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In holocene years RV rentals have exploded in popularity, thanks to democratic sites like RVshare and Outdoorsy .
But if you ’ ve never rented an RV before you might be wondering how much it actually costs to rent an RV for a week ?
RVs are rented by the night, with prices ranging from $50 for a basic pop-up camper to over $300 for a large luxurious Class A motorhome. 
This means it can cost anywhere from $350 to over $2,000 to rent an RV for a week but, in general, you can usually expect to spend between $600 and $1,200 to rent a newer average-sized RV for a week.  

If your thinking about renting an RV for a week though and trying to weigh the pros and cons, you decidedly want to keep read .
As we give 20 particular examples of actual RV hebdomadally rental rates adenine good as suffice some popular questions around renting an RV .
Teardrop Camper

RV Weekly Rate for 20 RVs (Least to Most Expensive)

Make and Model Type of RV Year Sleeps Weekly Rate
Starcraft 816 pop-up book 2006 6 $ 378
Braxton Creek Bushwacker teardrop 2021 2 $ 420
Grey Wolf Wolf Pup 16BHS Travel Trailer 2017 5 $ 455
Riverside RV White Water 509 teardrop 2016 2 $ 483
Forest River Hard Side A223HW pop-up book 2021 3 $ 490
Forest River R-Pod RP-179 Travel Trailer 2018 4 $ 595
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 175RD Travel Trailer 2019 4 $ 630
Forest River Rockwood 2109S Travel Trailer 2021 4 $ 693
Coachmen Freedom 254DSX Travel Trailer 2015 6 $ 693
Forest River GEO Pro 20BHS Travel Trailer 2021 6 $ 840
Keystone RV Outback 340BH Travel Trailer 2020 9 $ 840
Four Winds RV 28A course C 2007 6 $ 875
Grand Design Imagine 3170BH Travel Trailer 2019 9 $ 1,050
Coachmen RV Leprechaun 220QB class C 2015 6 $ 1,050
Thor Motor Coach Chateau 26A class C 2014 7 $ 1,400
Winnebago Travato 59K class B 2020 4 $ 1,435
Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 29.3 class A 2018 8 $ 1,680
Airstream International 23D Travel Trailer 2017 6 $ 1,743
Pleasure-Way Lexor FL

class B 2020 2 $ 2,030
Tiffin Motorhomes Allegro 34PA class A 2020 6 $ 2,233

*Pricing does not include taxes and fees .

What Affects the Price of an RV Rental?

There are five independent factors that affect how much it costs to rent an RV including type, year, size, sleeping capacity, and level of lavishness .

Type of RV

One of the biggest items that can affect how much it costs to rent an RV is what type of RV it is. 
As each type of RV will have its own unique price image, with simple pop fly campers costing the least and lavishness Class A motorhomes costing the most .
so to get a better estimate of how RV type can affect the monetary value of an RV rental, we have broken down each RV class below and its average represent weekly lease rate .

  Type of RV Average Weekly Price Range
Pop Up Trailer Pop-Up Camper $ 350 to $ 500
Teardrop Trailer Teardrop Camper $ 400 to $ 600
Toy Hauler Travel Trailer $ 500 to $ 1,000
Class C Motorhome Class C Motorhome $ 900 to $ 1,400
Class B Motorhome class B Motorhome $ 1,200 to $ 1,600
Class A Motorhome Icon class A Motorhome $ 1,600 to $ 2,200

Age of the RV

Another factor that can have a big impact on how much it cost to rent an RV is the year or age of the RV .
As newer RVs built within the last 5 years will typically bring a premium, while older RVs can normally be rented for much less .
So as a general rule, the newer an RV is the more it will cost to rent. 

Size of the RV

The size of the RV is decidedly a conducive factor to the cost to rent an RV, specially when comparing two motorhomes in the like class .
For example, a 3o-foot locomotion trailer can much cost hundreds of dollars more to rent for a week compared to a 20-foot travel preview even though they are both the lapp character of RV .
So when it comes to the size of the RV, typically the bigger the RV the more it will cost to rent.  
however, there is one caution to this rule, which is the classify B motorhome .
As the class B RV, which is built on oeuvre van human body such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprint, RAM Promaster, or Ford Transit is the smallest type of motorhome you can rent .
however, despite its smaller size, it is typically one of the most expensive types of RVs you can rent .

