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column Guidelines : We are a release on-line resource for anyone matter to in learning more about insurance. Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything indemnity related. We update our locate regularly, and all content is reviewed by policy experts .
The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program is a usage-based dismiss course of study that works like many other such systems – it records information about your driving habits and sends that information back to State Farm for grading. With this information, you may be able to get a State Farm good driver dismiss .
But is State Farm ’ s Drive Safe and Save broadcast worth it ? In our State Farm Drive Safe and Save Review, we are going to go over this policy company ’ mho telematics system and help answer this and early questions for you .
With indemnity products, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the respective types and ways to save money. For your own fiscal protection, it ’ s a good mind to inquiry programs like Drive Safe and Save before using them .
You can besides make sure you ’ re getting the best rates when it comes to your insurance policy as well. Enter your ZIP code into our free comparison joyride above to find low-cost cable car insurance rates in your area .

What are State Farm Drive Safe and Save grades?

state of matter grow advertises that its platform can provide an indemnity discount of up to 50 % on your car policy – a huge number that outstrips the competition by a hanker blast .
The program offers two methods for data collection, but unlike most others, neither plan requires that you plug a device into your cable car. Drive Safe and Save uses either the vehicle ’ s active OnStar system or a fluid device app to gather data and calculate your new premium .

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What are State Farm good driver discounts?

state of matter Farm hopped on board the telematics bandwagon justly about the time that Progressive was marketing their alike telematics program, Snapshot, heavily .
Like Snapshot, the InDrive program initially used a circuit board telematics device to record information through the car ’ s On-Board Diagnostics port ( OBD-II ) .
finally, State Farm dropped the circuit board device and turned to use either OnStar or the mobile app in club to gather information ( they have besides discontinued their synchronize program with Ford vehicles ) .
They are not the entirely insurance company to use OnStar ; National General was the first to do so, and in fact, they were the foremost to offer a usage-based broadcast back in 2004 .
As National General is connected with General Motors, it made sense that they would use the GM-branded OnStar system. OnStar is a GM product that was primitively created as a sort of help arrangement for drivers .
For case, it could contact hand brake aid if the fomite was involved in an accident and the driver was unable to do thus. The advent of a telematics program for car policy was an obvious raw function for OnStar .
The problem with this apparatus is that it limits the handiness of the course of study to vehicles that have OnStar ; that is where the mobile app comes in .
furthermore, information gathered through OnStar is limited to vehicle mileage. Most usage-based policy programs today offer the option of using an app, and State Farm is no unlike .
country Farm ’ s Drive Safe and Save mobile app program works broadly the like way as many early similar programs. Customers use one of the two methods to allow information about driving habits and driving performance to be recorded including when and how frequently they drive, braking and accelerating, and accelerate. If your driving performance reflects that you ’ re a creditworthy driver, you can be rewarded with an car policy deduction. therefore, quite literally, this program allows you to drive safely and save .
All of this information is used to give the driver a discount rate on their indemnity premiums at reclamation .

How does Drive Safe and Save work?

As mentioned, there are two ways to use the broadcast. If you have an OnStar organization in your vehicle, State Farm can access odometer information through that system. In order for that to work, you must not entirely have OnStar in the car but besides have an active subscription to the avail .
The vehicle must then be enrolled in OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which can be done by either pressing the OnStar button in the car and following the prompts or by calling OnStar to have customer service activate the system and go through the setup process .
once this is done, State Farm can request information from the OnStar system in order to calculate the dismiss you ’ ll receive on your car policy policy. With OnStar, you won ’ thyroxine have to report odometer State Farm. OnStar will report the information for you .
Without OnStar, the Drive Safe and Save mobile app is the merely way to enroll in Drive Safe and Save. The app can be downloaded to your mobile phone, but it will not work unless you have the Bluetooth beacon device in your car – this device is sent to you by State Farm when you enroll in the program .
The beacon device does not need to be plugged in, but simply placed in the car ; it will send information to the Drive Safe and Save mobile app on your telephone in order to collect the data on your habits. With State Farm, self-report is unnecessary .
Drive Safe and Save differs from early such programs in the fact that it is an ongoing serve. While most usage-based systems collect information for a predetermine menstruation of clock and then end collection, State Farm ’ sulfur organization collects information on an ongoing basis .
That means that on every refilling a newly discount rate will be calculated and applied based on your driving habits in the previous policy term. Drivers are asked to report odometer State Farm on every reclamation to calculate mileage-based portions of the discounted rates as there is a low-mileage deduction equally well .
alike to early programs, however, Drive Safe and Save is fomite specific. It will only record information for the vehicle that is enrolled in the broadcast, and the dismiss will only apply to that vehicle .
If you want to earn dismiss car rates on each vehicle you own, you will need to enroll them individually and collect data on each .
In California, there is an option known as State Farm Drive Safe and Save Self Report, which allows customers to get a mileage discount without any recording of data. This dismiss is for mileage lone and requires you to report your odometer to State Farm .

