Off Grid Solar System Cost (What Can You Expect to Pay?)

Taking your home completely off-grid with solar is a much more involve and expensive of a process than many people first think .
The frame-up requires assorted different components, some of which are much more complex than the more common grid-tied solar installation .
however, going wholly off-grid with solar may be the entirely feasible solution for a home that ’ south located in the middle of nowhere, or when the owner wants to rely entirely on their own energy solutions .
If this sounds like you, you may be curious about how a lot off grid solar system price ?

Assuming electric consumption is that of the U.S. national average, an off-grid solar system would cost between $30,392 – $48,048. The major price fluctuation is largely due to battery bank type, with LFP batteries costing much more than flooded lead-acid.
last, before we continue going into detail on each off-grid solar system part and its monetary value, we need to make surely you understand something .
solar arrangement cost is largely dictated by 3 things. Your area, extremum sunday hours, and electricity consumption .
The average price we gave above assumes you live in the United States. Costs in Australia for example would be much different .

What Components Are Typically Used in an Off grid Solar Power System?

off grid solar system
In this section we will outline all the different components that make up an off-grid solar system and how each will influence the overall monetary value of your system .
Keep in heed each component that makes up an off-grid solar system varies in cost based on its size and post .
For example, if your home plate uses a lot of electricity it is going to need a larger-sized battery trust to offset your pulmonary tuberculosis on overcast days. The larger the battery bank, the higher the costs .
We will factor in location in the adjacent section, here we want to talk about each of the main components that make up an off-grid solar arrangement and what you can expect their costs to be .

# 1 solar Panels

Of course, there ’ s no solar organization, without solar panels. The cost of solar panels will depend on how many you get, what type, and how you mount them .
Most homes will go with a roof-mounted solar system unless you ’ ve got a distribute of farming to install a ground-mounted arrangement .
On average, solar panels will cost around $ 2,76 per watt .

  • Average Cost: $5,000 – $30,000

# 2 charge Controllers

charge controllers regulate the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from the electric batteries .
The type/power rate of these devices by and large determines the price .
We recommend installing MPPT agitate controllers, Victron is a fantastic brand .

  • Average Cost: $50 – $1000

# 3 Hybrid Inverter

Inverters are pretty much the life force behind your off-grid solar arrangement. Without them, your apparatus won ’ t make .
They basically transform the DC electricity from your batteries into useable AC electricity which you can use to ability your appliances around the house .

  • Average cost: $3000 – $13,000

# 4 Battery Bank

possibly the most expensive component of your integral off-grid solar system frame-up .
Battery banks are one of the defining components of an off-grid solar system .
They allow your family to be powered during periods of cloud-covered conditions or at night meter .
Battery engineering is inactive quite expensive, peculiarly lithium-ion engineering .

  • Average cost: $10,000 – $30,000

For the most share we have covered the main components in an off-grid solar system .
however, there are of course a few more smaller components that will add to your price. We have chosen to leave them out as they actually all count on the individual frame-up .

Off Grid Solar Systems: Estimated Costs Table

off grid power systems

Solar Panels  $5,000 – $30,000
Charge Controller $50 – $1,000
Hybrid Inverter $3,000 – $13,000
Battery Bank $10,000 – $30,000
Total $18,050 – $74,000

The overall cost of your system truly all comes toss off to what size you have installed .
The larger the size the more expensive .
The size you require all comes polish to your energy pulmonary tuberculosis and your offset requirements .
For this reason we have included averages rather of accurate amounts as the cost of an off-grid solar organization varies way excessively much person to person .

Solar Tax Credits

One fringe benefit available to those of you who live in the U.S. is the solar tax credit. Our averages do not take into history your ability to claim solar incentives for your solar facility .
“ Congress passed an annex of the ITC, which provides a 26 % tax credit for systems installed in 2020-2022, and 22 % for systems installed in 2023. ( Systems installed before December 31, 2019 were eligible for a 30 % tax citation. ) The tax recognition expires starting in 2024 unless Congress renews it. ” – Energy.Gov

Taking these credits into consideration, our average amounts get reduced to :

  • $13,357 – $54,740

Off Grid Solar Systems: Complete Costs Table

System Size (kW) Daily Production Estimate Approximate Price Range
( before 26 % federal tax credit )
1.30 kW day by day summer : 5.80
daily winter : 2.90
Price: $8,349 – $14,220
2.90 kW daily summer : 13.00
daily winter : 6.50
Price: $11,559 – $16,921
3.80 kW casual summer : 17.30
daily winter : 8.60
Price: $13,916 – $23,571
4.80 kW daily summer : 21.60
daily winter : 10.80
Price: $15,634 – $25,289
5.80 kW daily summer : 25.90
daily winter : 13.00
Price: $18,303 – $27,958
6.40 kW daily summer : 28.80
casual winter : 14.40
Price: $22,654 – $32,699
7.70 kW daily summer : 34.60
daily winter : 17.30
Price: $24,451 – $34,496
9.60 kW casual summer : 43.20
day by day winter : 21.60
Price: $33,462 – $54,111
10.20 kW daily summer : 46.10
casual winter : 23.00
Price: $32,065 – $48,565
11.50 kW day by day summer : 51.80
day by day winter : 25.90
Price: $32,815 – $53,464
12.80 kW casual summer : 57.60
casual winter : 28.80
Price: $35,653 – $52,154
14.40 kW daily summer : 64.80
daily winter : 32.40
Price: $47,263 – $76,984
17.30 kW day by day summer : 77.80
day by day winter : 38.90
Price: $51,180 – $80,900

( board courtesy of Unbound Solar )
You may use the above table to figure out your calculate costs based on your homes solar requirements .

Final Thoughts

Understanding the costs involved with your off-grid solar system is the inaugural step in figuring out whether this is a feasible choice for your family.

An off-grid solar system may allow you to live in more detached areas, ones closer to nature without grid-tied electricity provide .
This in itself would broadly reduce the overall purchase cost of your family. possibly this is some incentive to justify the big cost of an off-grid solar system .


1. Is Off Grid solar expensive ?
Off-grid solar systems are expensive. A solar panel frame-up that supplies all the energy needs of a family tends to be identical expensive. Compared to a grid-connected solar system, an off-grid solar system requires more panels, an inverter with a higher voltage capacity, and a bombastic sum of solar barrage memory.

2. Does solar increase dwelling measure ?
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( NREL ) found that every dollar saved on energy through solar increases home rate by $ 20. That ‘s a return on investment of 20 to 1. … According to Zillow, homes with solar panels sell for approximately 4 percentage higher on average than homes without solar energy.

3. How much does a 100kW solar arrangement cost ?
The average commercial solar panel price for 100kW solar system in the US is about $ 325,000 with average prices ranging from $ 50,000 for a 25kW system to $ 600,000 for a 250kW solar system .

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