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University of Washington Boot Camp Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

The University of Washington ( UW ) Boot Camp teaches advanced technical school skills to prepare you for the modern technical school industry. It offers network growth and fiscal engineering ( fintech ) courses. In this University of Washington Boot Camp review, find out what makes its programs competitive and worth checking out .

What Is the University of Washington Boot Camp?

University of Washington Boot Camp Quick Facts
Cost $12,995
Start Dates Coding:
September 13, 2021 (Full-Time)
July 26, 2021 (Part-Time)
August 11, 2021 (Part-Time)
Locations Seattle, Online
Courses Coding, Fintech
Available Programs Full-Time, Part-Time

The University of Washington Boot Camp is offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education ( UW PCE ) in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. Through this inaugural, UW ’ sulfur programs aim to accelerate your skills and cognition to be highly competitive in your future technical school career .

Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, the University of Washington Boot Camp is worth it. UW boasts a league of skilled instructors that are behind its achiever. In 12 to 24 weeks, you can either become a web developer or a fintech professional. You learn by doing through these programs, and you will work on a lot of projects either by yourself or as a extremity of a team .
The programs are conducted during the weekends or weekday evenings. even if you are employed, you will not have a hard time attending and keeping up with the classes. once you graduate from the program, you are eligible to use UW ’ s career services, and they are more than ready to provide you with support along the way.

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once you graduate, you will have entree to Demo Day, a quarterly network event to showcase your final examination undertaking. You will besides receive your documentation of Completion and will have access to UW crash courses on coding Python, Java, C #, Amazon Web Services, and more .

University of Washington Boot Camp Job Placement

There is no available data on the current speculate placement rate of UW Boot Camp. however, being connected with Trilogy Education Services is a good association in itself. Through Trilogy Education Services, you have an opportunity to get hired at over 2,000 companies, including in the Fortune 100 .

Does University of Washington Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

The University of Washington Boot Camp does not offer a occupation guarantee. however, it offers career accompaniment and one-on-one coach to its graduates through a career director. You can utilize services including portfolio reviews, curriculum vitae aid, and technical consultation trail .
UW has an alumnus group of local and international alumni, giving you connections to a friendly network of vane developers and fintech professionals. UW bootcamp graduates have an opportunity to work on open-source projects to further demonstrate their code skills .

How Much Does the University of Washington Boot Camp Cost?

The tutelage cost for both the gull bootcamp and fintech professional bootcamp is $ 12,995. This amount covers your program studies with UW, including graduate career services and caper aid. The tuition cost for full-time and half-time schedules is the same .

How to Pay for University of Washington Boot Camp: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

The University of Washington Boot Camp is separate of the UW Professional and Continuing Education ( PCE ). Its fiscal help and scholarships are extended to this program, and you can apply for them to pay for your bootcamp tutelage. There are no income plowshare agreements available. Below are some of the offerings and suggestions from PCE .

Financial Aid

If you are taking a platform as depart of your entrance fee into a University of Washington degree, you may apply for fiscal aid. Currently, federal fiscal aid is not given to those taking UWPCE certificate programs or courses. however, you may connect immediately to the UW Office of Student Financial care to find out if you qualify .

Employer Educational Assistance

The programs offered by UW are designed so you can continue working while studying. If you are taking a plan as part of the master department of education inaugural of your employer, then you can ask for fiscal aid from them .

Private Loan

UW is not connected to a lender and will not recommend a citation company to you. however, you can apply for a private lend to fund your education. You can directly talk to UW ’ sulfur Office of Student Financial Aid for data about loanword repayments .

Loan Deferment

If you need lend deferments, UW can help provide confirmation to back you up. This direction, you can request that your loan be paid merely after you complete your bootcamp course of study or after you find a problem. The placement will depend on what will be agreed on between you and the initiation offering the lend .


There are two scholarships offered by UW that qualified students can utilize. The UWPCE Lifelong Learning Incentive provides a $ 300 rebate for a non-credit security course of study if you are a graduate of a bachelor ’ s degree from UW. The AmeriCorps Education Awards are given to students who have completed their services in AmeriCorps to cover tutelage and fees .

GI Bill

Current and former military service members can use their veteran benefits to pay for their bootcamp tutelage. You need to contact UWPCE Registration Services to arrange the payment and receive mandate .

