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Lawyers are much the most expensive function of filing bankruptcy, but in a bare case they often don ’ t do anything you can ’ thymine do on your own. This guidebook will walk you through the steps to filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy in Missouri without a lawyer. This is called filing “ professional se. ”

Collect Your Missouri Bankruptcy Documents

Filing bankruptcy is like telling a story about your fiscal situation. To give the court a complete visualize of why your debts should be discharged, you need to gather fiscal statements to tell your fib. At a minimum, you ’ ll motivation :

  • The last two years of your tax returns, which you can request on-line from the IRS if you can ’ triiodothyronine find them.
  • At least 60 days of paycheck stub. If you can ’ thyroxine don ’ thyroxine have these, ask your employer ’ second payroll department for a copy .
  • The savings bank statement that covers the file go steady. You can go on-line to download this from your history after filing your font ( you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a “ filing date ” until then ) .

It ’ randomness besides a well estimate to collect some extra documents, such as statements and letters from creditors, debt collectors, and collection agencies. You should besides pull up 6-12 months of older bank statements and your citation report. You ’ re entitled to a free composition every 12 months from each of the three consumer credit rating coverage agencies. Your credit reports list all your debts and creditors. Upsolve pulls recognition reports for all its users. Gathering these documents ahead of time will make it easier to fill out the paperwork and tell a complete report without by chance leaving anything out .

Take Credit Counseling

The documents you barely collected will be helpful when you take the ask pre-bankruptcy credit counseling run. This class takes you through your fiscal situation and your monthly budget. It will take one to two hours, and you can take it over the earphone or on-line. Make certain you take the course from a supplier that ’ s approved by Missouri. once you finish, you ’ ll receive a completion certificate that you ’ ll indigence to include with your bankruptcy request. You need to take the run sometime in the six months before you file Chapter 7. The course costs money, but you can ask for a fee release if you can ’ metric ton afford it .

Complete the Bankruptcy Forms

Most of the bankruptcy forms are set by union law and are the same nationally. They ’ re available for detached on-line from The court besides provides a guide to filling out the forms. Go lento through the paperwork and take the clock to get it right. bankruptcy forms are the reason that some people hire lawyers to represent them in chapter 7 cases. Filing out the forms can be a set of work. When you hire a lawyer, you ’ ll still have to pull your fiscal data together and take the credit counseling class. But your lawyer will prepare your chapter 7 forms using information from a questionnaire you fill out about your fiscal site. If you file using Upsolve ‘s detached file cock, you ’ ll fill out an on-line shape, and our software will generate your bankruptcy paperwork for you .

Get Your Filing Fee

chapter 7 bankruptcy costs $ 338. You can ask the court if you can make the payment in up to four installments over 120 days, but it ’ s a good idea to wait to file until you can pay the fee in full. That ’ randomness because if you miss an installment payment, the court can dismiss your event without a refund. That said, people who are facing unplayful debt collection actions, like wage garnishment or foreclosure, much choose to start the bankruptcy sooner so they can take advantage of the automatic stay. This will make all debt collectors stop their collection natural process. They can ’ t call you or send you notices in the mail. They besides have to stop garnishing your wages and put lawsuits, like foreclosures, on declare until your bankruptcy case is done. If you make less than 150 % of the federal poverty guidelines, you can ask the court for a tip release. To see if you ’ ra eligible, spirit at the Missouri Fee Waiver Eligibility mesa under .

It ’ s a good theme to print everything proper before you file your bankruptcy because your bankruptcy paperwork includes a set of time-sensitive information. Make sure you print your documents on even, white letter-size newspaper ( 8.5×11 inches ). The bankruptcy paperwork should be single-sided and printed in black ink. Don ’ triiodothyronine staple any of the pages together. Since there are several different forms, it ‘s helpful to go through a checklist to make certain you have everything you need. Read everything cautiously and make certain you sign in all the correct spots. If you file with Upsolve, you get all your documents as a one downloadable PDF that includes dividers flagging each signature page. You should keep a second copy of your bankruptcy documents for your records .

