How much does it cost to copyright a logo?

You ultimately did it :
You ’ ve come up with the perfective name, and now you ’ ve got a badass logo .
What now ?
How can you legally protect that logo and help make certain that no one steals it ? Or if they do, how can you make certain you can use the jurisprudence to go after them ?

Let ’ s get to it !
How do you copyright a logo?

What is copyright?

We should start at the beginning :
“ Copyright ” is actually a serial of rights that the author of an original creative work. Rather than bore you with a book-length post about copyright, I ’ ll give you the greatest hits :

  • Copyright protect creative works like artwork (including your logo), photographs, music composition, sound recordings, software code, and even dance choreography
  • Copyright DOESN’T protect ideas, processes, facts, and other intangible things.
  • This separation between ideas and the expression of their ideas is a huge deal in copyright. The idea for the story is not protected, but how you specifically expressed those ideas in writing is protected by copyright law.
  • Some of the exclusive rights you get under copyright include the right to make copies, to create “derivative works” (think sequels and spinoffs), to publicly perform or display, and to do things like translations and adaptations to other media

besides, copyright lasts for a long time .
specifically, if you ’ re an individual author, it will concluding for your lifetime plus 70 years. If you ’ ve done the workplace for person else as a “ influence made for hire, ” it will last for either 95 years from the date it ’ s beginning published, or 120 years from the date it was created ( whichever is shorter ) .
Should you register a copyright?

Why should you register your copyrights?

therefore here ’ s the hand :
once you create something that ’ s eligible for copyright security, it ’ randomness automatically protected by copyright police .
That’s a good thing.
The 2 requirements are :

  1. That it’s an original creative work (the bar for this is very low)
  2. That it is “fixed” in a “tangible medium” – this means, essentially, that it’s on paper or saved as a digital file, a video, or an audio recording. Things that are just existing inside your brain don’t count.

now, you ’ ve got copyright rights – what can you do with it ?
not much, actually.

That ’ mho because suing person requires that you ’ ve registered your copyright with the federal government. This registration has a few important benefits :

  • It puts the public on notice that you’re claiming rights over that particular thing
  • It serves as evidence that your copyright rights are valid (if you register within 5 years of publication)
  • It allows you to take advantage of something called “statutory damages” if you register within 90 days of publication. This means that you don’t have to prove how much you’ve been damages when filing a lawsuit, which can come in handy in many cases. It also allows you to seek payment for your attorney’s fees and costs from the infringer!

All of these advantages make whether to file a copyright registration for your logo an easy choice .
particularly with the low price involved !
How to copyright a logo
Let ’ s take a spirit at that now :

How much does it cost to copyright a logo?

The file fee for a copyright registration varies. It ’ s a batch cheaper than filing a trademark application, at the very least .
here are the details :

  1. For most applications, the fee is $55 to register a copyright
  2. In cases where there is only one author who is the one who actually created the work, the fee is only $35

That lower fee most likely applies to a logo made for a sole proprietorship business. But if you ’ ve created the logo on behalf of an LLC you own or oeuvre for, the higher fee is going to be applicable .
other than that, the alone other costs are for the lawyer who files it for you .
Can you copyright your logo yourself?

Can’t you just do it yourself?

Yes, you can do it yourself, but the process can be a bit confuse. There ’ s a good total of jargoon and choices you need to make .
Starting with the type of application you ’ ra file in the first place. If you choose the wrong one, that could invalidate the wholly application .
The process has a number of other likely wrinkles, american samoa well.

It normally comes down to a balance – you need to weigh how much time it would take for you to understand everything and learn the process, versus just paying person to take care of it for you .
Attorneys broadly charge a couple hundred dollars to file a copyright adjustment in your behalf .
In my law practice, I charge a flat fee of $ 150 to do it for you ( not including the file fee ). If you ’ ra interest, you can click here to contact me and we can get started .

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