University of Washington Boot Camp Locations

normally, classes are held at the University of Washington campus located in Seattle. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only on-line classes are presently available. There are no plans or announcements for in-person classes at the time of writing.

University of Washington Boot Camp Courses

The University of Washington Boot Camp offers students two major programs on web development and fiscal technology. Its tease bootcamp is designed for those who want to work in vane development. meanwhile, its fintech bootcamp is made for those who want to delve into using engineering to improve fiscal transactions .

University of Washington Boot Camp Prep Courses

As the programs in UW are curated with professionals in take care, there is a given that you have at least a novice ’ second level cognition of gull and other related technical school skills. UW does not offer separate introductory courses. still, you may check out boot camp homework courses from early schools and platforms that you may take to prepare before class starts .

Coding Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Learn all about vane development and vane design through the University of Washington ’ s Coding Boot Camp. Within 12 to 24 weeks, you will acquaint yourself with the in-demand skills needed to learn broad push-down storage web development. The course of study will enable you to gain skills that will make you employable in the industry .
During your foremost few weeks, you will strengthen your skills and cognition in coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create dynamic and functional websites. You will be working on React and Node, which are iterations of interface-side and server-side JavaScript. You ’ ll besides have the opportunity to learn Python, Java, and C # .
digression from coding, you need to build your foundational cognition in calculator science and database theory. Hence, you will besides work on coding SQL to manage databases and ensure the security of data. Data protective covering is an important component of world wide web development to safe keep the information of your intended users .

Fintech Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

finance needs the office of engineering to provide accurate reports and data to the global. This program will help you utilize engineering to guarantee the guard and ease of fiscal transactions. Within 24 weeks, you will be acquiring the skills and cognition needed to gain a competitive advantage in the diligence .
The first agenda of this program is to train you in Python program because it is the most democratic speech used in fintech. You will be working on respective fiscal libraries and dive into machine learn to learn how to automate processes. This program besides covers smart contracts, blockchain, and more .
Studying in this program gives you real-world experiences as you will be working on live fiscal data sets. Your projects can answer or provide solutions for actual finance diligence issues. Your portfolio will be filled with projects to showcase to likely employers .
This is an on-line part-time course of study done on an on-line footing, so it is easier to study while you work. You can attend classes around your schedule and will have intimate instructors and TAs to assist you. The end goal is to level up your skills in fintech, Python scheduling, blockchain, and more .

What Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Schedule?

You can either attend a full-time or part-time schedule. The tease bootcamp platform is offered on either a full-time or half-time agenda, while the fintech bootcamp is lone offered on a half-time basis .


A full-time schedule is available for the UW gull bootcamp, enabling you to complete the program within 12 weeks. The course of study may be taught during evenings or weekend sessions .


A part-time agenda is available for UW ’ s coding and fintech bootcamps. The classes are held at night and during the weekends in consideration of students who are presently working .

How to Get Accepted Into University of Washington Boot Camp

The application process for the University of Washington Boot Camp is different from the open registration of other programs. You need to go through an consultation and assessment to qualify. Check out how to apply for a code or fintech bootcamp in UW below .

University of Washington Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the University of Washington Boot Camp is not available.

Application Process

To ensure a placid application experience to get into the University of Washington Boot Camp, follow this bit-by-bit process .

  1. Fill out UW Boot Camp’s application form. Prepare the necessary documents that you need to submit together with the form.
  2. You will go through an initial interview with an admissions advisor to get to know your background and motivations to take the program.
  3. Once the advisor recommends that you move forward, then you will take a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  4. After qualifying in the interview and passing your assessment, you can proceed to pay for your tuition to reserve your slot.

Interview Questions

There are no available consultation questions for the University of Washington Boot Camp. still, since the initial consultation will be about your background and motivation, under are some questions that might come up during the interview .

  • What is your current work, if any? Why did you decide to apply for a bootcamp program at the University of Washington?
  • Do you have prior experience in coding? What are some of the programming languages that you have mastered?
  • If you have worked on a coding project before, can you describe your process and efforts to complete it?

Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Right For You?

If you want a solid code or fintech bootcamp, you should attend the University of Washington Boot Camp. The University of Washington has a long-standing reputation in providing continue learning. UW takes professionals into consideration to provide continue learn or give them a probability to change their careers .

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