Average Cost of Home Insurance: How Much Will Homeowners Coverage Cost You in 2022?

The average monetary value of homeowners policy is $ 1,979 per class, but that act changes greatly based on the home ’ south location, senesce, construction type and other factors. MoneyGeek created a comprehensive study providing average rates on home plate indemnity coverage to take the guess and dagger shock out of the equation. Determine the type of coverage you need and how to find the best price for home insurance so you can shop with assurance.

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housePapers According to MoneyGeek ’ south study, the average home policy monetary value in the United States is $ 1,979 annually, or $ 175 per month..house2 The home ’ mho location, the home plate ’ s measure and the level of policy coverage purchased are the biggest factors determining your annual base indemnity cost .refrigerator Making your home more procure, updating the appliances and raising your deductible are a few ways you can save on the cost of home policy .Insurance Rates

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Average Cost of Home Insurance by Dwelling Coverage Amount

Dwelling coverage is one of the most important coverages you can have in your home plate indemnity policy. If you have a claim with structural wrong, the base policy ship’s company will pay to rebuild or replace the home. Through the data collected for the study, MoneyGeek found that the distinctive home policy policy for $ 250,000 dwelling coverage in 2022 has an average annual agio of $ 1,979, or $ 165 per month ( plus installation fees set by the indemnity carrier ). If you double your dwelling coverage your policy will cost about doubly adenine much. The average cost for a policy with $ 500,000 in dwelling coverage is $ 3,519 per class, or $ 293 per calendar month.

How Much Home Insurance Costs by Dwelling Coverage

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  • Dwelling coverage monthly premium annual premium
  • $100,000



  • $250,000



  • $500,000



  • $750,000



  • $1,000,000



  • $2,000,000



  • $3,000,000



How Much Will Home Insurance Cost You?

base insurance cost varies widely throughout the state and even throughout each state. Our calculator can help you find average rates that best approximate the price of indemnity where you live .moneygeek-logo

Home Insurance Calculator

state Florida Dwelling coverage $ 250,000 deductible $ 500 indebtedness $ 300,000 personal property $ 50,000 credit score excellent low end on modal eminent end Your home ‘s location, it ‘s amenities, and early factors impingement price. many different factors determine the annual price of home insurance, including :

  • Location (state and ZIP code)
  • Dwelling coverage amount
  • Personal property amount
  • Other structures on the property (shed, barn, pool, fence, etc.)
  • Claims history (both personal and at the home’s address)
  • Add-ons or endorsements
  • Deductible amount

MoneyGeek ’ sulfur report determined the average national monetary value of dwelling coverage to be $ 2,103 per annum or $ 175 per calendar month, based on a combination of each state ‘s average populate coverage. Each state has a different average sum, so your department of state could be well below or above the national rate. Comparing personalized policy quotes from different companies based on the family ’ south location, family information and home policy coverage needs is the best room to know how much you ’ ll need to pay.

Average Cost of Home Insurance by State

The location of your home is a adult component in determining the cost of home policy. The average monetary value of home plate insurance varies by country and city. In MoneyGeek ‘s study, Delaware has the cheapest dwell coverage premium with an average annual monetary value of $ 717, or $ 59.75 per calendar month, for a baseline coverage sum of $ 250,000. meanwhile, Tennessee has the highest price point at $ 3,466 annually, or $ 288.84 per calendar month.

Average Home Insurance Rates by State

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Average Cost of Home Insurance by Company

The company you choose will besides be a significant factor affecting the cost of homeowners indemnity. MoneyGeek found that the cheapest major home insurance party, Allstate, charges an median of $ 146 per calendar month, while the most expensive, Farmers, charges an average of $ 171 per month.

When looking for the best homeowners indemnity you should consider more than barely cost, but if you ’ re focused on affordability you could save hundreds of dollars per year by shopping about.

