How Much Airbnb Hosts Make in a Month

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our column team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Airbnb has changed the way the earth travels since its launching in 2008. The company, which is nowadays valued well into the billions, has helped homeowners across the ball become mini-hoteliers, allowing guests to stay nightlong in an extra room, or take over their entire home for a sic period of meter.

To date, the company has helped book more than 160 million guests for its more than three million listings in 190 countries, according to Airbnb ’ s own statistics. But just how much are all those hosts actually making ? According to Priceonomics, hosts on Airbnb are earning more than anyone else in the gig economy and are raking in an average of $ 924 a calendar month. “ Airbnb hosts make closely three times angstrom much as other workers, ” Priceonomics reported. “ Workers at the general task-service platform, TaskRabbit, rank second at $ 380 per month. ” But as it noted, Airbnb earnings can range drastically, with some hosts making more than $ 10,000 per month, while others make less than $ 200. still, even with the wild discrepancies, about 50 percentage of all Airbnb hosts make more than $ 500 per calendar month. indeed, how can all Airbnb hosts max out their earning electric potential ?

Take beautiful photos to showcase your home

“ Photographs are the unmarried most crucial factor for marketing a vacation place, ” Scott Shatford, an Airbnb host who claims to make $ 100,000 a class off the service, told Fast Company. “ I was sharing my home with everyone from Midwest retirees, to international backpackers, flush an NFL quarterback and a president at Starbucks. ” In the photograph, highlight anything unique about the home, all the amenities you offer, and possibly a few local attractions people can get to from your list .

Keep your prices realistic

You ’ re not a traditional hotel, Fast Company notes, so don ’ thymine hear to price yourself like one. “ Is it better to rent your place a third of the time at three times the price, or is it better to rent it all the time at one third of the price ? The answer is the latter, because people like to save money, ” Airbnb Superhost Gary Bearchell told Fast Company. “ So they stay at your sanely priced cabin. And then they leave you a dainty recapitulation. And then you have a whole bunch of decent reviews. And the reviews are the only thing that takes away the hazard of staying at a strange ’ second sign of the zodiac. ”

Don’t forget the little things

see a great guest experience by providing your customers with everything they will need during their bide, including miniskirt toiletries, towels, entertainment, and possibly flush a bottle of wine local to your area or a sweetly cover from your neighborhood bakery. As Bearchell said, “ Friends thought we were crazy for doing that, but in truth, what ’ randomness $ 10 when you ’ re pocketing $ 200 to $ 300 for very little influence ? ” Check out more tips on making the most of your list here .

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