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Cancun Travel Guide

A once boggy island in an about forget region of the Caribbean, Cancun was a string of sand dunes in the shape of a number “ 7 ”. The coast along the Yucatan peninsula was a mix of marshes, jungle and beaches, but with the Cancun Project in the 1970 ’ sulfur, the area break onto the radar and started attracting travelers to take flights to Cancun. today, its white-sand beaches, crystal-clear seas and nightlife make it a democratic finish for spring breakers arsenic well as couples and families. Cancun is perfectly located for ecotourism and venture holidays. More than 20 % of the land in Quintana Roo is protected making the area ideal for kayak, hike, snorkeling with whale sharks, slide fastener line, rappelling or diving. The haunt area may not be all that old but there are traces of the once mighty Mayan civilization nearby. Ruins and archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba are all within comfortable achieve. once you step off your bum flight to Cancun, you ’ re in eden. bitty bikini and buff beach boys fill the beaches of Cancun. Trips to Cancun are packed with Spring Break travelers ready to ditch their books for a day on the white backbone beaches and a dunk in the blue waters. The night scene in Cancun is so excite, it ’ s barely talked about the following day. Cancun is the reason people travel to Mexico ; good ask the three million people who visit hera per annum. Cancun is so welcome, even the apprehensive traveler will book a cheap flight to Cancun for vacation. English is spoken, U.S. dollars are accepted, malls are filled with dozens of duty-free shops, there are numerous restaurants and nightclubs, and it ’ randomness one of the easiest cities to get around. For the tame traveler booking Cancun flights, downtown is the more “ cultural region ” of the city. There are Cuban-style restaurants and more locals hang out in this area ( chiefly because the Hotel Zone is pricey ).

From snorkeling to jet-skiing, visiting ancient Maya ruins, or just loiter poolside at one of the five-star beach resorts after a godforsaken night in “ the Zone, ” this mexican city has something for everyone. here are some tips to help you in planning your trip to this happening destination .

What’s the weather like in Cancun?

Cancun ’ mho climate appeals to the year-round traveler. cheap airline tickets to Cancun are available during the showery season, which typically runs from late August through early October. rain is rare however, and travelers can still bet on a few effective days of sunlight and surfboard, and plenty of affectionateness, during this season. Flights fill up flying in the form, but you can ’ t beat the beach weather in this repair town. The average temperature in Cancun is 80 degrees and there are more than 240 days of sunlight every class. The hottest weather is experienced between mid-may and August, and while the temperature drops in the winter months, they are still quite balmy with temperatures ranging between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit .

How long is the flight to Cancun?

Situated fair across the Gulf of Mexico from Florida, Cancun is a close neighbor with direct flights to major U.S. cities. Flying from New York takes around three hours and thirty minutes, and flight times from Chicago are merely a few minutes less. If you leave from Los Angeles, you would arrive in Cancun in fair under four hours while flights from Dallas land in just two and a one-half hours .

Which airlines fly to Cancun?

As one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean, Cancun International Airport offers batch of airline tractability. It hosts all major airlines from the United States and Canada, such as american, United and Delta. LAN Argentina, Aeromonterrey and some European airlines besides fly to this vacation hot spot. Best of all, you can find direct flights to Cancun from all major hubs in the United States .

What should you pack for a flight to Cancun?

Swimsuits, flip-flops, shorts and tank tops are a few must-haves for enjoying Cancun ’ s celebrated beaches and year-round balmy weather, which averages around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cancun is cheery most of the year, so remember to bring enough of sunscreen ( placing it with your check baggage if the containers are over 100 milliliters. ) If you do travel during the showery season from late August to early October, be sure to pack a rain jacket or poncho to stay dry. If you plan to adventure to the Mayan Ruins, come prepared with hiking sandals. While most businesses in the Cancun hotel zone accept U.S. currentness, you may besides want to exchange your dollars for chilean peso if you plan to travel beyond the major touristic area .

Getting to and around the city of Cancun

unfortunately, there international relations and security network ’ thymine a train service from Cancun International Airport ( CUN ). however, there is a authentic bus military service which runs between the center of Cancun and the airport throughout the day. You can besides jump on a busbar to Playa del Carmen excessively, so if you ’ re not staying in Cancun itself there ’ s a handy bus for a brassy price. official cab aren ’ t allowed to pick up passengers at the airport, so do not interact with any cab vitamin a soon as you land in Cancun. There are authorized fare services available which are permitted at the airport, but watch out for scams as you find your way. The best estimate would be trying to get your hotel to provide a transplant for you to and from the airport. once you settled into your hotel and are fix to explore, it ’ south easy to walk around Cancun. And if your vacation has made you excessively relaxed to walk, you can always get a taxi. Be mindful that prices are supposed to be set by partition. The reality is that locals pay far less than tourists, and guests at expensive hotels are always charged more. One democratic room to get around the city is by bus. You can take them to nearby beaches and even to catch a ferry to Isla Mujeres. They run every day, from early morning to late at night. Watch out for private buses that go to the lapp places, but charge a higher fee. For a small more gamble, you can besides rent a moped, but be safe and wear your helmet .

