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Square costs fall into one of three categories : per-use fees for payment process, a monthly subscription price for software and the price of any Square hardware you buy. The basic Square point-of-sale app is free to use. You ’ ll merely pay the standard transaction fee of 2.6 % plus 10 cents for each in-person card payment. If you want to move beyond basic software features, or if you want hardware to make it easier to accept payments, extra costs apply.

What is Square, and who is it best for?

Square is a point-of-sale organization that includes payment process services. Its wide range of tools makes it a good option for a variety of modest business types, including particular versions for restaurants and retail.

In summation to charge of sale, the company has grown its intersection suite to include an e-commerce web site builder, appointment schedule software, customer commitment programs and more. While a few can work as stand-alone products, like requital links, most are well suited when paired with Square ’ s POS system .

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Payment processing fees

Square charges a flat fee that varies depending on whether the card was used in person, on-line or if the merchant entered the menu manually without the customer stage. All of Square ’ s flat fees consist of two parts : a share and a determined sum. So the total percentage of each sale you can plan to pay in work fees depends on your average tag size. Some premium Square software subscription levels come with cheaper two-dimensional rates. And Square does provide customs rates to some businesses — by and large those doing more than $ 250,000 in business with Square per year with an average sale of more than $ 15.

In-person transactions

You ’ re charged an in-person fee whenever a customer uses your card subscriber to swipe, dip or tap their wag. These types of transactions have the lowest fees :

  • 2.6 % plus 10 cents for batting order payments in most locations .
  • 2.5 % plus 10 cents for batting order payments if you subscribe to Square ’ s premium design for retail stores, called retail Plus ( $ 60 per month ) .

Online transactions

Customers can enter and submit their card information on-line in a variety of ways, including on a web site built with Square, an invoice or a requital yoke. You ’ ll pay :

  • 2.9 % plus 30 cents .
  • 2.6 % plus 30 cents if you use the Square Premium web site ( $ 72 per month ) .

Card-not-present transactions

Card-not-present transactions take place when the merchant enters a customer ’ s card information — possibly taking an order over the telephone. This type of transaction includes “ card on file ” transactions, which is when a customer keeps their card data on file with the merchant and authorizes its use in advance. With these types of transactions, you ’ ll pay :

  • 3.5 % plus 15 cents .

Square POS and e-commerce: features and pricing

All subscriptions are month-to-month, and users can cancel at any meter without penalty.

Point-of-sale systems

Standard POS system

cost : free .

  • report .
  • Inventory management, including low-stock alerts .
  • multiple locations management .
  • Itemized refunds .
  • Customizable interface, including item modifiers and quick access for popular items .

Point of sale for restaurants

free version .

  • Basic POS organization .
  • Basic team management software .
  • Customer digest available on weekdays from 6 ante meridiem to 6 post meridiem Pacific time .
  • Menu management .
  • table management .
  • automatic topple .
  • basic report .
  • Kitchen device organization software for $ 20 per month per device .

Plus : $ 60 per month per location. An extra $ 40 per calendar month for each POS device .

  • Advanced team management software, called Teams Plus .
  • Custom floor plan .
  • Course management .
  • Seating management .
  • 24/7 customer corroborate .
  • Unlimited kitchen device software consumption at no extra cost .
  • Reopen closed checks .
  • survive sales reports .
  • Advanced report .

Square besides has a subscription grade called Premium. It uses custom prices and is intended for growing restaurant brands .

Point of sale for retail

barren translation .

  • Unlimited items .
  • basic report tools .
  • Barcode support .
  • Oversee inventory across multiple locations .
  • Alerts when stock runs abject .
  • pull off discounts .
  • employee time track .

Plus : $ 60 per month per placement .

  • automatically generate a buy order when lineage runs broken .
  • Advanced report tools .
  • Bulk armory consumption and transfer .
  • pull off vendors .
  • Accept returns at any location .
  • Supports customer exchanges .
  • complimentary on-line store with inventory synchronize .
  • Unlimited exploiter permissions .
  • Track multiple engage rates .

Square besides has a subscription tier called Premium. It uses custom-made price and is intended for growing companies.

Online store

Create and host a web site with Square. Syncs with all POS systems .

Features and pricing

free version .

  • Sell outright items .
  • Support merchandise cartridge, pitch and transport .
  • Confirm customer historic period .
  • Keep customers updated on their order with text alerts .
  • Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay .
  • consolidation with Facebook and Instagram .
  • Create coupons .

professional : $ 12 per calendar month .

  • Unlimited on-line storage ( free version capped at 500 MB ) .
  • Use a customs domain diagnose .
  • No Square advertisements on your web page .
  • Additional site customization tools .
  • Access web site stats .

performance : $ 26 per calendar month .

  • Print transportation labels .
  • Discounts on shipping prices .
  • Accept PayPal.
  • permit customers to recover abandoned carts .
  • Allow customers to leave reviews .
  • Advanced web site stats .

agio : $ 72 per month .

  • Cheaper requital serve fees of 2.6 % plus 30 cents .
  • Best available shipping discounts .