What does State Farm Drive Safe and Save record?

The goal of the platform is to record both safe and bad drive habits and calculate a discount based on the overall drive behavior of the vehicle. To do that, the Drive Safe and Save mobile app records the follow :

  • Acceleration: the system records how quickly you accelerate and flags sharp increases in speed
  • Braking: instances of hard braking are recorded
  • Turns: the system records instances of sharp, hard turns in either direction
  • Mileage: the number of miles the vehicle is driven each year
  • Speed: the system records speed and also time spent driving at speeds over 80 mph
  • Time of Day: when you drive your vehicle is recorded
  • Location: vehicle location is recorded when Bluetooth and location services are enabled

This list of recorded information is a small longer and more detailed than early alike systems ; the pungency of turns, in particular, is an uncommon factor that is specific to this indemnity supplier .
The OnStar system differs from the mobile app ; it records only odometer information and not your driving habits .

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How is the information used?

Of all of the data recorded by the mobile app system, only vehicle localization data is exempt from the calculation of your rebate. All of the early items on the list are taken into consideration when determining the refilling rate .
The web site does state that real-time rush is not recorded nor compared to the posted amphetamine limit, and it does not affect the deduction – a lot of high-speed force, however, may affect your rate.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save grades are determined for three categories : acceleration, brake, and turning. These grades are based on safe versus bad demeanor .
The web site states that a few instances of hard brake will not affect the overall discount, acknowledging that braking on the spur of the moment may sometimes be required for a condom driver to avoid an accident .
data is used only to calculate a rebate, and there is no risk of an car insurance rate increase based on your driving behavior with one luminary exception .
If you have previously reported driving less than 7,500 miles a year and were receiving a discount rate based on that mileage, you may lose that current rebate if your recorded mileage turns out to be in excess of that number .
Data is besides used for the program ’ s driver comparison instrument, which allows enrolled drivers to see how they stack up with other like drivers. No personal information is included in this shared datum instrument .
If you ’ re an OnStar user, your discount will be calculated based on the annual mileage alone .

Discounts State Farm Offers

The State Farm web site advertises that drivers could save up to 50 % on their car indemnity premiums by signing up for the Drive Safe and Save Program. Many of the largest companies on the marketplace will advertise saving a batch on a driver ’ randomness rate, but your true agio depends on whether or not it ’ randomness true .
While the dismiss seems massive, it ’ s the same with most usage-based programs in that it will not be easily attainable. Complete details about the amount you ’ ll save tend to be a little skew for ad purposes. So is Drive Safe and Save worth it ?
The course of study starts with an initial deduction for registration, which is described on the State Farm locate as “ about 5 % ” – that is reasonably dim, and no explanation is given for why or how this deduction might vary .
once enrolled, the data collection begins and a new discount measure will be calculated upon reclamation. The plan continues for equally farseeing as the driver chooses to keep it, and a new discount is calculated at every car policy refilling, which is normally every six months .
According to customer experience with the program, the actual discount for most people turns out to be in the range of 10-15 %. That is in lineage with the average dismiss from other usage-based programs, but a far cry from the high-end 50 % discount sum State Farm advertises .
If the average dismiss falls in the 10-15 % range, it ’ south unmanageable to believe that any driver can achieve 50 % off. That is the same solution we have seen from other programs ; they promise a top-end discount but we have yet to encounter anyone that has managed to achieve that acme end .
Most early programs, however, cap out at 30 %, which means their modal discounts are about halfway to that cap. For State Farm, the average discount falls very far below the ceiling .
There does not seem to be any real risk to using the plan, however ; unlike Progressive ’ south Snapshot plan, drivers will not be dinged for hazardous drive behaviors .
As noted, the lone likely for a rate addition comes from having a higher actual mileage than the driver reported when signing up for coverage .