Average Cost of Home Insurance by Company – $250K Dwelling Coverage

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  • company monthly premium
  • 1. Allstate $ 146
  • 2. Chubb $ 147
  • 3. nationally $ 149
  • 4. MetLife $ 151
  • 5. USAA $ 153
  • 6. Travelers $ 157
  • 7. submit farm $ 169
  • 8. Farmers $ 171

Average Cost of Home Insurance by Deductible Amount

A home indemnity deductible is the sum you will pay toward a cover claim. For exercise, if you have a base deductible of $ 1,000 and a cover claim of $ 10,000, you ‘re responsible for $ 1,000 and the insurance company will pay the remaining $ 9,000. When choosing a family insurance deductible, the higher the deductible, the less you will pay in annual premiums. A higher deductible means the insurance company pays less per claim, and it discourages insureds from filing lower-value claims. These factors add up to premium savings for the homeowner. however, be surely you can afford to pay the deductible measure at any time in font you have to file a call. It ’ s courteous to save on premiums with a $ 2,500 deductible, but not if you aren ’ t able to pay the first $ 2,500 if your home is damaged. Review the table below to see examples of how your premiums will increase as your deductible decreases.

Average Annual Home Insurance Cost by Deductible

What Factors Have the Most Impact on Your Home Insurance Cost?

policy companies save money by mitigating risk. The riskier it is to insure a home, the more the policy policy costs. Some factors — like the home ’ second age and claims history — topic more than others when determining pricing. here are some of the criteria insurers use to determine the price of a policy :

  • Coverage Type: Replacement cost on the dwelling and contents is more expensive than actual cash value, but it’s worth it to not have to pay for depreciated value if you have a claim.
  • Home Location: The home’s location matters. The more dense the population and the higher the frequency of weather-related events, the more expensive the base rate will be for that area.
  • Dwelling Coverage Amount: One of the biggest factors is the dwelling coverage amount. The more value your home has, the more expensive it will be to repair or rebuild, and the more you will pay in home insurance cost.
  • Personal Property Coverage: The basic home insurance policy automatically provides 70–75% of the dwelling coverage as personal property coverage. This is built into the cost but can be increased independently if needed. Personal property coverage is the most significant factor in renters insurance costs, much like dwelling coverage is for home insurance.
  • Deductible Amount: The higher the deductible, the lower the premium cost, but the more you have to pay out of pocket if you file a claim. Check deductible options to see if the premium savings is worth the higher deductible amount.
  • Age of Home: The older the home is, the more likely it is you’ll file a claim, and the more expensive the payout will be for repairs or replacement. Updating the roof, heating and cooling sources, electrical and plumbing could lower the home insurance costs on an older dwelling.
  • Credit Score: Most states allow insurers to use your credit history when determining your home insurance premium. The only states that don’t are California, Maryland and Massachusetts.
  • Frequency of Claims: The more claims you file, the higher the cost for home insurance. Claims typically stay “chargeable” for 3–5 years and follow you from company to company and house to house. Be smart about filing claims, avoid filing inexpensive claims and mitigate damage before a weather event is forecast to keep your claims frequency as low as possible.
  • Other factors: These factors are less impactful but are still used to determine your rate: roof type and age, pool, aggressive pets, security systems and proximity to the nearest fire department.

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FAQs About the Cost of Home Insurance

many factors impact the monetary value of home policy. Most are specific to the home, while some are based on your personal information and claims history. here are answers to the most coarse questions asked about the cost of base indemnity .

According to data collected in MoneyGeek ‘s analyze, the modal annual monetary value of home indemnity is $ 2,103. This average is calculated using the average of state-specific service line dwelling coverage premiums. Rates vary based on your dwelling ‘s value, localization and other factors .

Using the lapp data, the average monthly price of family insurance is $ 175. You may be able to make monthly payments through an escrow, meaning you submit one payment to your lender that includes both your mortgage cost, homeowners indemnity cost and other fees. Your monthly payments depend on many factors, so your costs may be higher or lower than the national average .

There are many factors ( localization, claims history, family coverage needs, etc. ) used to determine how much you will pay for home insurance coverage. To get an estimate of what you can expect to pay, you can use MoneyGeek ’ s calculator tool or request personalized quotes from indemnity companies .

The home ’ sulfur localization and coverage needs are the two biggest factors that impact home policy costs. The home ’ s construction type, long time and construct materials — along with your personal factors like credit score — besides determine how a lot you pay for your policy.

Expert Insight on Affordable Homeowners Insurance

MoneyGeek teamed up with experts to get insight on how consumers can find low-cost home indemnity with the right coverages. These experts offer tips and advice for purchasing home insurance on a new home or comparing quotes on your existing home .

  1. What are your top tips for saving on the price of homeowners insurance ?
  2. How does the home ’ sulfur construction type impingement insurance or early costs ?
  3. What steps can homeowners take to lower their insurance costs ?

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