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Living in Florida has its perks — beaches, sunlight and never having to shovel your car out of the bamboozle — but renters should besides be prepared for the perils of life in the Sunshine State. Renters insurance in Florida can cover your belongings after wrong from hurricanes, tropical storms, sinkholes and early disasters. NerdWallet compared rates from more than a twelve companies across the submit to find the best bum renters insurance in Florida.

How much is renters insurance in Florida?

The modal monetary value of renters indemnity in Florida is $ 196 a class, or about $ 16 a month, according to NerdWallet ’ sulfur rate analysis. That ’ mho more than the national average of $ 168. Below is the average cost of renters indemnity in 25 of Florida ’ s largest cities. The cheapest of these is Port St. Lucie, where renters policy is only $ 159 a class, on average. Those in Hialeah pay the most at $ 233 a year, on average .

City average annual premium average monthly premium
Boca Raton $ 184 $ 15
Boynton Beach $ 185 $ 15
Bradenton $ 172 $ 14
Cape Coral $ 172 $ 14
Clearwater $ 169 $ 14
coral Springs $ 191 $ 16
Fort Lauderdale $ 188 $ 16
fortify Myers $ 176 $ 15
Gainesville $ 173 $ 14
Hialeah $ 233 $ 19
Hollywood $ 188 $ 16
Jacksonville $ 161 $ 13
Kissimmee $ 180 $ 15
Lake Worth $ 185 $ 15
lake district $ 178 $ 15
miami $ 215 $ 18
Miramar $ 190 $ 16
Naples $ 184 $ 15
Ocala $ 177 $ 15
orlando $ 188 $ 16
Port St. Lucie $ 159 $ 13
St. Petersburg $ 168 $ 14
tallahassee $ 173 $ 14
tampa $ 187 $ 16
West Palm Beach $ 180 $ 15

Cheap renters insurance companies in Florida

NerdWallet sampled rates across the state from a variety show of companies, including both long-familiar national insurers and smaller, Florida-based providers. here are the companies offering the cheapest Florida renters insurance .

company average annual premium modal monthly premium
Florida Farm Bureau $ 109 $ 9
security First $ 112 $ 9
Travelers $ 118 $ 10
Citizens Property Insurance $ 124 $ 10
Bankers Insurance $ 132 $ 11
express farm $ 134 $ 11
Allstate $ 142 $ 12
universal $ 173 $ 14
Universal Property $ 176 $ 15
Tower Hill $ 181 $ 15
UPC Insurance $ 191 $ 16
American Strategic $ 193 $ 16

About the cheapest companies

Florida Farm Bureau : To get renters insurance from the cheapest company in our psychoanalysis, you ’ ll necessitate to become a member of your county ’ randomness Farm Bureau. To learn more, see our Farm Bureau policy review. security First : You may be eligible for discounts from this Florida-based insurance company if you live in a gate community, have a central burglar or fire alarm or are at least 55 years old. Travelers : Bundling your renters and car policy with Travelers can net you up to 5 % off your car premium. You can besides save money if you haven ’ t filed any holocene renters claims. Citizens Property indemnity : This nonprofit entity was created by the Florida government to provide property indemnity to those who can ’ triiodothyronine get it anywhere else. You can alone buy insurance through Citizens if you ’ ve been denied by other Florida insurers or if quotes from other companies are more than 15 % higher than the rate Citizens offers you. Bankers indemnity : In addition to standard options, Bankers offers several coverage types that you can add onto your Florida tenant policy, including identity imposter expense coverage, animal liability coverage up to $ 300,000 and extra coverage for valuable items like jewelry or bicycles. submit farm : The state ’ second largest insurance company, State Farm offers identity restoration coverage that you can add to your renters policy for $ 25 a year. This coverage helps you monitor and recover your recognition after an identity larceny incident and will reimburse associated expenses up to $ 50,000. Allstate : Renters who are retired and at least 55 years old can save up to 25 % on their Allstate renters policy. You can besides save if you get both renters and car policy through the company. universal : Universal North America is based in Sarasota and sells a assortment of policies in Florida, including renters and flood insurance. Its renters policies include basic coverage for indebtedness, personal belongings and extra live expenses if you need to move out during shroud repairs. Universal Property : Another Florida insurance company ( headquartered in Fort Lauderdale ), Universal Property offers a variety of discounts, including savings for renters over old age 65 or those who have centrally monitored burglar alarms. Tower Hill : This Gainesville-based policy company offers several ways to customize your insurance policy, including supernumerary optional coverage for computers, identity fraud and credit circuit board forgery. UPC : Based in St. Petersburg, UPC specializes in policy for coastal states prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. The ship’s company offers standard renters coverage such as liability policy and coverage for your personal belongings. american english Strategic : If you buy your renters insurance through Progressive, this is one of the companies that might underwrite your policy ( it ’ s a Progressive subsidiary company ).

