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Dow Jones futures will open on Sunday evening, along with S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures .


The stock market rally paused in a holiday-shortened week. The major indexes retreated modestly but held key levels even as Federal Reserve policymakers signaled big rate hikes are likely for respective more meetings. But it ‘s unclear if the recent marketplace action was bullish or bearish .
Investors can have slim-to-modest exposure, but need to be ready to step back .
Apple holds its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this coming week. Apple ( AAPL ) will show off its latest engage arrangement changes. There ‘s buzz that Apple WWDC will reveal an NFL streaming software. inactive, Apple stock fell solidly on Friday, closing lower for the week .
Tesla stock tumbled on Friday and for the workweek as Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly wants to cut 10 % of compensable jobs amid a “ superintendent bad feel ” about the economy .
Beyond the Tesla ( TSLA ) move itself, it ‘s a reminder that fickle, highly valued growth names can make big moves off the bottom, but besides sell off hard .
Northrop Grumman ( NOC ), Dollar Tree ( DLTR ), Flex LNG ( FLNG ), Albemarle ( ALB ) and ZIM Integrated Resources ( ZIM ) are five stocks deal near buy points. All have proportional strength lines at or near highs, a bullish polarity. The RS line, the blue agate line in the charts provided, tracks a standard ‘s performance vs. the S & P 500 index .
NOC stock and Albemarle are on IBD Leaderboard. ZIM stock is on the IBD 50. The television embedded in this article discussed the market rally action this workweek and analyzed Northrop, DLTR lineage and ALB stock .

Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures open at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, along with S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures .
Remember that overnight action in Dow futures and elsewhere does n’t necessarily translate into actual deal in the next regular banal market session .
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Stock Market Rally

The stock certificate marketplace rally retreated modestly for the week, though with some big daily moves in the major indexes .
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell closely 1 % in last week ‘s store market trade. The S & P 500 index gave up 1.2 %. The Nasdaq composite slumped 1 %. The small-capitalization Russell 2000 edged depressed 0.2 % .
The 10-year Treasury concede leapt 21 basis points to 2.96 %, rebounding toward 3 % amid broadly strong economic data and militant Fed comments. That follows three weeks of significant declines in the 10-year move over .
U.S. blunt oil futures rose 3.3 % to $ 118.17 a barrel last week. gasoline futures shot up 8.7 % .
Among the best exchange traded fund, the Innovator IBD 50 ETF ( FFTY ) rose 1.2 % final workweek, while the Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF ( BOUT ) gave up about 1 %. The iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF ( IGV ) climbed 0.7 %. The VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF ( SMH ) sank 1.5 % .
SPDR S & P Metals & Mining ETF ( XME ) retreated 2.2 % last week. The Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF ( PAVE ) dipped 0.2 %. U.S. Global Jets ETF ( JETS ) descended 4.6 %. SPDR S & P Homebuilders ETF ( XHB ) retreated 1 %. The Energy Select SPDR ETF ( XLE ) gained 1.1 % and the Financial Select SPDR ETF ( XLF ) dropped 2 %. The Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund ( XLV ) skidded 3.1 %
Reflecting more-speculative floor stocks, ARK Innovation ETF ( ARKK ) stepped back closely 5 % final week and ARK Genomics ETF ( ARKG ) 3.7 %. Tesla livestock remains the No. 1 holding across Ark Invest ‘s ETFs .
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Apple WWDC

At the Apple WWDC event from June 6-10, the Dow Jones tech titan will show off changes to its assorted devices ‘ operating systems : io, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Media reports speculate that Apple could reveal a deal to carry NFL football games, such as NFL Sunday Ticket software. Apple TV+ announced a conduct to carry Major League Baseball games on March 8. Increasing sports content is a room to attract and keep stream subscribers, but it wo n’t come cheap .
Apple stock fell 2.85 % for the week to 145.38, including Friday ‘s 3.9 % to drop below the 21-day line. AAPL breed is far from any buy charge and is well below the 50-day and 200-day lines .