Sleeping Capacity

Another component that can have an impression on the hebdomadally rental rate of an RV is the sleeping capacity the RV offers .
As RVs with higher sleeping capacities tend to rent for more compared to RVs with smaller sleeping capacities.  
This is because RVs that have higher sleeping capacities tend to make feel for more renters particularly those with families .
And because of this RVs with higher sleeping capacities demand more of a premium when renting them .

Level of Luxury

Airstream Trailer Interior
The last component that can have an impingement on the cost to rent an RV for a week is the level of luxury the RV offers .
Because even if two RVs are similar in every other regard including type, age, size, and sleeping capacity, if one RV is more luxurious than the other, this will have a big impact on the weekly rental rate of the RV.  
And one of the best examples of this is the premium Airstream preview .
Which much rents for more the double compared to a comparable travel trailer, due to Airstream ’ s tied of quality, design, and lavishness compared to your more basic and standard travel trailer .

Is Renting an RV Cheaper than a Hotel?

It ’ south hard to give a definitive answer to whether it ’ s cheaper to rent an RV or hotel because both renting an RV or a hotel room can be as brassy or american samoa expensive as you want to make it .
For exercise, when renting an RV you could spend equally little as $ 50 a night for a small basic pop fly camper to vitamin a much as $ 4oo a nox for a bombastic epicurean class A motorhome .
And the like is on-key for hotels, as you can spend american samoa little as $ 60 a night for a basic economy motel board to more than $ 800 a night for a deluxe 5-star hotel room .
In general, though it is typically cheaper to rent an RV compared to renting a hotel room, as an RV rental will typically cost around $120 per day, while a hotel room will usually cost around $186 a night.  
When comparing the cost to rent an RV to a hotel room though, it ’ south significant not to forget to add the cost of the campsite or RV locate onto the cost of renting the RV .
As the RV rental price is only half the equation when it comes to the true daily cost of renting an RV .

What is the Cheapest Way to Rent an RV?

There are two main ways to rent an RV .
The first gear way involves renting an recreational vehicle from a peer-to-peer RV lease locate, such as RVshare or Outdoorsy, which acts like Airbnb but for RVs .
By putting local anesthetic people together that want to rent their RV and want to rent an RV .
The second way is by renting an RV from an RV rental agency such as Cruise America RV Rental, where you rent an RV directly from a company that rents out RVs nationally .
And while each has its pros and cons .
The cheapest way to rent an RV is through a peer-to-peer RV rental site like RVshare or Outdoorsy .
As it’s usually anywhere from $50 to $100 a night cheaper to rent through a peer-to-peer RV rental website compared to renting an RV from a large national rental agency for a comparable RV.
In summation, there is normally a much larger choice to choose from, when renting from a peer-to-peer RV web site compared to a large RV national rental agency .

Is it Worth it to Rent an RV?

Renting an recreational vehicle can be a big way to enjoy RVing and camping but it ’ s not inevitably for everyone .
So to help you decide if renting an RV is right for you and your family, we’ve highlighted the most common scenarios, where it’s worth it to rent an RV and makes the most sense. 

  • Anyone that is thinking about buying an RV but wants to try it out beginning to see if it ’ s a good fit before they take the plunge and spend a fortune of money on their very own RV .
  • person that wants to enjoy the RV life style without having to incur the load and frequently heavy price associated with RV ownership .
  • Anyone that presently owns an recreational vehicle but is thinking about changing up the type of RV they have and wants to try it out first gear before they make the switch. For model, person that presently owns a travel trailer that ’ s thinking about switching to a Class C motorhome might want to rent a Class C RV beginning before they make the substitution to see if they like it .
  • person that likes RVing and camping but doesn ’ thymine go often adequate to justify the costs and logistics associated with full RV ownership .

Class A RV

Why are RVs So Expensive to Rent?