File Your Forms With the Missouri Bankruptcy Court

You have three options to file your bankruptcy case in Missouri :

  1. You can go in person to the courthouse in either St. Louis if you live in the Eastern District, or in Kansas City if you live in the western District .
  2. You can mail your paperwork in if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to go to the courthouse in person. You ‘ll send it to either the Eastern or Western District ’ s courthouse, depending on where you live .
  3. You can file your bankruptcy request on-line. Both districts in Missouri allow pro se filers to file on-line through their websites .

If you choose to file in person at the courthouse, look up directions and where to park before you go. besides, check the latest COVID-19 security system measures. Some people choose to file their paperwork immediately with the woo because the clerk can let you know if you ’ re missing anything while you ’ re there .

Mail Documents to Your Trustee

A bankruptcy trustee is the an official who checks all the information you listed in your bankruptcy forms. After you file your paperwork, the bankruptcy court will send you a notification about who your regent is. Your trustee may send you letters asking for specific documents, like pay up stubs. You ’ ll need to give the trustee all the documents they ask for to make indisputable your case goes smoothly. Under the Bankruptcy Code, you ’ ll need to send the trustee two things at least seven days before your 341 meet :

  1. Your two most late union income tax returns, and
  2. A bank argument covering the date you filed bankruptcy .

Take a Debtor Education Course

After you file your bankruptcy paperwork, you ’ ll need to take a debtor education class. This personal fiscal management run will show you some tools you can use to manage your finances and take full advantage of your fiscal fresh start. It ‘s important to take this course from a state-approved provider. You can take it online or over the call. When you ’ re finished, make certain to file the completion certificate with the court to make certain you get your discharge. If you don ’ t take the course and give the certificate to the court within 60 days of your creditors ’ meeting, the court can dismiss your chapter 7 case without a refund. You can take the class before the merging adenine well. many filers choose to do that, so they can get it out of the means .

Attend Your 341 Meeting

About 30 days after filing your chapter 7 paperwork, you ’ ll have to attend your merging of creditors. This is besides known as a creditors ’ meet or 341 meet. At the meet, you ’ ll motivation to show your ID and answer questions about your fiscal site and bankruptcy forms. For some people, this can be the most nerve-racking contribution of a chapter 7 case. But if you take meter before the meet to review your papers and remember to breathe, you ’ ll be all right. A creditor is person you owe money to. Your creditors might send a representative to the converge, but this rarely happens. More frequently than not, the 341 meeting is a short circuit but formal, meeting with your trustee to discuss your casing. At the here and now, all of these meetings across the nation are being held over the call or on-line. This is a COVID-19 safety bill and may change. Read every document you receive from the motor hotel or your regent carefully then you know what to do for your meet. After the meeting is over, a long as you ’ ve submitted your completion certificate from the personal finance naturally, you can expect a exhaust from the court within 60-90 days .

Dealing with Your Car

It ’ randomness significant to decide what you want to do with your car when you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are many options, depending on your fiscal relationship with your motor vehicle .

  • If you own the car and it ’ s worth less than $ 3,000, you can keep it under a Missouri bankruptcy exemption .
  • If you ’ re inactive making payments on a car lend and you can ’ thymine afford your car payment, you can surrender the car and walk away from the loanword. The loan counterweight will be discharged as part of your bankruptcy.
  • If you ’ re placid making payments on the loanword, but you owe more than your car is worth, you can redeem the car by paying the lender the car ’ s grocery store value, not the prize of the lend. The remaining sum will be discharged .
  • If you ’ re still making car payments and you like the cable car and can afford your payments, you can reaffirm the car lend. When you reaffirm the lend, you ’ ll continue making payments as convention. similarly, if you ’ re leasing the cable car and like the lease agreement, you should be able to continue paying your rent each month .

After your bankruptcy is discharged, it might actually be easier to buy a newfangled car because your citation score will start to increase .

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