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By The Hospitable.com team Vrbo is a popular vacation rental chopine where homeowners can list their homes directly. It was one of the first gear companies to promote individual owners renting out their homes as vacation rentals. Remember that owners can use Vrbo to rent out their entire vacation base, apartment, or condominium. then if you ’ re only looking to rent out a discriminate room in your home, the Vrbo platform international relations and security network ’ t the home for you. But you can try to start a business on Airbnb alternatively. today, the Vrbo boasts over two million private homes in over 190 countries and attracts millions of vacation rental guests searching for the perfect stay. But is it the proper list locate for your short-run rental place ? How much does VRBO charge for each list ?

In this article, we ’ ll talk about Vrbo fees that every vacation property owner is being charged for using the platform. This information can help you decide whether this site is a fresh choice for your STR business .

Vrbo Owner Fees: What Are the Options?

To list your property on Vrbo, you need to accept their fee structure. presently, there are two Vrbo pricing models hosts can choose from : pay-per-booking and subscription. Let ’ s take a closer look at each of them .

Annual Subscription

The subscription model costs a erstwhile, flat fee of $ 499 per year paid in boost. It covers all the bookings you make on the platform and all the service fees that would differently be charged to your explanation when a node is making a book.

This Vrbo owner tip includes limited features, such as on-line booking, listing your property on external sites, access to Reservation Manager, 50 HD photos, and an interactional map. You ’ ll besides get access to a reservation calendar that makes it easier to track when people are staying at your properties .


This flexible model is dependable for hosts who are fresh to the vacation rental industry because it allows you to pay only for the bookings you receive. It besides works best for owners who get bookings for more than one distribution channel. The Vrbo committee charged for pay-per-booking listings starts at 8 % per booking. This is how the overall Vrbo owner fees are made up :

  • 5% Vrbo service fee is calculated from the total amount of the reservation, including additional Vrbo fees (like pet fees or cleaning fees) and excluding taxes and refundable deposits paid by the guest.
  • 3% Vrbo credit card processing fee is charged on the total amount of Vrbo payments you receive from your travelers, including taxes and refundable damage deposits.

Which Vrbo Listing Fee Is a Better Choice?

The pay-per-booking model works best for owners who are only expecting their vacation rental property to be booked for six weeks or less in the year or gain estimated tax income of $ 10,000 or less. And if you earn more than that and Vrbo is your main beginning of bookings, the subscription plan is the better choice. But you can ’ triiodothyronine use a individual annual subscription for multiple homes. still, if you actually want to make more money, your focus shouldn ’ metric ton be on picking the platform with low fees for hosts that can save you a few hundred dollars. alternatively, your focus should be on getting more bookings overall. The more people see your listing, the more bookings you ’ ll catch and the more rental income you ’ ll gain. To get your STR place in front of as many travelers as possible, you will need to list your home on multiple platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and more.

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