What are some things to do in Cancun?

Cancun doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate attract 3 million visitors each year for nothing. It boasts crystal-clear Caribbean waters where you can enjoy snorkeling with passive whale sharks a well as water sports such as jet-skiing. You besides find beautiful white-sand beaches, including Playa Chac Mool, Playa Delfines and Playa Langosta. For a small more gamble, test your courage on a zipline tour, or enjoy the waterfront beauty while spotting wildlife on an eco-boat go. Cancun is besides home plate to several eco parks and enticing aquariums, some of which offer the chance to swim with dolphins. For a taste of history, marvel at the ancient Mayan structures of El Rey Ruins, handily located at the center of Cancun. The Museu Maya de Cancun is another must-see attraction, detailing the rich history of the area with ancient artifacts. If you want a stress-free option to soak in all of the historical hot spots in and around Cancun, consider booking a yucatan Peninsula multi-day go. When you ’ re done relax by the pond of one of the five-star hotels and resorts, head business district for low-cost Cuban-style eats. The city boasts more than 350 nightclubs and restaurants offering diverse options for evening entertainment. Between adventures, wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to get some shopping in at La Isla Shopping Village. Book your flight in February to party with tourists and locals alike during Carnival, or fly in during the vacation season to participate in Cancun ’ s International Marathon.

Tips for your stay in Cancun

  • The bullfight is one of Mexico’s oldest traditions. Visit the Plaza de Toros for a Mexican folkloric show and bullfight. There’s also a Mexican rodeo at the plaza.
  • Take a cruise while you dine: the pirate ship Captain Hook plies the waters of Cancun’s bay and the Columbus sails the Nichupte lagoon.
  • The Continental Villas Plaza hotel is the venue for folkloric ballet. The Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Mexico-Aztlan performs authentic traditional dance in full costume.
  • A couple of the best-known party tours are the Party Hopper Tour, which offers eight hours of open bar with national drinks in different nightclubs, and the seven-hour Señor Frog’s bar leaping tour.
  • U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in the main hotel zone of Cancun, but exchange rates vary widely. Also, as you venture further into Mexico, using dollars becomes more difficult. Exchange your currency for local tender and pay for everything in pesos.
  • In Cancun you’ll find many familiar shops, restaurants, and services, and you don’t need to be unusually concerned about contracting tropical illnesses. However, outside Cancun, be careful with food and water.
  • Be prepared to haggle, but do some price comparison first. Unless you are certain that the item is exclusive to a particular vendor, shop around and find the vendor with the best initial quote, and then haggle.
  • The biggest event is Carnival, held in February just before Lent. In keeping with Mexico’s strong religious tradition, Inmaculada Concepcion is held on Isla Mujeres in December.
  • For lovers of physical exercise, Cancun’s International Marathon takes place just before the Christmas tourist rush. If you’re planning on visiting Cancun during the holiday season, book your Cancun flight far in advance to ensure you get the best airfare prices available.

Finding Flights from Cancun

If you ’ re based in Cancun looking to speculation to early destinations, Cheapflights has you covered. Alongside flights to major U.S. and early external destinations from major airlines, such as American Airlines and United, you besides find flights with Aerocaribe, AeroMexico, Aircomet and other smaller airlines. Getting to Cancun International Airport takes around twenty minutes by car or taxi from downtown Cancun, and buses from the Cancun Bus Station to the airport leave every thirty minutes during the day. once you ’ re there, you can enjoy free shuttle serve among the three terminals to get to your gate. Check out the flight deals on these popular routes from cancun : bum flights from Cancun to Havana bum flights from Cancun to Jamaica cheap flights from Cancun to Puerto Rico If you ’ re head to the U.S., be sure to arrive at the airport early as increased security can cause some delays. For a shorter wait clock, you may even consider checking your carry-on baggage. For more detail airport information, our Cancun airport steer s include all the information you need to know before you go .

Cancún, Mexico airport overview

just as sun-worshipping vacationers can ’ thymine get enough of Cancun, the airport never seems to stop growing. The close proximity of Cancun International Airport ( CUN ) to the most democratic beach resorts in Mexico draws 12.4 million passengers through its gates each year, second only to the giant Mexico City International Airport in terms of dealings. Flights to Cancun Airport are bountiful, and you ’ ll have no trouble finding them from about any major airport, including London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Chicago, Miami, Frankfurt, Santiago de Chile, Lisbon and Amsterdam.

Because of the massive popularity of the beach resorts in Cancun, the airport is about constantly overrun with tourists, specially in the peak summer and bounce break seasons. Facilities and service in the airport are geared toward this push, so the airport is clean and effective with all the modern comforts of home .

What airport do you fly into for flights to Cancún?

Booking a flight to Cancun ( CUN ) is your lone choice if you intend on flying to Cancún. It is alone a 8.9 nautical mile journey from Cancun to Cancún ’ mho city center .

How popular are flights to Cancun (CUN) this year?

This class has seen a 6 % increase in fledge searches for Cancún .

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