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We ’ rhenium directly shooters at BT Partners, and prefer straight-up answers over sales-speak, but when we are first base asked by a prospect, “ What does Sage Intacct cost ? ” our initial answer is likely to be a spot undefined ; something akin to, “ It all depends. ” In truth, no business software seller can answer that question for you without knowing a batch more about your business and the challenges you ’ ra face. It ’ s good not a bare answer like, “ hera is the Intacct pricing list. ” But we understand that you need a frame of mention – a begin point for the travel – so we ’ re providing you with the following thoughts on how much you could and should be spending on Sage Intacct in 2021, and why it ’ s likely worth every dime .

Sage is in the mix now—why does that matter?

spinal column in the spring of 2017, Intacct was busy making waves in ERP circles as one of the most mighty, flexible and advanced cloud accounting & ERP solutions available. Fast ahead to 2020, and the solution is now Sage Intacct. The acquisition of Intacct by Sage has been a enormous blessing as Sage promptly elevated the Sage Intacct solution to flagship status and has heavily invested in its continuing development always since .
It ’ second worth noting that subscription pricing for Sage Intacct has only increased modestly since the skill, despite Sage ’ s continual infusion of resources, adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learn, and delivery of valuable features and functionality .

How much will you spend?

OK, we promised you some actual numbers here, therefore here you go :

sage Intacct subscription price can run from $ 15,000 a class for a single drug user system for a single entity company to $ 60,000 or more for organizations needing to manage multiple entities, projects or contracts ( i, subscriptions ). There is a across-the-board set of core fiscal functionality included with Sage Intacct, complemented by a long list of optional, more specialize functionality such as tax income recognition, project report, abridge management, armory management and Salesforce consolidation .

What do you get for your money?

Do you think of your ERP software as a chic investing ? How about one that continues to appreciate in value— generating long-run returns ? Sage Intacct is proving to be that kind of investment for the more than 13,000 companies that rely on it. With four seamless, feature-packed releases each year, and the confidence of undertake uptime, Sage Intacct continues to add functionality and promote technology, proving—and reinforcing—its value over the long catch. We ’ ve flush identified a hanker tilt of capabilities that matter, specific Sage Intacct competencies that boost your return on investing .
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How about the alternatives?

You ’ re probable making comparisons to other cloud accounting systems. Sage Intacct is the lone AICPA-preferred fiscal management software solution and a Salesforce Platinum ISV partner. And Sage Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction grade for both Accounting Software and ERP Suites on G2 Crowd, a leading business software review platform .
early products making your short list ? The last major adoption wave for fiscal management and report software dates back to the late 1980s, following the shift to Microsoft Windows. Every major fiscal software box today ( apart from Sage Intacct ) arose from this transition. QuickBooks, SAP, and Oracle all pre-date the Internet. The problem with these systems is that they were never designed for today ’ s always-on, always connected, always working earth. sage Intacct was. In fact, Sage Intacct pioneered the concept of a multi-dimensional GL —a transformative feature—but an afterthought for many competitors .

What else should I include in my budget?

subscription pricing is surely part of the cost equality, but good like its on-premise predecessors, Sage Intacct requires proper train and skilled implementation —do not think for a minute that cloud-ERP implements itself. And prepare and implementation costs vary well depending on your alone circumstances.

BT Partners offers fixed-fee implementations that vary in price from ~ $ 20k to ~ $ 60k, so you ’ ll know upfront precisely what you ’ ll pay and the results you should expect. other providers approach implementations on a clock and materials basis and final examination costs may vary widely. Be cautious about rapid, low-price preconfigured implementations. Be certain you understand what ’ s included in the telescope and how your costs ( services and subscription ) may change along with your needs ( i, drug user counts, multi-currency, and so forth ). A commodity rule of finger is that a proper implementation will cost one to two times your annual subscription spends .

Is Sage Intacct worth it?

We ’ rhenium operating in a fast-paced economy, where your biggest rival is much time, not other products. To succeed in this economy, you need to be agile, responsive and fast. You need actionable penetration into your customers and your marketplace to keep serve levels high. The fact is, if you ’ ra relying on an underpowered, outdated or excessively complex ERP or accounting application, you ’ ll have a unmanageable time keeping pace. A modern, potent obscure ERP solution like Sage Intacct helps you run your business faster, more responsively and more efficiently. possibly the most accurate answer to the “ How much does Sage Intacct cost ? ” question is, “ Less than it credibly should. ”
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