Cox Cable Pricing Sheet (Final Prices, Upload Rates)

After 12 months Cox upload speeds plan fees Low-income price Cheapest Cox plans
Cox has 6 internet-only plans on the market in 2022. Base price starts at $ 29.99 per month, while the fastest plan starts at $ 99.99 and goes all the way up to $ 119.99 after the first year .
As is common with cable internet, the advertised price is the download pace. The upload rates are a lot lower, about 35 Mbps on the fastest “ gigabit ” plan and a first gear as 1–3 Mbps on the lower-tier plans. We recommend the middle-tier plans for most families, since the 10 Mbps upload rate is less prone to issues supporting video new world chat .

Cox cable pricing after 12 months

aside from their prepaid-style StraightUp Internet plan, all Cox Communications internet-only plans have intro rates in set. As a customer, this means you receive a decreased price for the first year, and the price increases after 12 months to the actual cost. This price may change over prison term, as Cox adjusts their pricing tiers .
In most cases, receiving the intro-rate requires a 1-year contract. When the contract expires, some customers have success calling in and requesting extensions for the new customer deduction.

Cox Communications Internet-Only Plan Uploads

Cox doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate advertise their upload rates when you sign up, which can be a surprise for customers ( specially if they pay up for the highest-priced “ gigabit ” plan, which is entirely gigabit on the download side ).

The peak upload speed of Cox Communications internet is 35 Mbps, which is sufficient to support 2–3 SD or flush HD television chats at once. however, the low-mid-tier Cox plans like Cox Internet Starter 10 and StraightUp Internet have lower upload speeds in the 1–3 Mbps crop. These can support one video new world chat in a pinch, but will struggle if you have multiple users or a work-from-home situation .

Plan Name Download Upload Promo Price Final Price
Gigablast 940 Mbps 35 Mbps $99.99/mo $119.99
Cox Internet Ultimate 500 500 Mbps 10 Mbps $79.99/mo $99.99
Cox Internet Preferred 150 150 Mbps 10 Mbps $59.99/mo $83.99
Cox Internet Essential 50 50 Mbps 3 Mbps $39.99/mo $65.99
StraightUp Internet 25 Mbps 3 Mbps $50/mo $50
Cox Internet Starter 10 10 Mbps 1 Mbps $29.99/mo $44.99

Cox Internet Plan Fees and Fine Print

Cox has three chief fees that modern customers should be mindful of :

  1. WiFi fees: Cox charges a standard $10.99 monthly fee for your WiFi gateway. This adds up to $131.88 over a year of service. However, the fee can be removed if you purchase your own modem and router outright.
  2. Data overage fees: Cox charges fees for customers who use more than 1.25 TB of data in a given month. They charge around $30 for unlimited monthly data, or $10 overage fees which add incriments of 10GB to your plan.
  3. Contracts: Cox requires 1-year contracts for the best pricing, even on internet-only plans. They have some plans exempt from this (namely the StraightUp plan), but the fastest plans all require contracts for the lowest monthly price. If you cancel before the contract is up, you can pay an early termination fee up to $120, or $10 for every month remaining in your contract.

Cox Plans for Low-Income Households

Low-income households may be eligible for reduced-cost access from Cox Cable. Cox ‘s low-income plans provide ( very ) basic internet speeds for $ 9.95 monthly price, with no WiFi router fees .

Plan Name Speed Down/Up Monthly Price WiFi Fee
Cox Connect2Compete 25/1 Mbps $9.95/mo $0/mo
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