Motor vehicle tax (mrb)

When do you pay less or no drive fomite tax ? When do you pay less or no drive vehicle tax ? Do you live in the Netherlands and own a fomite ? then you will have to pay motive vehicle tax ( motorrijtuigenbelasting, mrb ). This applies to :

  • cars
  • vans
  • motorcycles
  • trailers
  • lorries

Paying motor vehicle tax

When you register your vehicle, you mechanically receive an appraisal from the dutch Tax and Customs Administration ( Belastingdienst ). You pay the motive vehicle tax ( besides known as road tax ) once every 3 months. You yourself are responsible for paying the centrifugal vehicle tax in time. If you have not received the placard within 1 calendar month you should call the Tax and Customs Administration. The total of tax you have to pay depends among others on the type of vehicle, its system of weights, character of fuel, and its environmental impact. You can use the centrifugal vehicle tax rate tool ( in Dutch ) to calculate the tax rate. For trucks there is a particular rate. For some trucks you have to pay intemperate vehicle tax ( belasting zware motorrijtuigen, bzm ) a well as drive fomite tax .

Foreign number denture

Are you a house physician of the Netherlands and do you own a motor vehicle displaying a alien number denture ? You have to file your Dutch motive vehicle tax hark back before you start using the car in the Netherlands. Use the ( Dutch-language ) form Notification motor vehicle tax foreign number plate. In general, you besides have to pay private motor fomite and motorcycle tax ( beats per minute ). For this, you have to file a beats per minute return.

Reduced rate drive vehicle tax for vans

A reduce rate applies to vans that meet specific layout requirements ( in Dutch ) and if :

  • you are an entrepreneur for the purposes of turnover tax;
  • the van is registered in your name or your company’s name; and
  • more than 10% of the distance (in kilometres) you drive is for business purposes.

Heavy party cars

Some heavy caller cars are taxed as passenger cars, such as :

  • dual cab pick-up trucks or delivery vans with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3,500 kg;
  • vans that do not comply to the requirements for vans (in Dutch).

You besides pay individual vehicle and motorbike tax ( beats per minute ) for these cars.

When do you pay less or no drive fomite tax ?

You can get an exemption for some vehicles ( in Dutch ). This means you do not have to pay motor vehicle tax ( mrb ) or you pay less motor vehicle tax .

Electric vehicles

only zero emissions cars, such as in full electric cars, are excuse from paying mrb. For cars that emit 1-50 grams of CO2 ( for case loanblend cars ) you pay half of the tax rate.

Classic vehicles

Do you own a vintage fomite ? You may have to pay less or no mrb at all. Please consult the classical vehicle tax rate cock ( in Dutch ) to assess what applies to your specific position. To be eligible for the transitional arrangement, please fill out the Dutch-language especial rate request form for motive vehicle tax ( the pdf ) and send it to the dutch Tax and Customs Administration .

Road-building work vehicles

Do you use heavy vehicles to build and maintain roads ? These may be nontaxable from heavy vehicle tax ( bzm ) and motive vehicle tax ( mrb ) .


You can apply for a refund of your motor vehicle tax ( in Dutch ) for :

  • a motor vehicle with foreign plates which is no longer used on Dutch roads
  • a motor vehicle without licence plates, which in the meantime has been fitted with plates
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