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Prices are intended to be used as a guide only The cost of floor tiling ranges from $ 130 to $ 205 per square meter including tug and materials. Prices vary depending on the size and character of deck tiles used, the total of areas to tile and your location .
Floor tiles come in a variety of styles, thicknesses and repellent qualities. Ceramic, mosaic and porcelain tiles are few examples of non-resilient or hard open types. The material type will affect how much does tile costs. Choosing among the available floor tiling materials is frequently based on property needs and allocated budget.

The type of tiles you will use for outdoor areas should besides be considered as these tiling sheets are more unwrap to urine and heat .

Tile Flooring Labour Costs

Most tilers charge an approximate sum of $37 to $65 per square metre. The price compass will depend on the size and complexity of the subcontract. Below is the average price of professional tilers on a per-square-metre basis .

State Average Cost per m2
New South Wales $60 to $65
Victoria $47 to $50
Western Australia $45 to $47
Queensland $45 to $47
South Australia $37 to $40

The increase in cost may mean a high requirement for professional floor tilers in your area. By posting a occupation on HIREtrades, you will receive up to three quotes from local contractors .
DIY make might reduce the expenses for preparation and facility procedures but for high-quality results, having a qualify tiler work benefits in the long run. Ask for written quotations to clarify costs and the setting of work .

Tile Flooring Cost By Type

multiple factors affect the sum monetary value of a tile shock visualize, one of which is the type of tile to be used. naturally, tiles that have a more premium front and extra features will cost a little more than others. Read on to learn more about the different types of tiling and their costs :
porcelain is one of the most popular types of tile. many Aussie homeowners prefer porcelain ascribable to its lastingness, appearance, and resistance to stain and moisture. Prices for porcelain tiles range from $ 50 to $ 100 per feather meter .
Ceramic is besides a common tile choice for Aussies. It is repellent to scratches, dents and dents – but they are more budget-friendly than porcelain tiles – with an average price of $ 30 per square meter for indoor tiles .
Travertine Tiles
Travertine is a type of natural limestone with unique swirls and apparent motion in its appearance. Expect to pay up to $ 120 per square meter for travertine tiles .
Natural stone tiles such as granite, slate and marble tiles are another popular option of tile in Aussie households. The costs for stone tiles range from $ 100 to $ 300 per feather meter .
glass tiles are most suitable for indoor consumption – installed as kitchen backsplash, kitchen countertop or in the shower. For glass tiles, prepare a budget of about $ 50 to $ 100 per square meter .
Cement-Look Tiles
Cement-look or concrete-look tiles have a modern industrial aesthetic that gives your home a clean and dateless spirit. Costs for cement-look tiles range from $ 50 to $ 75 per squarely meter .

Cost To Tile a Bathroom Floor

Assuming you ’ ll be using ceramic tiles in tiling your toilet floor, the average total monetary value for tiling a little bathroom floor of 3 hearty metres is around $ 400 to $ 800, which already includes labor cost .
full cost for tiling a bigger bathroom of 15 square metres ( including british labour party ) would be $ 1,600 .
Cost To Tile a Kitchen Floor
Tiling a small kitchen deck measuring 15 square metres will have a entire cost ranging from $ 1,400 to $ 2,800. Tiling a bigger kitchen measuring 17 square metres will cost about $ 2,000 to $ 3,900 .
Cost To Replace a Tile Floor
Replacing an existing tile floor will incur extra parturiency costs for removing the previous tiles. Expect to pay an extra $ 200 to $ 600 on top of the sum facility monetary value .

What Determines the Cost of Floor Tiling Job?

