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Setting up an on-line investing brokerage account can be a moment intimidating. That ‘s why The Motley Fool has put together a few bit-by-bit guides to help walk you through the process. For this how-to, we ‘re focusing on Fidelity ‘s on-line individual brokerage account. If you ‘d like to see competing offers from other brokers, then steer on over to our broker comparison page .

What you’ll need to get started

You ‘ll need to have the stick to data on hand to get your Fidelity history up and run :

  • Social Security number.
  • Employer’s name and address, if applicable.
  • Bank account information to fund the account.

There are n’t any fees for opening up or maintaining a Fidelity brokerage score, but there is a $ 2,500 investing minimum. So you can set up an report for free, but you ‘ll need to fund it with $ 2,500 to start investing. As with most on-line brokerage house accounts, there ‘s an fairness craft fee, which is $ 7.95 per trade wind for Fidelity .
If you need help during the application process, Fidelity provides a radio link on the right side of the page where you can chat with an on-line spokesperson. You can besides call the number above the new world chat option.

Step 1: Fill in your personal information 

beginning, go here and click “ open on-line ” following to the inaugural option, “ brokerage Account – The Fidelity Account. ” choose individual score and click “ following, ” and then you ‘ll be asked whether you ‘re an existing Fidelity customer. If you do n’t already have a Fidelity account, then you ‘ll need to fill in some basic personal data — electronic mail address, street address, Social Security act, and indeed on — on this foliate and the stick to page .
This department will besides be where you enter your employment information, if applicable. The locate will besides ask you to estimate how frequently you ‘ll be trading. ( Promise us you ‘ll stay away from day trade. )
You ‘ll besides be asked whether you ‘re associated with a broker-dealer, a banal exchange, or the fiscal Industry Regulatory Authority. You ‘ll besides have to answer whether you or any immediate class members are a film director or a 10 % stockholder of a publicly held company. Most likely, you ‘ll answer “ no ” to these questions .
once you ‘ve filled out the personal information and answered those immediate questions, move on to Step 2 .

Step 2: Add account settings

On this foliate you ‘ll answer a few quick questions about your account. It ‘s deserving noting here that Fidelity ‘s bill settings are some of the simplest and quickest to set up. other brokerage accounts are n’t necessarily difficult, but Fidelity ‘s is one of the most square.

You ‘ll basically just answer questions about your e-mail preferences and whether you want to subscribe to Fidelity ‘s newsletter. The party besides discloses here that it will automatically put your money in a money marketplace account when you ‘re not using it to invest. If you do n’t want Fidelity investing the money you ‘re not using, then there ‘s a yoke to see other options as well .

Step 3: Review and confirm

You ‘re about done. In this part you ‘ll barely review your personal information, the score you selected, your employment information, and some general report settings .
You ‘ll besides go through some technical information, such as the customer agreement, terms and conditions, electronic pitch agreement, and so on. Read and review these documents, and then click the “ yes ” button at the bottom .

The following page will show a taxpayer identification agreement and some extra terms. once you read though them, barely click “ open report. ”

Step 4: Fund the account and start investing

Congratulations — you ‘ve opened the account ! From hera you ‘ll be able to fund your account using your bank data, or you can fund it through another brokerage bill.

other than that, you ‘re all done setting up your Fidelity brokerage house report. Remember that you can always view special broker offers hera, and if you need some tips on how to get get down endow, check out these handy Motley Fool articles :

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