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Intuit merchant services fly a piece under the radar. certain, every small-business owner knows of Intuit thanks to its closely omnipresent account software, QuickBooks. But what you might not know is that Intuit besides offers a suite of merchant services to help small-business owners manage transactions. In fact, Intuit took its dexterity for small-business finances and applied it with adequate skill to their QuickBooks merchant services products — which include QuickBooks Payments and QuickBooks Point of Sale. From low-cost process fees to accessible merchant center, Intuit merchant services offer top-tier payment and transaction management operations to small businesses like yours. And because they know that the most crucial thing a business owner can have is options, Intuit merchant services come in multiple versions for you to choose from.

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Intuit merchant services caveats

Before we cover the details on all the assorted iterations of Intuit merchant services, let ’ s cover one crucial caveat : For your business to access any version of QuickBooks Payments or POS, it will need an account with the match adaptation of QuickBooks account software. You ’ ll need a QuickBooks Online report to access QuickBooks Online Payments, and you ’ ll need a QuickBooks Desktop explanation to access either of the two QuickBooks Desktop Payments or the POS interface. basically, QuickBooks merchant services will function much like an accessory to Intuit QuickBooks accounting software. thus, if you ’ re using an accounting software other than QuickBooks Online or Desktop — and you ’ re amply attached to your accountancy software — then you ’ ll have to look beyond Intuit merchant services for your requital processing solution.

Intuit merchant services overview

No matter which of the following three versions of QuickBooks merchant services you end up choosing for your occupation, you ‘ll have access to the Merchant Center Intuit created for their small-business customers. Plus, every transaction you run through Intuit merchant services will mechanically store and sync in your account software. Because this feature can save commercial enterprise owners so much boring bookkeeping, the automatic synchronize is one of the biggest draw that QuickBooks Payments offers. last, though each interpretation of Intuit merchant services offers unlike types of payment process, each will allow your business to process at least three types of payments. Beyond payment process, automatic pistol bookkeeping, and the Merchant Center, Intuit merchant services products differ depending on which version your commercial enterprise ends up choosing. here ‘s a QuickBooks tutorial about connecting card readers, which may provide a helpful expect at the interface and features.

Intuit merchant services payment summary

Intuit Merchant Services product Price Per Month Bank Transfer ( ACH ) Card ( Swiped ) Card ( Invoiced ) Card ( Keyed )
QuickBooks Online Payments $ 0 detached 2.4 % + $ 0.25 2.9 % + $ 0.25 3.4 % + $ 0.25
QuickBooks Desktop ( Pay as You Go ) $ 0 $ 1 2.4 % + $ 0.30 3.5 % + $ 0.30 3.5 % + $ 0.30
QuickBooks Desktop ( Pay Monthly ) $ 20 $ 1 1.6 % + $ 0.30 3.3 % + $ 0.30 3.3 % + $ 0.30

note that none of these requital plans comes with a long-run compress or early ending fee. Simply pay as you go and cancel at any time.

Intuit merchant services options

You know what they cost. nowadays let ‘s see what each one can do for your small business.

1. QuickBooks Online Payments

The first of your Intuit merchant services versions to choose from is QuickBooks Online Payments. This QuickBooks merchant services intersection allows for free bank transfer payments, along with lower payment work fees for circuit board payments. Plus, you won ’ metric ton have to pay a monthly fee in order to entree these lower payment process fees. You ’ ll besides be able to access the on-line Merchant Center that Intuit tailors specifically to your business based on your QuickBooks accounting software and QuickBooks Payments accounts. All in all, QuickBooks Online account software users hoping for Intuit merchant services are in fortune with QuickBooks Online Payments. And those looking for Intuit merchant services — but who aren ’ thyroxine however QuickBooks Online accountancy software users — might consider opening an account for both of these services.

2. QuickBooks Desktop Payments (Pay as you go)

On the other handwriting, if your business is using a version of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop as its account software, then you ’ ll have access to Intuit merchant services through QuickBooks Desktop Payments. equitable like the on-line translation of Intuit merchant services, the background adaptation will allow your clientele access to the Merchant Center Intuit designs for it, payment action capabilities and automatic pistol synchronize with accounting software. Unlike the on-line version of QuickBooks merchant services, this desktop translation has two different payment structures. The first gear interpretation of QuickBooks Desktop Payments is the “ Pay as You Go ” version. This version of Intuit merchant services will allow your business to pay piecemeal through a slightly higher payment processing tip.

3. QuickBooks Desktop Payments (Pay monthly)

alternatively, if your business uses QuickBooks Desktop accountancy software, but processes a high volume of payments, then the monthly plan for the desktop adaptation of Intuit merchant services might be a better fit. With the monthly design for QuickBooks Desktop Payments, your business will pay $ 20 per month in order to access a smaller payment process fee for every transaction it runs through QuickBooks merchant services. again, you ’ ll hush gain access to payment process, accounting software synchronize, and the Merchant Center — Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Payments “ Pay Monthly ” version will merely differ from the “ Pay as You Go ” Online interpretation in the way your business pays for it.

Intuit merchant services additional payment options

On top of Intuit merchant services ‘ more traditional payment options, there are a copulate of unique payments products that some small business owners may find useful. We ‘ll go over them here :

1. GoPayment

GoPayment is a mobile app by Intuit that connects with a wag reviewer via Bluetooth to process payments. This is an ideal option for merchants who want to sell on the move. furthermore, when you sign up for GoPayment you will receive a free mobile wag subscriber from Intuit that can accept magstripe and chip recognition cards. GoPayment besides syncs with your QuickBooks Online or Desktop account, for slowly bookkeeping. There is no monthly fee to use GoPayment. In-person payments cost 2.4 % + $ 0.25 per transactions, and “ tease not present ” transactions cost 3.4 % + $ 0.25.