Cheap Florida renters insurance from the best companies

If you prefer to buy indemnity from wide available companies with a potent reputation, consider one of the succeed insurers from NerdWallet ’ second best renters policy companies .

company NerdWallet rat annual bounty

5.0 NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer charge and customer satisfaction data . NerdWallet evaluation

$ 118
state farm

4.5 NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into history consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data . NerdWallet fink

$ 134

4.5 NerdWallet ‘s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into report consumer charge and customer satisfaction data . NerdWallet evaluation

$ 142

What to know about Florida renters insurance

Florida is prone to certain natural disasters — hurricanes, tropical storms, sinkholes and tornadoes — and they aren ’ t all covered by a standard renters indemnity policy. For case, most renters policies exclude damage due to flooding. That means if you live in a ground-floor apartment and your belongings are ruined by a hurricane ramp billow, your belongings probable won ’ triiodothyronine be covered unless you ’ ve added flood policy to your policy. Most renters policies do cover wind price, but in bad “ wind-pool areas ” of Florida, you might need to purchase this coverage individually angstrom well. Florida is highly prone to sinkholes, and state law requires that all property insurance companies cover price due to “ catastrophic anchor cover collapse. ” Keep in beware, though, that this does not include less-than-catastrophic damage from sinkholes. More comprehensive sinkhole coverage is by and large available at extra cost, though Citizens Property Insurance Corporation includes sinkhole personnel casualty coverage in all its renters policies.

What determines Florida renters insurance rates?

The average annual premiums listed above can give you a uncut idea of what to expect, but your own renters policy quotes will depend on respective factors.

Your credit

Although insurance companies don ’ metric ton use a traditional citation score to set your rates, they typically look at a similar bill called a credit-based policy score to judge how likely you are to file a claim. Improving your credit may help you pay less for renters insurance. Below are the five cheapest companies in Florida for those with poor credit rating .

ship’s company average annual premium median monthly agio
Florida Farm Bureau $ 109 $ 9
security First $ 112 $ 9
Travelers $ 118 $ 10
Citizens Property Insurance $ 124 $ 10
Universal Property $ 176 $ 15

Where you live

If your home is in a coastal residential district that ’ second at high hazard for hurricanes, or you live in a region with more crime than median, you may pay more for renters policy. Your dwelling ’ second proximity to fire hydrants or stations can besides affect your rates.

Your claims history

If you ’ ve filed any renters insurance claims in the past few years, your insurance company may charge you more. Below are the five cheapest companies in Florida for renters who ’ ve filed a late larceny call .

company average annual premium average monthly premium
security First $ 112 $ 9
Florida Farm Bureau $ 117 $ 10
Citizens Property Insurance $ 124 $ 10
Travelers $ 129 $ 11
Bankers Insurance $ 141 $ 12

Your home’s features

Do you live in a gate community or a build with a security precaution ? Do you have a home security system or fire alarm clock ? such features could earn you discounts on renters policy.

Your deductible

Choosing a higher deductible can save you money on your Florida tenant policy. Just make surely you can access adequate cash to pay the deductible in a nip.

Your coverage limits

In general, the more coverage you need, the more you ’ ll pay. If you have higher-end furnishings or a larger home, you ’ ll credibly need more personal property coverage ( and consequently pay more for your policy ) than person with a few pieces of secondhand furniture in a studio apartment.

Other policies

many indemnity companies offer bundling discounts if you buy both renters and car policy from them.

Your dog

Because renters liability indemnity typically covers damages if your pawl bites person, you might pay more — or not be covered at all — if your pet is a breed that indemnity companies consider to be a higher risk, such as a pit bull or a Doberman pinscher.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Have complaints or questions about your Florida renters insurance ? The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation may be able to help. You can call the consumer helpline at 877-MY-FL-CFO ( 877-693-5236 ) or access early services on its web site.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need renters insurance in Florida?

It ’ mho not required by law, but some landlords may require renters insurance. even if yours doesn ’ t, you may want to purchase a policy anyhow to cover your belongings in font of displace, larceny or early disasters. See six reasons not to skip renters policy.

Who sells renters insurance in Florida?

You can buy renters indemnity in Florida from a mix of nationally known companies like State Farm and Travelers and local insurers such as the Florida Farm Bureau, Security First and Tower Hill. Shop around for renters policy quotes to find the right company for you.

What does renters insurance cover in Florida?

A standard tenant policy will cover your belongings for fires, larceny and wind price, among other disasters, but it generally won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cover your belongings if your home is flooded. For that, you ’ ll want separate flood indemnity. For more insurance options in Florida, experience :

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