POS Hardware: features and pricing

Mobile devices

Magstripe reader Features : Accepts card swipe transactions. You ’ ll need to bring : A call or pad. price : First one release, then $ 10. Square wireless reviewer Features : Accepts tap and dip card transactions adenine well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. You ’ ll need to bring : A telephone or pad. price : $ 49. Square Terminal Features : All-in-one touch screen device with built-in printer that accepts circuit board swipes, taps and dips a well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. You ’ ll need to bring : nothing. price : $ 299 .

Desktop devices

Square Stand

  • Stand for iPad that swivels to customers to complete transactions .
  • Accepts tap, dip and swipe card transactions arsenic well as Google Pay and Apple Pay .

You ’ ll need to bring : An iPad. price : $ 169. Square Register

  • large 13-inch employee-facing touch screen and dedicated 7-inch touch screen for customer use .
  • Includes five USB ports for accessories .
  • Accepts wiretap, dip and swipe card transactions deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Google Pay and Apple Pay .

You ’ ll need to bring : nothing. price : $ 799 .

Hardware accessories

  • Cash drawers starting at $ 129 .
  • Receipt printers starting at $ 299 .
  • Barcode scanner starting at $ 119 .
  • Scales starting at $ 500 .

Add-on services: features and pricing

Team management

absolve translation

  • Create employee schedules up to 10 days in boost .
  • Allow employees to plowshare handiness .
  • Let employees clock in and out .
  • traverse overtime and breaks .

team Plus : $ 35 per calendar month per location .

  • Create employee schedules as far in advance as you want .
  • Allow open schedule and shift trade .
  • Disallow early clocking in .
  • Use multiple yield rates .
  • Set unlimited phone number of drug user permissions .
  • Log bodily process and sales by drug user .


Pay employees and contractors : $ 35 per month plus $ 5 per employee paid .

  • Includes tax charge and payments .
  • Pay employees and contractors in multiple states .
  • Include tips and commissions .
  • Square mails employees and contractors W-2s and 1099-NEC forms .
  • Pay employees by check, lead sediment or Square ’ s Cash App .
  • No terminus ad quem on pay runs per calendar month .
  • Pause subscription if your needs are seasonal worker .
  • option to offer benefits to employees, for an extra fee .

Pay only contractors : $ 5 monthly per contractor paid .

  • give contractors in multiple states .
  • Square mails contractors W-2s and 1099-NEC forms .
  • Pause subscription if your needs are seasonal worker .

Customer loyalty program

Customize a system that rewards repeat customers. Create honor levels based on items purchased, total spend or number of visits. Enroll new customers any clock time a check takes place on your Square POS terminal. price : You pay based on the number of times your customers use the program :

  • 0 to 500 visits : $ 45 per month per placement .
  • 501 to 1,500 visits : $ 75 per month per localization .
  • 1,501 visits and up : $ 105 per calendar month per localization .


Using contact information gathered at check, you can communicate immediately with customers. Modern templates, automation features and the ability to send both emails and text are a few of this product ’ s best features. price : Every subscription level has identical features, but you pay more as your contact list grows. There are 10 pricing tiers, beginning with :

  • up to 500 subscribers : $ 15 per calendar month .
  • 501 to 1,000 subscribers : $ 25 per calendar month .
  • 1,001 to 2,000 subscribers : $ 35 per month .
  • 50,001 to 75,000 subscribers for $ 425 per month is at the clear of the pricing structure, after which custom price kicks in .

Gift cards

Digital endowment cards

  • You don ’ triiodothyronine pay anything supernumerary to sell a digital endowment card — only the criterion requital processing fee of 2.9 % plus 30 cents .

physical endow cards

  • crank pack : minimum order of $ 40 for a pack of 20 customs cards with four unlike backgrounds .
  • flying cards : minimal order of $ 71.25 for 75 cards of the like type .
  • custom cards : minimal order of $ 60 for 75 cards of a design you submit .

Financial services

Features and pricing

Checking and savings accounts

No monthly fee, minimum libra fee or overdraft fees. No ATM fees from Square, but you are creditworthy to pay third-party ATM operator fees.


Square offers loans between $ 300 and $ 250,000. alternatively of an interest rate, Square charges an upfront fee that varies depending on the applicant ’ sulfur history using Square payment work services. The lend is repaid over 18 months. alternatively of the merchant owing a fixed monthly measure, Square takes a share of a merchant ’ s card payments.

The bottom line

You can project what it will cost to use Square by considering each type of price :

  • Hardware. This is a erstwhile cost you ’ ll give upfront ( Square does offer finance options ). Make surely to factor in the monetary value of a fluid device if you plan to use one along with any accessories you ’ ll indigence.
  • Software subscription. Depending on your business needs, you might be able to save money by using Square ’ s free software option. But as you grow or your needs change, you might want the features found in a agio version of Square POS or addition services, like a customer loyalty program. It might be helpful to budget for both a low-end and a high-end setup .
  • payment march. Your sales volume will have the biggest impingement on what you pay for payment process. Because this fee is linked to sales, it will besides fluctuate from month to month. however, another factor to consider is where you ’ ll accept batting order payments. If you accept payments in person and on-line, compare how your costs change depending on where payments take place .

By understanding your upfront cost, your fixed monthly cost and your variable star monthly monetary value, you ’ ll have a clearer movie of your full monetary value to use Square .

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