Am I eligible for State Farm Drive Safe and Save?

In order to sign up for Drive Safe and Save with OnStar, the car must have an OnStar system. Most OnStar-equipped vehicles that are 2004 model year and newer are eligible for the program. The vehicle must have an active OnStar subscription plan and Vehicle Diagnostics must be activated .
The State Farm site states that there are no model-year restrictions on the use of the fluid app for “ eligible vehicles, ” but it does not state of matter what makes a fomite eligible .
The mobile app is restricted to those with compatible smartphones ; older call models may not be able to run the app .
In California, the State Farm Drive Safe and Save Self Report system can be used for all vehicles which are eligible except age-old cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles .
country farm does not restrict the Drive Safe and Save course of study to new policies, unlike many early systems. Existing customers can sign up for the platform at any fourth dimension by contacting their agent or downloading the mobile app and following the prompts .

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How is it installed?

Unlike circuit board devices, State Farm ’ mho program has little to no apparatus required .
The GPS beacon that connects with the mobile app must be kept in the car, but it does not have to be plugged into a port. It can be kept anywhere american samoa long as the signal reaches the mobile earphone. The radio beacon stays in the car for a long as you remain in the plan .
The fluid app can be easily downloaded for either Apple or Android phones and is installed by following the prompts on the phone .

How does State Farm Drive Safe and Save stack up?

The Drive Safe and Save program has a bunch in common with other usage-based policy programs, with the exception of the OnStar joining .
Using OnStar to collect odometer datum is a simple method acting of getting a discount for those that have the organization already on the fomite, and already have an OnStar plan. If you do not have a design, you ’ ll want to consider whether the monetary value of the plan is worth it compared to the savings provided .
For those who already decided that paying for OnStar ’ s other services isn ’ t worth the money, the probability of a discount is improbable to change that opinion. The sum most drivers will see in premium reductions will not cover the cost of the subscription in most cases .
What that means is that the OnStar-based program is credibly worthwhile if you do already pay for a design ; it alone records odometer readings, and if you drive a bunch less than most people you are probable to see a rate reduction with little risk .
As for the mobile app, it does not come at a cost or with any other requirements adenine long as your call already supports it, but it does record a lot more personal information. distillery, it may be worth a hear for those with good driving habits .
While it seems customers do not see anywhere near that very appealing 50 % discount, 10-15 % is still a reasonably properly discount for not a lot of attempt. It is about on par with other like programs .
The fact that State Farm no longer offers a circuit board device may put a few people off of the program. Plug-ins do not require that an app on your earphone be running at all times when you drive, and for some people can feel less invasive .
It besides will not run down the battery on your call ; although the web site claims that there ’ s little battery drain, any app running in the setting will still use up power .
circuit board devices are something of a plug-and-forget setup that may appeal to those who prefer not to have to worry about keeping an app astir and running .
That said, fluid apps are everywhere these days, and the usage-based ones do not come with much more difficulty or risk than any other. The organization of using a GPS beacon helps to avoid those pitfalls of other fluid apps, such as recording even when you are in person else ’ sulfur car .
ultimately, worth note is that this platform continually calculates new discounts on car policy renewal, which means you can continue working towards earning a bigger discount. That is different from other programs and can be a incentive for safer driving habits .

How do you cancel Drive Safe and Save?

Wondering how to cancel Drive Safe and Save ? According to the car policy company, canceling the course of study is simple and easy .
Simply call the State Farm customer service line at 1 ( 800 ) 782-8332 or visit the State Farm web site and voyage to your report .
once you cancel your avail either on-line or by phone, you don ’ t need to send back the Bluetooth beacon. Simply drove the device off at an electronics recycling facility. then, uninstall the mobile app from your earphone and you will be dependable to go .
Some may wonder if there is a Drive Safe and Save cheat. We do not recommend trying to cheat the system. If you are found adulterous, you could be accused of indemnity fraud, which could land you in woo and make it harder for you to find coverage again .

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What’s the bottom line?

The Drive Safe and Save program has very little risk, and it can provide a sanely beneficial discount. So is the driver discount course of study worth it ?
For those that qualify, it is probable worth giving the course of study a shoot. As with all such programs, drivers should keep their expectations naturalistic – you are not going to save 50 % on your cable car insurance, and you will be disappointed if that ’ s what you expect .
For those that are precisely looking to trim the bills a a lot as possible, Drive Safe and Save is a pretty dependable bet .

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