Tesla ‘Super Bad’ Sell-Off

Tesla stock slumped 7.4 % to 703.55 last week, tumbling 9.2 % on Friday to sink back below its 21-day note. CEO Elon Musk reportedly announced a lease freeze and wants to cut 10 % of Tesla salaried jobs due to what he called a “ extremely bad feel ” about the economy. Those comments were in a Thursday e-mail to Tesla executives, Reuters reported on Friday .
Musk ‘s e-mail comments raised questions. major speculate cuts would suggest weaker demand. But current Tesla demand seems solid, specially with car industry production even constrained. The EV giant has barely added two modern factories and forecasts 50 % growth for years to come.

musk did say he expects the number of hourly production workers to increase .
interim, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration said Friday it ‘s received 758 reports of “ phantom brake ” — in some 2021 and 2022 Model 3 and Y vehicles. The NHTSA, on May 4, requested data from Tesla by June 20 .
individually, the NHTSA will release automated-driving crash data this month, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The NHTSA is probing a count of Tesla crashes involving Autopilot .
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Stocks Near Buy Points

Northrop stock certificate popped 3.35 % to 478.37 on Friday, merely clearing a 477.36 cup-with-handle buy point. NOC livestock tested its 50-day line on Thursday and had basically formed a cover within a biggish handle. Northrop lineage is still just 4.8 % above its 50-day note .
Dollar Tree stock fell 3.1 % this past workweek to 159.88, but held above its 50-day move average. Shares settled down after a massive plunge-and-revival. DLTR stock first crashed on weak earnings and guidance from Walmart ( WMT ) and Target ( TGT ), but then rebounded on Dollar Tree ‘s own earnings a week late. On a weekly chart, Dollar Tree stock certificate has formed a cover, giving it a 166.45 cup-with-handle buy point. On a daily chart, the handle needs one more day to form, indeed by that meter Dollar Tree has a 177.29 cup-base bargain compass point .
FLNG stock shot up 7.6 % last week to 29.74, rebounding bullishly from the 50-day tune, offering an early entry. The official consolidation buy point is 32.88, according to MarketSmith analysis. ideally, the LNG play would pause for a few days, even forming a handle, letting the 50-day line gain some more flat coat .
ALB stock had a fantastic week. After soaring closely 15 % in the anterior week, blasting above an early submission around 248, the lithium colossus tumbled angstrom low as 232.75 on June 1, though it found back at the 21-day line. Albemarle stock finished the week down 7.4 % to 250.76, above that early entrance. On a weekly chart, ALB lineage now has a manage buy point of 273.78. That will show up on a day by day chart after Monday. But a longer hesitate would let the 50-day agate line — calm below the 200-day — catch up. Albemarle breed skyrocketed 35 % in May, thanks to two big upward revisions to full-year earnings targets amid soaring lithium prices .
ZIM livestock fell 6.4 % on May 31, but rebounded to close the week down good 0.5 % to 67.70. technically, ZIM stock now has a handle on a hebdomadally chart, giving it a 68.63 bargain point. That manage could develop after Monday ‘s close up, but apart from the May 31 spill there was n’t much of a shakeout. besides, ZIM stock is 11.9 % above its 50-day wrinkle .
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Market Rally Analysis

The sprout commercialize rally paused this past workweek, with the major indexes retreating modestly, largely on Friday ‘s losses. The major indexes held their 21-day move averages and the bulk of their gains from the anterior workweek .
Was this by week constructive for the marketplace rally or ill ? It depends on what comes future. A pullback was n’t a big surprise after hard gains. It ‘s allowed some handles to form. But was this a temp hesitate before the major indexes bounce or the depart of a retreat back to lows ? Pushing above this week ‘s highs would besides be precisely one step. The 50-day move median looms for the major indexes, with several other key hurdles after that .
This past week, Fed officials made it net that they wo n’t stop tightening aggressively until they see inflation sharply lower and tug markets easing substantially. But that summons will be afflictive for the economy. The fact that the stock grocery store sold off Friday on Musk reportedly wanting big Tesla subcontract cuts and the May jobs report showing firm hire shows how investors are n’t quite sure what ‘s “ good news program ” right now .
Energy remains strong, with shale plays, refiners, incorporate giants, coal producers and LNG plays such as FLNG stock all inactive thriving. solar stocks besides are coming up again. Shippers such as ZIM stock, lithium plays like Albemarle, a few retailers such as Dollar Tree and versatile building-related companies are looking interesting equally well .
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What To Do Now

Investors might have added or cut exposure in the past week, based on the carry through of the major indexes and their own positions. In any case, exposure should still be modest .
In the long run, there will be huge opportunities for investors. possibly we ‘re at the start of a boastful bull’s eye run. Or this could be a ephemeral leap within an extend hold market. Keep most of your powder dry so you can take advantage when the tide clearly turns .
Investor ‘s Business Daily is all about identifying potential leaders. Use that as construct blocks for your own watchlists. Stay alarm and remain flexible .
Read The Big visualize every day to stay in synchronize with the grocery store guidance and leading stocks and sectors .
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