2. QuickBooks Ecommerce

QuickBooks Ecommerce is a requital gateway that connects with a handful of major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and BigCommerce, to allow you to process on-line payments. QuickBooks Ecommerce comes with SSL encoding and imposter prevention services and besides records all transactions in your QuickBooks account software. The price of QuickBooks Ecommerce is the like as the price for QuickBooks Desktop Payments : 2.4 % + $ 0.30 if you pay as you go, and 1.6 % + $ 0.30 if you pay a base fee of $ 20 per calendar month.

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Intuit merchant services POS software

If you ’ rhenium not contented with payment serve, accounting software and entree to the Merchant Center, we recommend looking into QuickBook ‘s POS software. If you ’ re used to all things QuickBooks Desktop, check out QuickBooks Desktop POS software to accompany your QuickBooks merchant services. And barely like QuickBooks Payments, with QuickBooks POS software, you ’ ll have options to choose from. That said, be certain to keep in mind that none of these QuickBooks POS software options come with any kind of hardware included. indeed, in order for your occupation ’ sulfur POS to function in full, you ’ ll have to make some separate hardware purchases. not to mention, QuickBooks POS software will only be able to sync with QuickBooks Desktop fiscal software, so QuickBooks Online Payments and accounting software users will be out of luck. QuickBooks Desktop users will want to know if QuickBooks POS software is an upgrade worth pursuing. As such, let ’ s take a beat to consider all three of your QuickBooks POS software options to see if they ’ re barely the measure up you want for your Intuit merchant services :

1. QuickBooks Basic POS

The most low-cost version of QuickBooks POS software is the basic design. QuickBooks Basic POS will cost your commercial enterprise a one-off sum that starts at $ 1,200. With the Basic QuickBooks POS software, you ’ ll be able to :

  • Ring sales .
  • Take payments .
  • Keep racetrack of customer data .
  • Perform basic report .

2. QuickBooks Pro POS

Your mid-level option for QuickBooks POS software is the Pro plan. This plan — which will cost your business a lump-sum rate starting at $ 1,700 — comes with all of the capabilities of the Basic plan, plus :

  • Manage inventory .
  • Employee management .
  • Payroll .
  • Layaway capabilities .
  • give cards capabilities .
  • Rewards and loyalty programs .
  • Advanced report .

3. QuickBooks Multi-Store POS

The most herculean translation of QuickBooks POS software you could choose from Intuit merchant services is the Multi-Store plan. Unsurprisingly, the Multi-Store plan is besides the most expensive version of this POS software — its one-off price starts at $ 1,900. That said, for that higher monetary value, the Multi-Store plan will augment your Intuit merchant services with the following capabilities beyond those of the Pro plan :

  • Manage multiple stores .
  • Track inventory .
  • Transfer inventory .
  • Advanced sales reporting between stores .
  • Advanced stock report between stores .

Intuit merchant services hardware

Intuit sells a variety of POS hardware pieces. The products and prices are as follows :

QuickBooks POS Hardware What It Costs
EMV Ready PIN Pad $ 349.95
Receipt Printer $ 219.95
Barcode Scanner $ 199.95
Wireless Barcode Scanner $ 409.95
Cash Drawer $ 109.95
Pole Display $ 209.95
Tag Printer $ 329.95

If you purchase your products through the Intuit web site, a example will help you craft the POS hardware kit that makes the most sense for your business.

Intuit merchant services alternatives

immediately that you ’ re familiar with all the ins and outs of Intuit merchant services, it ’ sulfur time to take a step back and consider your future steps. From here, your following move will depend on how you feel about all you ’ ve learned about QuickBooks merchant services. If you need more payment processing and accountancy software syncing, Intuit merchant services merely might not be the best choice for your occupation. Plus, attaching QuickBooks POS software to your Intuit merchant services might be either excessively dearly-won for smaller businesses, or simply impossible for QuickBooks Online users. If you ’ rhenium think twice about Intuit merchant services, then take a look at these alternatives :

Square POS

One of the best alternatives to Intuit merchant services is Square POS systems. Unlike Intuit merchant services, Square POS systems are customizable and fully integrated. They ’ ll allow your business to either convert a smart device into a potent point of sale, or invest in an all-in-one compass point of sale, complete with requital processing capabilities, point-of-sale software and point-of-sale hardware. Plus, Square offers some of the most low-cost POS options on the marketplace — with free hardware and a free software choice, the only ineluctable cost with Square will be a payment serve fee. And unless you manually key in batting order payment, this process tip will only cost you 2.6 % + $ 0.10 of the transaction measure .

Square POS


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Clover POS

Another top option to Intuit merchant services for you to consider is Clover POS systems. merely like Square, Clover offers in full desegregate POS systems that allow you to entree payment processing, point of sale hardware and point of sale software, all in one bunch. Unlike Square though, most of Clover ’ s POS systems won ’ metric ton ask you to have or invest in a smart device. In fact, only one piece of Clover POS hardware — Clover Go — will connect to a smart device. The four other POS systems that Clover offers come complete not lone with fully functioning hardware and software but besides with barcode scan and reception print capabilities .



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Are Intuit merchant services right for your business?

After learning all the ins and outs of Quickbooks merchant services, you ’ re in a good placement to answer this question for yourself and your commercial enterprise. The way we see it, despite all it has to offer — including payment process, accounting software syncing and access to the Merchant Center — Intuit merchant services could very well not be the right fit for your business. This is a unusually specialize intersection and can basically merely serve existing Intuit customers. If that ’ s nog you, or if you need an inclusive requital process solution, keep shopping for other options. This article primitively appeared on Fundera, a auxiliary of NerdWallet .

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