in the region. California presently offers a statewide internet meter bonus for residents generating electricity with solar panels. Exact accredit values will vary based on your utility company. WATCH: California Public Utilities Commission Aims To Reduce Rooftop Solar Incentives

California Solar Tax Incentives and Rebate Programs

There are besides a handful of California solar incentives to help lower the cost of solar for residents. Some of these include rebates, loans and property tax exemptions. Though any choice solar company will be knowing about the local incentives in your sphere, it ’ sulfur constantly worth doing some independent research. We recommend using the DSIRE solar incentive database to find money-saving opportunities in your sphere. Read More: California Solar Initiative ( CSI )

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