How Much Is Your State’s 529 Plan Tax Deduction Really Worth?

many states offer state income tax deductions or credits for contributions to a 529 plan. The amount of your 529 express tax deduction will depend on where you live and how much you contribute to a 529 plan during a given tax class .

529 Plan Tax Benefits 

529 plans allow bill owners, friends, and kin to contribute to a college fund with after-tax income and enjoy two types of likely tax benefits :

  • federal tax benefits : 529 plan contributions grow federally tax-exempt and earnings are not national to federal income tax when recluse for modify department of education expenses, including up to $ 10,000 in K-12 tutelage expenses and student loanword payments. Note that there is no union income tax deduction on 529 plan contributions .
  • department of state tax benefits : Most states that have an income tax allow either a subtraction from income or a submit tax credit for 529 plan contributions when reporting income for state tax purposes. however, not all states follow the federal tax treatment of K-12 tuition or scholar loanword expenses.

States that offer an income tax benefit for 529 plan contributions

Over 30 states, including the District of Columbia, presently offer a state income tax deduction or tax credit for 529 plan contributions. In most cases, the taxpayer must contribute to their home state of matter ’ s 529 plan to qualify for a state income tax benefit .
however, seven tax parity states offer a country income tax benefit for contributions to any 529 plan :

  • arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • minnesota
  • missouri
  • Montana
  • pennsylvania

In the majority of states, the full amount or a fortune of a taxpayer ’ s 529 plan contribution is deductible in computing state income tax. But, Indiana, Utah, and Vermont offer a country income tax credit for 529 plan contributions. minnesota taxpayers are eligible for a country income tax deduction or credit, depending on their adjusted crude income .
Six states presently have a country income tax but do not offer a deduction for contributions : California, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, and North Carolina.

Wondering how your 529 plan may impact financial aid? Use our Financial Aid Calculator to estimate the expect family contribution ( EFC ), and your fiscal need .

Potential annual tax savings by state 

Njupdate Saving for College

How 529 plan state income tax benefits work

State income tax benefits are based on the measure of a taxpayer ’ s sum 529 plan contributions in a given tax class. While there are no annual contribution limits for 529 plans, most states limit the sum measure of contributions that qualify for an income tax credit or deduction .
For example, New York residents are eligible for an annual state income tax discount for 529 design contributions up to $ 5,000 ( $ 10,000 if married filing jointly ). In Colorado, New Mexico, South Carolina, and West Virginia, 529 plan contributions are fully deductible in computing state income tax .
For most taxpayers, there is no necessity to hold funds in a 529 plan for a specify amount of time before claiming a express income tax benefit .
Taxpayers can contribute to a 529 plan, immediately tax a restricted distribution to pay for college or K-12 tutelage, and qualify for the state income tax benefit. however, Montana and Wisconsin obstruct this state tax deduction loophole by imposing time limits, and Michigan and Minnesota base department of state income tax benefit on annual contributions final of distributions .
Parents saving for K-12 tuition and adults using a 529 plan to pay for graduate school may get the equivalent of an annual discount on tuition by funneling payments through a 529 plan and claiming a submit income tax benefit each year .
Most states require 529 design contributions to be made by December 31 to qualify for a state income tax profit, but taxpayers in six states have until April to make 529 plan contributions that qualify for a anterior year income tax tax write-off .

Who is eligible for a 529 plan state income tax benefit?

States typically offer state income tax benefits to any taxpayer who contributes to a 529 design, including grandparents or early love ones who give the give of college. however, in 10 states only the 529 design report owner ( or the account owner ’ s spouse ) may claim a state income tax benefit .
eligible taxpayers may continue to claim a 529 plan express income tax benefit each year they contribute to a 529 plan, regardless of the beneficiary ’ s age. There are no time limits imposed on 529 plan accounts, so families may continue to make contributions throughout the child ’ south elementary school, middle school, eminent school, college years, and beyond .
State income tax benefits should not be the alone circumstance when choosing a 529 design. Attributes such as fees and performance must always be taken into account before you enroll in a 529 design. In some cases, better investment operation of another state ’ s 529 plan ( where earnings are compounded ) can outweigh the benefits of a state income tax deduction.

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