Cost of Tile Instalation
Knowing what influences the cost of tiling services helps you in preparing your budget for the overall work. Whether it is a renovation or extension plan, it pays to consider a few factors that determine the cost .
1. Site preparation

planning tasks such as clean and surfacing the area determine how much you will be charged. Likewise, removing old tiles adds to your full expenses .
The cost to remove tile floors can range from $ 20 to $ 50 per squarely meter depending on the type of tile, web site condition and many early factors. In some cases, using a concrete grind machine is required before the actual tile removal .
2. Materials
The type of materials you are planning to buy and install affects the overall cost .
For case, if you prefer a adjust of 61mm x 61mm glassy mosaic tiles to be used for your toilet renovation project, the price per square metre could be around $ 113 to $ 139 for materials, including bed and bespeak .
Identify what floor tiles to choose and shop around to compare prices .
3. Level of difficulty
The degree of difficulty in laying tiles increases the caper ’ sulfur complexity. This will incur higher costs for labor .
Do you need a floor expert across Australia ?Post a job note : It is crucial to have the area carefully assessed before commencing the work. In this way, your prospective tiler may provide more accurate cost estimates .

How Much Should You Pay for Tiles?

The cost to install tiles can vary from $95 to $140 per square metre in main areas. The price may increase depending on where you live and what type of floor tile is used .

Type of Tiles Size Tiles Prime Cost** Installation incl. bedding and pointing (m2)
Mosaic (Glazed) 61 x 61mm $40 $113 – $129
100 x 100mm $40 $110.50 – $135
Mosaic (Unglazed) 50 x 50mm $40 $113 – $139
Mosaic (Homogeneous) 50 x 50mm $40 $113 – $139
Ceramic 200 x 200mm $40 $104.50 – $127
300 x 300mm $40 $103 – $125
330 x 330mm $35 $97.50 – $119
450 x 450mm $40 $102 – $124
600 x 600mm $55 $118 – $139.50
Quarry (Light duty) 250 x 250mm $33 $96.80 – $119.50
Quarry (Heavy duty) 300 x 300mm $38 $101 – $123
Quarry (Unglazed) 200 x 200mm $50 $115.50 – $138
Terracotta (Natural) 300 x 300mm $42 $105 – $127
Terracotta (Tactile) 300 x 300mm $48 $113.50 – $136
( Unglazed porcelain )
200 x 200mm $50 $115.50 – $138
300 x 300mm $50 $114 – $136

*Pricing details are based on australian Construction Handbook 2018 Edition .
**Allowance for tile choice. This may vary due to person or project requirements .

How much maintenance is required for floor tiles?

Floor tiles maintenance cost
Hard-surfaced floors are easier and cheaper to maintain. even vacuum and sweeping can help to avoid early deterioration in appearance and lastingness .
Tile resurfacing can besides give your floor tiles a new attend. Hiring a master tiler will help to give you accurate pricing to organise your budget .
Grout houseclean is another aspect to consider. This helps to bring back the original appearance of your shock tiles and keep them in good condition .
careless of what type of tiles you may install, make certain to have it properly maintained by a believe tiler in your area. HIREtrades can help you find local contractors for your future deck tiling job .

Get Quotes From Floor Tiling Experts

Tiling your floors require the expertness of a floor tiling expert. HIREtrades can make the scout and hiring process easier for you by allowing you to post the subcontract on our app or at .
once you register and post the details of your tile project at HIREtrades, our system will alert the master tile contractors in your area to give them a chance to submit a quote for your visualize. You ’ ll receive up to 3 FREE quotes to help you get started and help you save on costs .

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reduce the cost of tiling?

Choose less expensive type of tile, such as ceramic tile Reduce the size by concentrating the tiling in a smaller floor or wall area Eliminate costs by foregoing unnecessary details such as a tile kitchen island or a bathroom dressing table area .

What’s the difference between floor tiles vs laminate flooring vs timber flooring?

Floor tiles and laminate shock cost about the lapp, however, deck tiles are proven to be more durable than laminate because of its moisture-resistant quality. Water that seeps into laminate floor can cause stain, heave, and permanent wrong. however, the disadvantage of tile shock is that it is more susceptible to chipping or breaking under clayey atmospheric pressure. Timber or hardwood deck is another democratic option ascribable to its warm and classic aesthetic – although like laminate deck, timber is not resistant to water or moisture. Water wrong in timber floors can result in fast clothing and tear compared to laminate deck or shock tiles .

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