This Is the National Average Cost of Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Plus, shop 10 designs that wo n’t break the savings bank. How much do wedding invitations and other wedding wallpaper goods cost ? The curtly suffice : It depends. Your location, seller ( south ) and guest tilt size all factor into the final price, as does your stationery vision—based on the materials and craft required, certain details and designs are more expensive than others. All that said, we ‘re sharing some information about the national average cost of wedding invitations. Recent datum sheds some light on what US couples spend on invitations today, and we ‘ve broken it all out for you below. In this article:

The Average Cost of Wedding Stationery

then, what is the average price of wedding invitations and stationery ? Based on a survey of more than 15,000 newlyweds, it ‘s $ 530 full. Interesting to note, this number has stayed pretty steady over the course of the past few years.

Okay, but what does that entire price actually include ? Most couples start things off by buying and sending save-the-dates. And based on the survey, that cost averages 150 bucks. From there, people mail their invites and RSVP cards to guests. On average, those paper goods ( which are much sold together, along with other inserts such as reception cards ) cost an extra $ 250 combined. As for the remaining $ 130 ? That average accounts for day-of stationery, such as menus, programs and position cards .

Of class, there ‘s actually a wide price rate when it comes to wedding invites and newspaper goods —and for that matter, any wedding cost that involves hiring a professional for avail. Markets are different across the U.S., sol stationery in your region might go for more ( or less ) than it does somewhere else. For reference point, in this study, the average monetary value was highest in the Mid-Atlantic ( $ 648 ) and lowest in the West ( $ 462 ) .

In addition, the labor and love involved affect the marry invitation price. Luxury stationery suites crafted from high-end supplies are going to come with a higher monetary value tag—so is anything wholly custom-made. In fact, some newspaper good sets cost thousands. typically, more labor-intensive impression methods like relief printing or bridge player calligraphy tend to cost more than thermography or digital printing. And heavier cardstock is more expensive than thin types of paper. You ‘ll besides shell out more for certain design elements, embellishments and add-ons, such as foil emboss, wax seals and fancy envelope liners. And do n’t forget postage costs ! A heavier invitation will cost more to send, as will those that are uniquely-shaped .

As with all things budget-related, how much you spend is influenced by what you prioritize. There ‘s nothing wrong with springing for a super-fancy customs design if that ‘s what you and your collaborator ( and whoever else is chipping in ) agree upon—especially if the resulting keepsakes will bring you joy for years to come. But on the flipside, do n’t feel pressured to break the bank for these wedding details. Wondering how to make the overall cost of stationery match into your wedding budget ? Begin your search by checking out The Knot Invitations, which offers a wide kind of styles at approachable prices : Wedding invites start at under $ 2 each. You can evening purchase your integral suite—from your save-the-dates to your thank-you cards —all in the like exclusive design, and build a wedding web site to match .
In addition, you can search our list of local stationery vendors to see what composition goods go for in your area and find professionals in your determined price range. Do n’t be afraid to ask questions as you explore your options. It ‘s best to determine your marry ‘s theme or color palette, ampere well as any stationery styles you like. then, you can just ask, “ With those things in mind, what can I get at this price item ? ” You should besides inquire about whether or not purchasing certain items together ( say, your invites and matching place cards ) can help you save money in the long run.

Whether you go wholly bespoke with the help of a stationer and calligrapher or you choose a pre-designed template from an on-line retailer to work off of, we know you ‘ll find stationery that suits your wedding wonderfully without going over budget. And if you need inspiration, we ‘ve rounded up some of our most-loved invites and save-the-dates below. bonus : You can request a exempt sample of your favorites before you purchase .

10 Stationery Designs You Can Sample for Free

There ‘s a set to love ( and money to save ) with The Knot Invitations. Before you commit to a marry invitation cortege, you can sample any three save-the-date or invitation designs. here are a few fashionable ideas to get you started .flower save the date card photo couple beach proposal How much do save-the-dates cost ? These beginning at under a dollar. We love the fresh design of this individualized summer save-the-date .greenery save the date car and envelope Incorporating greenery into your big day is one of our favorite budget wedding trends. Set the spirit early with these elegant save-the-dates .modern arch photo save the date card How cool is this modern and budget-friendly save-the-date calling card ? angstrom well as being the perfective excuse to show off your favorite movie from your engagement shoot, the satiny design makes your details easy to read .minimalist save the date care with leafy accents Fall save-the-date cards do n’t come much more chic than this. The bluff typography allows your details to shine, while the leafy accents add a pretty touch .
passport save the date Give your guests a pilfer glance at what ‘s to come with these destination wedding save-the-dates. Flip the passport-style menu over to reveal a “ board travel by ” on the back .rich red floral wedding invitation set With beautiful flowers, bold colors and a clean, clear up baptismal font, it ‘s no wonder this is a favorite. The six different coloring material variations ( including bluish green and pinko ) make it slowly to match these invites to any wedding color palette .rustic wedding invitation One of the best things about purchasing your invites from The Knot is the cost of custom marry invitations is included in the monetary value. Case in degree : These rustic marry invitations can be personalized with all your details and you can speak to one of our designers to personalize the state form excessively .snowy scene wedding invitation One glimpse at these winter marry invitations and your guests will already be thinking about what to wear to your cold-weather marry. The paint design is wonderfully dreamy.

eucalytus framed wedding invitation with detail and RSVP card Cheap marriage invitations that look expensive ? We love to see it. These eucalyptus-framed invites will make your details stand out, and the design suits about any wedding-day composition .retro-style wedding invitation in gold and green Go ex post facto with these cool and low-cost marry invitations. The plan resembles a jukebox, so why not use that as inspo and include one at your wedding ? Your guests will rave about it for years to come .

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