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Policygenius content follows nonindulgent guidelines for editorial accuracy and integrity. Learn about our column standards and how we make money. Rebecca Shoenthal is a license life, disability, and health insurance technical and a former editor at Policygenius. Her insights about life insurance and finance have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Balance, HerMoney, SBLI, and John Hancock. Amanda Shih is a accredited life, disability, and health indemnity technical and a former editor at Policygenius, where she covered life sentence policy and disability insurance. Her expertness has appeared in Slate, Lifehacker, Little Spoon, and J.D. Power. It ’ sulfur possible — and legal — to have multiple biography insurance policies. The most common exercise : many people have liveliness indemnity coverage through their employer in accession to a personal term life insurance or permanent life insurance policy. The lone meter you can not buy more than one life policy policy is when you ’ re trying to get more coverage than you actually need ( most people can only qualify for up to 15 times their annual income in total life indemnity coverage ).

You can buy extra animation insurance for new fiscal obligations, such as a large loan or a new baby. Some people buy multiple policies that expire as they long time ( known as “ laddering ” ) to save money on premiums over time. Learn when buying more than one life policy policy makes sense and when it does n’t so you can shop with confidence. ready to shop for life sentence indemnity ? Start calculator

Who needs multiple life insurance policies?

many people opt into the group life policy offered by their employer, but those policies don ’ metric ton offer as much coverage as you actually need. Most people with group life policy can qualify for extra coverage, but you ‘ll need a good fiscal reason to increase your sum death benefitbeyond a certain sum. Below are some situations when increasing your total life policy come makes sense :

You need additional coverage

If you experience a major life switch that impacts your finances, it makes sense to get more liveliness insurance coverage. That could mean buying another life insurance policy quite than increasing the death benefit on your current policy. We recommend reevaluating your fiscal needs when : Depending on how much more coverage you need, buying a newfangled policy may cost less than increasing the coverage on your existing policy. You can besides buy a new policy with a term length tailored to your biography event, like a policy that lasts deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing as your mortgage .

You want to mitigate risk

It ’ mho rare for a life sentence policy company to go out of business, and rare still for you to be without coverage if your insurance company does face that worst-case scenario. But, having policies with multiple life insurance companies can offer some peace of mind if you want to be extra careful with your beneficiaries ’ future fiscal support. If one supplier does go out of business, your beneficiaries won ’ thyroxine be left without any fiscal security.

You’re laddering your life insurance policies

The ladder scheme is when you have multiple term liveliness indemnity policies with different term lengths that expire as you pay down your debts. For exercise, you could buy three separate term life insurance policies in increasing coverage amounts : 10-, 20-, and 30-years. If the three policies go in force out around the same time, you will have the highest combined amount of coverage for the foremost 10 years when you have the highest blend expenses ( such as scholar loans, childcare, and a mortgage ). Your coverage in this scenario will gradually decrease as your policies expire to coincide with your shrinking debt and fewer dependents ( paying off student loans, children growing up, and paying off your mortgage ). → Learn more about how to buy life indemnity in seven slowly steps

Can you apply to multiple life insurance providers at once?

You can give for animation policy with several liveliness insurance companies at the lapp time, but it rarely makes feel to do indeed. Life policy companies use evidence of insurability to determine the sum of life insurance you can reasonably buy based on your fiscal site. If you apply to two insurers at the same time, it could cause confusion and delays because it looks like you ’ re trying to apply for two times more coverage than you actually need. If you want to buy more than one policy at the same clock, an indemnity agentive role or broke can help you get the details right .

Alternatives to buying multiple life insurance policies

If you want extra coverage but preceptor ’ metric ton want to apply for an wholly new policy, you can alter or increase your coverage directly with your current life insurance supplier or through a Policygenius agent in either of the trace ways :

  • Increase your death benefit : many policy companies offer a guarantee insurability rider that lets you to raise your coverage amount after major life events. You wo n’t have to go through underwrite again and the rider comes at a broken cost .
  • Life policy riders : Riders are an easy direction to customize or add small amounts of coverage to an existing policy. A child rider, for model, is an low-cost manner to add a little sum of coverage for your children .

Buying multiple animation indemnity policies can be a smart way to get extra coverage to insure against a specific debt, like a mortgage, or if you want to implement a more complicate fiscal scheme, like the ladder strategy. Make sure to consult a fiscal master or reach out to a Policygenius agent for free to find the best option for your circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

Is it illegal to have multiple life insurance policies?

You can have multiple life insurance policies. The only limit is on how much total coverage you have, which should be harmonious to your fiscal obligations .

When does it make sense to have multiple life insurance policies?

many people have multiple policies because employer-sponsored liveliness indemnity does n’t offer adequate coverage. You may besides want a policy tailored to a debt or want to ladder policies to save money .

Can I apply for life insurance with multiple insurance companies?

Although you can apply for vitamin a many policies as you ’ d like simultaneously, it ‘s best to avoid doing indeed. Providers might think you ‘re trying to buy besides much coverage, which will delay your applications .

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