Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage With a Home Equity Loan?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2022 approximately 65 % of american english households own their own home. Over the past decade, the median sale price of a home in the United States has risen from just under $ 240,000 in 2012, to about $ 430,000 in 2022, for a 10-year increase of about 80 %. In light of this, many homeowners have seen the fairness in their home plate grow significantly since they purchased it .

Having cocksure fairness in your home gives homeowners the flexibility to extract that wealth in a assortment of ways. One method acting for accessing this equity is to pay off region or all of your mortgage by using a home fairness lend. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of this approach .

Key Takeaways

  • A home equity loan allows you to borrow up to a certain percentage of your home equity.
  • The loan is collateralized by your home, which allows the interest rate to be much lower than a credit card or unsecured line of credit.
  • Some homeowners take out these loans to pay off their mortgages, because it can potentially lead to lower financing costs. But there are also risks involved.

second Mortgages

There are two independent ways that homeowners can use their home plate equity to pay down their mortgage. The first is by using a ceremonious home equity loan, which is sometimes referred to as a “ moment mortgage. ” This type of loan is basically the same as a mortgage lend, except that alternatively of going toward the buy of a house, it results in the borrower receiving a lump total of cash that they are release to spend however they desire .

The exact size of this lout union is calculated as a share of the equity they have in their home, with 85 % being a normally used maximum. For example, if a homeowner has a mortgage for $ 200,000 but their home is worth $ 300,000, then their fairness would be $ 100,000. If their home equity lend offers a lout union of up to 85 % of their equity, then they would be able to borrow up to $ 85,000. Although some homeowners use these funds to pay down their mortgage, they could besides take out a home equity loanword to cover other costs, such as remodeling their kitchen or paying for college .

The independent reason that homeowners take out base equity loans to pay down their mortgage is if they think doing so will result in lower monthly payments. This can occur when concern rates have declined since they first purchased their home, meaning that the home equity lend would carry a lower interest pace than their exist mortgage. In this scenario, the homeowner would take out a home equity loanword, which would have its own sake rate, amortization schedule, and condition, and would basically be refinancing some or all of their exist mortgage .

Although using a family equity loanword to refinance your mortgage can lead to lower interest costs, homeowners need to be careful to ensure that this cost savings is not wiped out by any prepayment penalties or closure costs that might apply. Depending on the details of their existent mortgage terms, it may be more effective to plainly wait until the following available opportunity or refinancing their mortgage, either through their existing lender or through a competing lender .

Home Equity Lines of Credit ( HELOCs )

The second direction that homeowners can use their family equity to pay down their mortgage is by taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit ( HELOC ). As its name implies, HELOCs are a channel of credit that is secured by your home plate. Like a second mortgage, the total of money that you can borrow under a HELOC is calculated by taking a percentage of your home equity, typically alike to that which is used for second mortgages. But aside from these similarities, there are several important differences between HELOCs and moment mortgages .

To begin with, HELOCs do not give the lender a ball total at the get down of the loanword. alternatively, they function like a personal lineage of credit, allowing the homeowner to borrow up to a certain amount, but letting them decide when and how a lot to borrow. This makes HELOCs well suited for homeowners who want the option of borrowing against the fairness in their home without having any immediate plans for how to use the money .

The moment crucial difference between HELOCs and second base mortgages is that HELOCs only require you to pay the interest on the loanword each requital, allowing the borrower to choose when they pay spinal column the star. By contrast, moment mortgages follow a stern amortization schedule in which each payment includes both interest and star. technically, HELOCs offer a period of time, called a attract period, in which the borrower is free to pay alone sake. however, at the conclusion of the draw menstruation, the HELOC converts to an amortization schedule, forcing the borrower to gradually pay back any chief they borrowed .

The third major difference between HELOCs and moment mortgages is that HELOCs offer variable matter to rates. In situations where matter to rates have declined since you obtained your mortgage, this could make using a HELOC to pay off part of your mortgage an attractive choice because it could lead to lower monthly payments overall. however, as is often the character in finance, there are pros and cons to this approach .

Pros and Cons

At first glance, using a HELOC to pay down your mortgage seems like a very attractive option. After all, it could allow a homeowner to take advantage of a lower interest rate while besides delaying paying principal on the loanword, potentially reducing their monthly payments by a significant sum .

The independent risk with this approach path, however, is that it exposes you to interest rate risk. HELOCs are a variable interest rate lend, which means that if interest rates rise, so would your payments. This gamble is far amplified if you take the set about of making only concern payments and delaying repaying star, since that unpaid principal would then incur interest at a higher rate once interest rates rise .

In club to protect against this, homeowners would benefit from stress testing their mortgage-repayment strategy by calculating how much extra sake they could afford to cover if interest rates do rise. similarly, it may be prudent to set aside money into a readily-accessible store that could be used to pay down principal quickly if interest rates rise, to avoid being stuck with many months or even years ’ deserving of higher interest payments .

last, homeowners would need to carefully evaluate the terms of the home equity loans they are considering. Some of the important terms to be conversant with include whether the loanword offers a specify or variable matter to rate, the length of the trace time period or amortization period, whether the loanword charges simple concern or amortized pastime, and any rules or penalties regarding prepayment of principal .

Can I use equity to pay off my mortgage?

Yes. There are many ways to use fairness to pay off your mortgage, but two of the most common approaches are second mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit ( HELOCs ). second mortgages have the same payment each month and give you a lout kernel at the startle of the loanword, which you could use to pay off some or all of your mortgage. HELOCs are a revolve channel of credit that you are loose to withdraw from or repay as you see fit. Both of these loans carry much lower interest rates than credit cards or other unguaranteed loans, because they use your house as collateral .

What happens to my HELOC when I pay off my mortgage?

When you pay off your mortgage, the HELOC would be paid off at the same time. For example, if you sell your house, then before you receive any of the proceeds of the sale, both your mortgage and your HELOC would first need to be paid away. The lenders would have first claim on the proceeds from the sale .

Can you pay off a home equity loan early?

Yes, you by and large are able to pay off a home equity lend early, although this can vary depending on the terms of the specific loan. HELOCs in particular are designed to offer maximum tractability, peculiarly during their initial withdraw time period. Mortgages and second mortgages can typically besides be repaid early, although they may be subject to prepayment rules and penalties.

The Bottom Line

ultimately, paying off a mortgage using a home equity loan can make sense, but it is not a decisiveness that should be taken thinly. Homeowners should make sure they thoroughly understand the terms of the loans while besides developing a fiscal plan for how they will ultimately service and repay the funds borrowed, including under different pastime pace conditions .

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