Airbnb Pricing: How Much to Charge for Rent

“ How much should I charge for economic rent ? ” is one of the first things Airbnb investors ask themselves when starting out in the vacation rental business. Whether you ’ re renting out a room or an stallion property, forming an Airbnb price strategy is crucial when investing in inadequate term lease properties .
To figure out how to list your property on Airbnb, check out our steer on becoming an Airbnb host .

The Simple Formula 

There ’ s a bare convention that ’ ll help you determine the minimal nightly pace to charge for your Airbnb place. Calculate your monthly costs ( such as mortgage payments ), and add utilities ( such as gas, urine, cable, Wi-Fi, clean fees, etc. ), and divide that by 30 days of the month – this is your average daily cost. Say you got $ 80, this is the very least you should charge per nox, the absolute minimum. Your goal, however, should be to maximize Airbnb cash flow and your Airbnb profit gross profit, not precisely to break tied. furthermore, you ’ re going to have nights where your rental property is vacant, so you want the tax income from early nights to help you cover that .

Other Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Airbnb

The simpleton formula gives you the minimum rate to charge to break even, but there are respective early factors to consider when deciding how much to charge for Airbnb so that you can turn a profit. Check them out below.

1. Similar or Comparable Properties

What are other rental properties, i.e. your contest, in your neighborhood going for ? Looking at exchangeable properties in your region will aid you in determining a scope for a basic Airbnb price. A simple search of your city or vicinity on Airbnb will give you a good range of properties and prices to look at. For model, if you see that similar properties are listed at $ 60 – $ 90 in your sphere, that ’ s the rate you want to price your own Airbnb list at .
An easier way to calculate your neighborhood ’ s average rental rate is through Mashvisor ’ s Airbnb profit calculator – the best Airbnb price tool. Using the tool ’ sulfur heatmap sport, you can obtain Airbnb data on the average rental income for a region. You will besides be able to view Airbnb listings in the same neighborhood as yours along with their current rates. furthermore, you can add your own Airbnb lease to Mashvisor ’ mho database and it will mechanically pull up the expected monthly rental income a well as a list of Airbnb comps specific to your property. This can give you an estimate of what to charge per nox for your Airbnb investment property .
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2. Airbnb Occupancy Rate

Mashvisor ’ s lease property calculator not only gives you access to Airbnb analytics and comps as mentioned before, but it besides tells you what Airbnb occupation rate you can expect from your place, among other authoritative data that will help you with your Airbnb pricing ( see below ) .
Another way to find out what to charge based on Airbnb occupancy rate is through current listings. You can do this by going to a specific similar place in the region on Mashvisor to see its occupation pace and compare it to its current nightly rate. That ’ ll give you an estimate of what Airbnb occupation to expect for a certain price .
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3. Airbnb Reviews

by and large speaking, and if you are just starting out on Airbnb, you should start with a lower price for your number. When you first start with Airbnb actual estate induct, you won ’ t accumulate a batch of positive Airbnb reviews right away. so to encourage your first few bookings, your Airbnb price should be lower. once you have established yourself as a server and your property through good reviews, you can up the price of your listing. The better your reviews are, the more tractability with price you have .

4. Cleaning Fees

This is another thing to keep in thinker when setting a price for Airbnb rentals. even if you take care of the clean yourself, you should distillery add a cleaning fee. After all, your time ( and whatever supplies you use ) are worth money, no ? At the like time, make sure that your clean fees are not so gamey that they deter guests. This is particularly the case for guests who are staying for entirely a night or two. Cleaning fees normally range anywhere between $ 20 – $ 50, sometimes more.

5. Charging for Extra Guests

This is something quite coarse among Airbnb hosts. If you can manage to fit an extra person in your short term rental property, you can charge extra Airbnb fees. If you have a futon or an excess bed, you can add the excess cost to the night ’ mho base minimum for the number of guests. Read more on how you can do this here. This is quite common, you ’ ll see it on multiple property listings, and it is a truly good opportunity to increase your Airbnb cash menstruation .

6. Seasonal Pricing

Airbnb listings can have dynamic pricing, depending on extremum or off seasons. Look out for seasonal events in your area. If there ’ s a huge concert, festival, or a major football crippled happening in your area, you can increase the price of your number and guests would even be will to pay because of the occasion. During slower seasons, you can decrease the Airbnb price to motivate guests to book the rental place .

What About Airbnb Smart Pricing?

Airbnb Smart Pricing is a instrument on the Airbnb web site which collects and analyzes data about Airbnb need and provide, tourist activity, handiness of alike listings, among other market trends and factors. The tool then provides a hint price for hosts or investors to adopt. not many hosts, however, use the Airbnb Smart Pricing. respective report that the cock provides them with prices lower than that of the market average, and therefore forgo a good collocate of profit when using it. rather, substantial estate investors are opting for other methods for Airbnb price, including the ones discussed above .

Final Words on Airbnb Pricing

therefore when asking yourself “ How a lot can I rent my house for on Airbnb ? ” you need to calculate your daily cost, then consider all extra variables that go into the equation. But ultimately, the most crucial thing to keep in beware for Airbnb price is your expect Airbnb return on investment. Airbnb can be a actually profitable investment if you make understanding choices when it comes to price .
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Do you have any hacks that help you with Airbnb pricing? Let us know below!
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