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Key points:

  • Nationwide provides pet insurance for cats, dogs, birds, and exotic animals.
  • There are three policies to choose from, including the option for wellness coverage.

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What we like : vethelpline® available to all members

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Best Pet Insurance many of us consider pets to be part of the family, so we want to make sure they ’ re happy and healthy. unfortunately, when pets become ill or injured, it can besides mean unexpected trips to the vet and vet bills that can become quite expensive .
Pet insurance, like human health policy, can help make pet care more low-cost by helping to cover costs associated with newly health problems or pet health emergencies. Nationwide Pet Insurance is one possible source of coverage .
This Nationwide Pet Insurance inspection will cover what Nationwide offers and help you decide if it ’ second right for you .
In this review :

Nationwide Pet Insurance: Costs & coverage

Major Medical (with or without wellness coverage) Whole Pet With Wellness
Monthly premiums Starting at Starting at
Minimum deductible
Maximum reimbursement Not disclosed
Eligible pets Cats & dogs; birds & exotic pets may be eligible. Cats & dogs; birds & exotic pets may be eligible.
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nationally offers indemnity for dogs and cats, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as for birds and exotic pets on a individual basis. Customers can choose from three basic options for their indemnity plan : whole Pet with Wellness, Major Medical, and Pet Wellness .

What does Nationwide Pet Insurance cover?

Nationwide Pet Insurance policies, rates, and coverage options vary based on your pet and localization, so it ’ mho authoritative to visit the insurance company ’ s web site for a rate quote based on your specific pet .
It ’ sulfur besides important to look at what is not covered by darling policy. If you do not have Nationwide ’ s top-tier policy, health visits and vaccines won ’ metric ton be included .
even on policies where routine care is covered, the policy may not cover the total costs of concern. besides, Nationwide Pet Insurance, like other providers, does not cover preexistent conditions .
When exploring your coverage, you have three primary coil design options, described below .

Whole Pet with Wellness

This plan covers :

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Surgeries and hospitalization
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Prescriptions
  • Flea/heartworm prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness exams
  • Dental cleaning

The deductible is annually and you ’ ll be reimbursed of your costs after meeting the deductible.

Major Medical with Wellness

This design covers :

  • Accidents and illness
  • Surgeries and hospitalization
  • Chronic conditions
  • Some hereditary conditions (with a one-year waiting period)
  • Prescriptions
  • Cancer
  • Wellness exams and tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm and flea prevention

The deductible is ; after meeting the deductible, coverage is based on your benefits schedule and owners are responsible for fees that exceed those listed .

Major Medical

This plan covers :

  • Accidents and illness
  • Some hereditary conditions
  • Cancer

This plan has the like deductible, but for a lower monthly premium .

How much does Nationwide Pet Insurance cost?

The cost of a plan will depend on a variety show of factors, including your pet type, breed, and age. The premium will besides vary based on the type of design you select .
As such, if you ’ ra considering Nationwide frump policy or Nationwide caterpillar indemnity, it ’ second important to visit their web site for an accurate quote. Further, if you ’ ra looking for coverage for a bird or an alien animal, you must contact the company directly by telephone .
To give you an theme of price, if you have a medium size, shuffle breed two-year-old dog and you live in Pennsylvania, you can expect plans ranging from $ 28 to $ 68 a calendar month. If, however, you have a two-year-old Great Dane, your coverage would likely be priced between $ 46 and $ 117 .
Customers can expect prices arsenic depleted as per calendar month for the Wellness plan, per calendar month for the Major Medical Plan, and per month for the Whole Pet with Wellness plan. There are no riders or add-ons available with Nationwide Pet Insurance policies .
>> Read More : health plans vs. pet policy

Pros & cons of Nationwide Pet Insurance


  • Coverage for exotic pets, which is not an option with many other pet health insurance providers on the market.
  • Plans that cover wellness exams and vaccinations, while many insurers provide no coverage for wellness care.
  • Unlimited coverage is available.
  • Customers can submit claims directly from their smartphone and track their claims in real time.
  • You can get a policy online or over the phone, but Nationwide also works with businesses and some people find they can obtain pet insurance through their employer.


  • Nationwide has received a number of complaints that deal with denied claims, where Nationwide allegedly labeled them as pre-existing conditions despite the owner’s insistence otherwise. Customers also frequently point to high premiums and slow response times.
  • Another downside to consider is the waiting period. Nationwide Pet insurance carries a 14-day waiting period, which means your pet is not covered for two weeks after approval and payment. This is not uncommon, but some providers offer pet insurance with shorter waiting periods.

How to get a Nationwide Pet Insurance policy

Getting a policy is easy. Just visit the insurance company ’ s web site and enter some basic information about yourself and your pet, including :

  • Your location
  • Your pet’s name
  • Your pet’s species and breed
  • Your pet’s age

After providing this data, you ’ ll be offered three tiers of coverage, based on the three plans outlined above. The premiums you ’ re offered will vary based on your favored and localization. You may besides be able to adjust your reimbursement amount to change your premium .
After choosing a policy, you will have to provide extra information, such as :

  • Whether your pet has been spayed or neutered
  • Past injuries and illnesses
  • Preventative care your pet has already received
  • The vet you currently use

After answering all questions, you can submit your payment information and your policy will begin. however, you need to allow any eligible expect periods to pass for certain areas of coverage to take consequence .
Note: If you ’ re insuring a big cat or chase, follow the steps above. If you ’ d like to insure a bird or other alien pet, call Nationwide at 1-800-874-0651  to get covered .

Where is Nationwide Pet Insurance available?

Nationwide Pet Insurance is available in all fifty dollar bill states .

Nationwide Pet Insurance customer service

Nationwide customer military service has mixed reviews, with some customers offering positive feedback while others reporting an discrepant or poor customer have. This is particularly true when it comes to filing claims .
If you ’ d like to contact Nationwide Pet Insurance directly, you can do sol by calling 1-800-872-7387 Monday—Friday from 5 ante meridiem to 7 post meridiem PST or Saturday from 7 ante meridiem to 3:30 post meridiem, EST .

Where to find Nationwide alternatives

Nationwide Pet Insurance provides several plans for dogs, cats, small animals, and exotic pets and some plans even include wellness concern, which is typically not offered by other indemnity providers or is offered as an addition only .
This can be beneficial for positron emission tomography owners looking for comprehensive coverage .
But is countrywide Insurance worth the cost ? Nationwide pet indemnity reviews are much negative, with many customers pointing to specific issues submitting claims and being reimbursed for claims .
As such, it ’ s important to do your research prior to completing an application and determine what is best for you and your favored. You can compare Nationwide to other options in our scout to the best pet policy or find a review of another ship’s company in this list .

How we rated Nationwide

Nationwide Pet Insurance received a rate of 3.9 out of 5. We rate darling indemnity companies based on a kind of data points including coverage, monetary value, customer ratings, benefit limits, exclusions, and more .
You can learn more about our methodology hera .
Ready to find out if a Nationwide policy is right for your pet? Check your rates on its website.
View Rates Premium ( Monthly ) Depends on plan deductible arsenic first gear as reimbursement

Up to 3.9
Nationwide Pet Insurance

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