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have U-Box®


Lowest Cost  
More than one container delivered at a time  
Multiple delivery options  
Available in all 50 states and Canadian Provinces  
Can be parked in any legal parking space*  
Rate includes use of furniture pads  
Drop-off and pick up included in delivery rate  
You can access your belongings while in storage  
Secure steel-locking mechanism  
Sturdy, weather-resistant container  
Ships interstate in enclosed/locked tractor-trailer  
Family owned, U.S. company  

* U-Box trailer with license plate allows container to be parked in any legal park space .

What is the best moving-container company?

portable be active and repositing allows you to pack your belongings in a container and ship it to wherever you ’ ra go, keep it on your property or store in a guarantee facility. Both U-Box® containers and PODS® give you the public toilet of moving retentive distances without having to drive a move truck. When in storage, you can access your container for no extra charge with both U-Box and PODS .
Find out which moving container is best for you by comparing the products for yourself .
Family loading a U-Box Container in their driveway


We know that your belongings deserve to be stored and shipped safely. It is important that your items make it to their address safely and come out in the lapp condition as they were when you put them in repositing .
Both PODS and U-Box containers provide you with a impregnable steel-locking mechanism. You use your own lock and key, so that only you have access.

U-Box containers are custom-made from premium, pest-resistant plywood. Breathable wood construction helps keep the items in the U-Box container protected from model and mildew. Containers sit approximately six inches off the flat coat to protect against standing water and have composite pads on the feet that keep water from seeping inside. Each container is equipped with a highly durable weather-resistant vinyl covering upon rescue to further protect your belongings from the elements .
PODS containers use roll-up doors, which take up space at the top of the container and don ’ metric ton always keep out water .
U-Box containers are shipped inside an envelop semi-truck trailer to provide foster auspices. PODS containers must be shipped on flatbed trucks, exposed to Mother Nature along their travel .
Each U-Box container comes with the dislodge use of 24 furniture pads. This allows you to pack your things safely and securely, and gorge empty spaces with pads so that your things don ’ triiodothyronine shift in transit .

Container Size

U-Box containers are made to hold about one to one and a half rooms of furniture. This allows you to order arsenic many as you need in order to easily customize your move. big moves are easily accommodated by ordering more U-Box containers. The best part is that if you holy order besides many, you ’ ll be refunded for the ones you don ’ thymine use. That ’ south tractability built right into your move. See full dimensions and estimate the number that ’ s good for you. See entire dimensions and estimate the number that ’ s mighty for you .
PODS has three different-size containers. not all containers are in all markets, so you could be stuck with a bigger container than you need and wind up paying to move or store empty outer space .


U-Box offers multiple delivery options to best suit your individual needs and can deliver anywhere from one to nine containers at once ! One manner of speaking fee covers both decrease and pickup of your container ( randomness ). Some competitors charge a fee to deliver the empty container and a separate fee to pick it up once it ’ mho full .
U-Haul offers each of the succeed rescue methods. Get an on-line quote to see what rates and options are available in your sphere .

  • Home Delivery: U-Box containers will be delivered square to your door. Just pack them full moon of your items and, when you ’ re ready, we will come to pick them up. You can then choose to store or ship your moving container ( s ) to your destination. If truck delivery international relations and security network ’ metric ton available in your area, Moving Help delivery may be ! local overhaul providers drop off your container and will pick it up when you are ready .
  • Self-Delivery: Choose from one of the 2,400+ U-Haul locations to pick up your container. Tow it family, fill it up and bring it back. Choose this option to skip the manner of speaking fee. Pack on your own schedule and keep the U-Box container arsenic long as needed. When you ’ re finished packing it, equitable tow it binding to the U-Haul localization for dispatch or storage .
  • Full Service Delivery and Load: With this option, Moving Help service providers will bring your container, load it with your belongings and return it for you ! This option is great for people who don ’ triiodothyronine want to lift a finger. It is an easy way to make your affect lower stress .
  • Access at U-Haul Location: Pack your container at your region U-Haul localization. This choice is best for those who live in metro areas with circumscribed driveway space or people good looking to save a few bucks. Rent a tone arm truck if you need a way to transport your larger items .

PODS offers door-to-door home delivery only and can merely deliver one container at a fourth dimension .
Do you have an HOA or a city ordinance preventing you from having a container placed in the street or driveway ? lone U-Box containers can be placed in any legal parking blot. Choose U-Box with self-delivery or Moving Help delivery and your container on a dawdler can be legally parked in a park position at your condominium, curbside or at an apartment building complex .
With multiple pitch options, U-Box allows you to choose the rescue choice that best fits your needs and budget .
U-Box delivery to family home


With more than 2,400 locations, our U-Box Program offers the most rental locations and shipping destinations in the diligence. U-Box containers are available in all 50 U.S. states and all canadian provinces, and ship to the most international ports .

Company Facts

U-Box containers are backed by U-Haul® International, a company you have known and trusted for over 70 years. U-Haul company is, hands down, the leader in the self-acting diligence with the most experience. U-Haul company is a family owned and operated, U.S.-based organization.


The issue of containers you use and your choose pitch method will determine the entire price. not certain how many containers you will need ? No problem ! Order angstrom many as you think you will need, because the cost of any unused U-Box containers will be refunded. Your U-Box® Container quote includes moving containers, 24 furniture pads per container, your chosen delivery method acting, all ship costs and one month of storehouse at a nearby, secure U-Haul storage facility. If you ’ d like help pack or unpacking the U-Box container, it ’ sulfur easy to add Moving Help during or after your reservation .
pod prices include the PODS containers, delivery decrease and pickup, and shipping to your destination. Be careful to reserve the correct number of PODS containers, however, because you ’ ll be charged for what you holy order even if you don ’ t need all of them. storehouse is available with PODS for an extra tip .
Get a loose quotation mark instantaneously and see for yourself why a U-Box container motion is the lowest cost choice in the industry. There are no shroud costs .

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