Whether you choose to rent an RV from a peer-to-peer RV rental site such as RVshare or a national RV rental agency such as Cruise America RV Rental, it can be reasonably expensive .
As you can normally expect to pay over $ 100 a night and it can cursorily go up from there depending on what type of RV you choose to rent .
And this doesn ’ triiodothyronine evening take into report the money you will need to spend to rent a campsite or RV locate for the night then you have person to park the RV while you ’ rhenium renting it .
But why are RVs so expensive to rent ?
The reason why RVs are so expensive to rent is that RVs are expensive to own.
Because when you rent an RV whether from a peer-to-peer RV rental site or from a rental agency, you are not only allowing the owner of the RV to make a profit but are also helping the RV owner cover the costs associated with RV ownership.  
This includes not only the initial leverage of the RV but besides the ongoing costs associated with owning an RV including maintenance and repair costs, storage costs, tagging and license fees, and policy costs .

Do You Pay for Mileage When Renting an RV?

Whether you pay for mileage when renting an RV depends on who you rent the RV from and the character of lease agreement you ’ rhenium under .
As there are three different types of rental agreements and price models used for renting RVs including pay per mile, unlimited mileage, and the hybrid model, which is a combination of the first two .
And each of these rental agreements and pricing models handles mileage differently .

Pay Per Mile RV Rental Pricing Model

The pay per mile RV pricing model charges a set amount per mile while you are renting the RV and is the most common way RV rental agencies such as Cruise America rent their RVs
For exemplar, in the case of Cruise America, they charge anywhere from .17 to .35 cents a mile depending on the type of RV you rent from them on a per night footing .
With a base mileage charge of 100 miles if you ’ rhenium renting locally and 250 miles if you ’ rhenium renting one-way .
And then at the end of the rental, they will refund you any miles you didn ’ triiodothyronine drive or accusation you .35 cents for each extra nautical mile you drove beyond the base mileage .

Unlimited Mileage RV Rental Pricing Model

The unlimited mileage RV rental pricing model charges a flat daily rate, as opposed to charging by the mile, and is the most common RV rental pricing model used by peer-to-peer RV rental websites such as RVshare and Outdoorsy.  
With the inexhaustible mileage RV rental model, there can be a wide range when it comes to the casual rates charged based on numerous factors such as the type of RV it is arsenic well as its historic period, size, sleeping capacity, and level of luxury .
But, in general, casual rates for inexhaustible mileage RV rental agreements normally range anywhere from $ 80 to $ 200 a sidereal day .

Hybrid RV Rental Pricing Model

The concluding type of pricing model available for RV rentals is the hybrid model, which is a combination of both the pay per mile model as well as the unlimited mileage model. 
As you are typically charged a flat daily rate that includes a certain amount of miles like 100 miles and then charged a per-mile fee for every mile driven over the miles included in the daily rate fee .
These extra mileage fees on the hybrid RV rental model can vary quite a act depending on the RV and especial owner but typically range from .25 cents to .35 cents per nautical mile .

Can You Rent an RV with Unlimited Miles?

While some RV rentals charge on a per-mile basis, where each mile driven will cost a certain amount depending on the RV, there are RV rentals that offer unlimited miles and charge a flat daily rate instead.
If you ’ ra looking for an RV lease that offers a bland rental rate and includes outright miles it ’ sulfur best to stick with peer-to-peer RV rental sites such as RVshare and Outdoorsy as this is the park type of RV lease found on those sites .
merely be careful and make sure you read the all right print before renting anything .
As some RVs on those sites are rented using the hybrid rental model, which charges a flat daily rate that includes a certain number of miles and then charges a fee for each extra sea mile driven over the distribute miles allowed .

What is the Best RV Rental Company?

Below is a list of the most democratic and best RV rental companies for renting an RV .

  • RVshare – Peer-to-peer RV rental website that offers a wide selection of local RVs for rent.
  • Outdoorsy – Peer-to-peer RV rental site that offers a wide selection of local RVs for rent.
  • Cruise America – Well established and national RV rental agency that offers drivable RVs and truck campers for rent.
  • RVezy – Peer-to-peer RV rental website that offers a wide selection of local RVs for rent.
  • Campanda – International peer-to-peer RV rental website with over 26,000 RVs to choose from.

To see how much it costs to rent an RV for the weekend, check out our article “Cost to Rent an RV for the Weekend (With 20 Examples)“.


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Jason is an avid lover of RVs and the RV life style. He is both a writer and editor program for RV Owner HQ and has been RVing and camping for over 20 years .

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