Stripe Review: Payment Processing for Business

We recommend band ’ s requital march for on-line businesses who like minimal fees but besides have API developers .

Good for:

  • Online credit card payment processing
  • No monthly fees or set up fees
  • Looking for a wide range of payment methods


  • Accepting PayPal payments
  • Businesses who are not developers or have a developer for API features
  • A large selection of in-person payment options

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Stripe is an on-line credit batting order requital process system and software chopine used chiefly for operating an internet business. It is fairly priced without a lot of add fees. Stripe offers a assortment of API integration tools and resources for businesses to build an e-commerce platform that is ideal for developers. Those who are not developers have the option of using an e-commerce platform from Stripe ’ randomness partners, including WooCommerce and ShoppingGives, but they may come with extra costs, including when applying to become a Stripe Verified Partner .

How much does Stripe cost?

Stripe is a action platform that has minimal fees and many payment methods to choose from. In the board below we break down Stripe ’ s full payment structure.

How much does Stripe cost

Processing rates
  • Online: 2.9% + $0.30
  • In-person: 2.7% + $0.05
ACH debit card rate
  • 0.8
Accepted payment methods Credit card networks

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Alipay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Click to Pay
  • WeChat Pay
  • Klarna
  • Afterpay
Chargeback fee $15
Monthly fee None
Monthly minimum None

Stripe payment processing review

Stripe ’ second pros and cons should be considered before signing up for its service. Stripe can be a beneficial burst for on-line businesses, such as e-commerce stores, as it tailors to online payment serve. Businesses that trust heavily on in-person payments, including certain brick-and-mortar stores or restaurants, might not be the best fit .
Getting started is pretty simple as stripe requital ’ s set-up is immediate and its platform is easy to use with no-code options for those who are not developers. It besides has the option to work with one of its partners to help build your e-commerce shop or its own developers and consultants to offer aid for more customize integration. You can join its Partner Program or become a Verified Partner, which may help drive sales but will cost you extra. The Partner Program is free but the Verified Partner is an extra $ 250 a year .

Alternatives to Stripe

While Stripe reviews are adequate as the platform has some quality attributes, it ’ sulfur smart to compare with other exchangeable requital processing systems to find the right equal for you and your business. Be sure to keep an eye out for any fees associated with each platform as they can add up quickly.

Stripe vs. PayPal

While Stripe is relatively easy to use, PayPal might be even easier. You can plainly create a payment clitoris within minutes by copying and pasting a prebuilt code, allowing you to accept payments immediately without help from a developer. however, one drawback here is you ’ ll be sending your customers off your site and onto PayPal to make a purchase. If you want inexhaustible customization for the checkout layout you ’ ll need to upgrade to Payflow Pro for an extra $ 25 per calendar month .
Stripe and PayPal both specialize in on-line payments and both offer some in-person requital solutions as well. PayPal is probably the better choice for small businesses as it ’ randomness easier to set up ( without using a developer ) and can cost less. PayPal besides does not charge a monthly fee, but both do charge for chargebacks with PayPal slenderly less at $ 20 .
PayPal highlights:

  • Monthly fees: None
  • Per transaction: 2.59% + fixed fee (0.49 for USD)

Stripe vs. Square

similar to Stripe, Square does not charge a monthly fee or for any disputes. however, it can hush end up costing you more, particularly with on-line payments. Its on-line process fees are much higher ( 3.5 % + 0.15 ) than Stripe ’ sulfur ( 2.9 % + $ 0.30 ) costing you more for internet transactions. On the somersault side, Square has a slightly lower card-present fee of 2.6 % + 0.10 compared to Stripe ’ s tip of 2.7 % + $ 0.05. Stripe has some card readers for in-person recognition circuit board payments but is limited. Square, on the other hired hand, has a boastfully selection of in-person transaction hardware ( including registers ) making it a capital option for businesses outside the on-line kingdom.

Square highlights:

  • Monthly fees: None
  • Per transaction: 2.6% + 0.10 (card-present) and 3.5% + 0.15 (card-not-present)

Stripe vs. charges the lapp payment processing fee as Stripe but comes with extra fees, such as the monthly gateway load of $ 25. One big benefit to is it accepts PayPal as a requital method while Stripe does not. targets small businesses, working with them since 1996, whereas Stripe works with all-size companies, both little and large. however, little businesses looking for protective covering against deceitful transactions may turn to for its gain Fraud Detection Suite . highlights:

  • Monthly fees: $25
  • Per transaction: 2.9% + 0.30 (without merchant account) or $0.10 per transaction and a daily batch fee of $0.10 (with merchant account)
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