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AT&T troubleshooting and quick help guides

It may be potential to resolve your servicing issue without having to contact AT & T customer servicing. This can save you fourth dimension or help you resolve an issue if a technical school support agentive role is unavailable .

Troubleshooting AT&T internet, TV or phone services

To troubleshoot common AT & T internet, television receiver and earphone issues, go to AT & T Troubleshooting. From there, you can sign in with your AT & T report information and narrow your search to troubleshoot topics related to your specific services. You can besides find flying troubleshooting guides to check your order condition, change score passwords, connect to a Wi-Fi net, set up your equipment and more .

Resetting your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway router

Rebooting your router is a coarse agile fixate for Wi-Fi connectivity issues. To reboot your router, press and release the Reset button on the AT & T Wi-Fi Gateway router and wait for it to ability back up. You can besides try unplugging the router, waiting five seconds and plugging it back in.

To reset your AT & T Wi-Fi Gateway router, press and hold the Reset release for at least 10 seconds. *Important note : “ resetting ” your router may return it to factory settings. If you want to restart your router but keep any custom-made settings, try first base to reboot the router, not reset it. otherwise, make note of any custom settings before performing a reset so you may reapply them once the reset is complete.

Connecting to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots

AT & T internet customers can take advantage of AT & T ’ s 30,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S. When connecting to any Wi-Fi hot spot, be certain to take these Wi-Fi hot spot internet safety precautions. To connect to a AT & T Wi-Fi hot spot :

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network attwifi.
  3. Open a browser and select I have an AT&T Account or Sign in with your AT&T Wi-Fi username and password.
  4. Log in with your AT&T internet account information.
  5. Select your AT&T network name from the Make a Selection drop-down list.
  6. Click Get Connected to connect to the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network.

If you don ’ t have AT & T internet avail, but inactive wish to connect to an AT & T Wi-Fi hot spot, choose Purchase AT&T Wi-Fi Access at step 3. You can purchase temp access to the AT & T Wi-Fi hot spot network for a plant tip .

Managing your data use

Select AT & T internet plans have a data specify of 1 TB/mo. Going over your data restrict can add fees to your monthly bill, so it ’ mho crucial to keep an eye on your data custom throughout the calendar month. To view your data custom, go to MyAT & T and enter your bill information. From the following screen, you can review your report and see how much data you have used in the stream charge cycle. If you ’ re approaching your monthly data limit, consider these steps to monitor your data use .

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