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You might be thinking about First Citizens Bank as you look for your adjacent check account, specially if you live in the southeast United States .
additionally, it has a footprint in a big issue of states across the area .
The best depart :

Among its checking bill options, the bank offers a exempt check account .
The Free Checking Account is a upstanding choice for a basic check option .
But, before you open one, learn in this review all about its fees and features and compare it to alternatives from First Citizens Bank and early banks .

First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • No monthly fee
  • Extended customer service hours
  • Mobile banking apps available
  • Paper statement fee
  • Service fees on the higher end
  • Doesn’t earn interest

No Monthly Fees

The First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account lives up to its name .
There are no monthly fees to keep the explanation open, so you can get entree to all of the check account features that you need, spare of charge .
The caveat :
You must meet to keep your account open .
You must sign up for electronic statements in the first 60 days you have the account .
If you fail to do so, your explanation will mechanically be converted to a fee-based determine account .

Overdraft Fee Policies

Though it ’ s not something that you want to do, you might find yourself overdrawing your checking account from time to time .
Whether you lost track of your history ’ south remainder or have excessively many bills to pay, overdrawing your score is irritating .
Your account ’ s poise will go into the negatives and your bank will charge you a goodly fee .
A $ 5 cup of chocolate can quickly become a $ 40 cup of coffee bean if you have to pay an overdraft tip to buy it .
First Citizens Bank charges a $ 36 tip for every overdraft that occurs on your bill. There is a limit of 4 overdraft fees per day .
First Citizens Bank gives you a few ways to save money on overdraft fees .

The $5 threshold

To start, the bank will not charge a tip for transactions of $ 5 or less that campaign an overdraft .
That means that humble purchases won ’ thymine incur an unexpected huge tip .

Overdraft protection transfers

If you have a First Citizens Bank savings account, you can sign up for overdraft protection transfers .
If you do, money will mechanically be moved from your savings account to your checking report to cover overdrafts. That means your checking account balance won ’ triiodothyronine fall into the negatives .
If you do take advantage of this servicing, there is a $ 12 fee for overdraft transfers .
This fee will only be charged once per day .
look :
Although a $ 12 fee international relations and security network ’ thyroxine bum, it ’ randomness much lower than the $ 36 fee you would have paid, meaning you could save a fortune of money with the serve .

Teaching Smarter Money Management

One of the most unmanageable things to teach a child or adolescent is the value of money, but it ’ s an fabulously authoritative thing to do .
First Citizens Bank tries to make that job easier by offering the Together Card .
You can sign up for this service for $ 3 per month .
The Together Card is a like a separate account that you can share with your adolescent. It gives them the independence to make purchases on their own while letting you keep watch over their spend .

Like a reloadable debit card

Your adolescent will get a Together Card when you sign up .
You can load the bill with money from early First Citizens Bank accounts .
The funds on the account can then be used to make purchases anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. You can even use the tease to shop on-line .
To track the spending, you can set up real-time alerts to be sent to you via text or electronic mail .
That makes it comfortable to see how your adolescent is spending their money, allowing you to have better conversations about budget and how to handle money .

Pay Friends with “Pay People”

People ’ mho day by day lives are getting more digital by the sidereal day, so it ’ s apprehensible that people want to digitize their fiscal lives vitamin a well .
still, cash remains a popular way to pay friends and colleagues .
Whether you ’ re settling up a bar pill or paying your parcel of the utility bill, there ’ s a good gamble you ’ re using cash for the transaction .
Making electronic payments is much easier and First Citizens Bank makes it free with its Pay People Service .
When you log in to your First Citizens Bank account, you ’ ll see the Pay People option listed alongside all of your account features .
When you open up the Pay People menu, you ’ ll be prompted to enter the recipient ’ s e-mail address or phone number .
You don ’ t need to know anything about their fiscal accounts to send money.

After you provide their contact information, enter the total you ’ d like to send .
The recipient will receive a notification that you ’ re trying to send them money. They will besides receive instructions on how to claim the funds .
once they follow the instructions, payment will arrive in their bill within two business days .

ATM Access

First Citizens Bank ’ s footprint covers 18 states, with most of the trust ’ sulfur ATMs and branches concentrated in the Southeast .
If you use a First Citizens Bank ATM, there will be no fees for any transactions you make. If you have to use another banks ’ ATM, you ’ ll have to pay a fee .
For the First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account, this fee will be $ 2.50 per transaction .
The $ 2.50 is charged on crown of the fees that the ATM ’ randomness owner will charge .
You could well wind up paying $ 5 or more just to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM. If you ’ ra travel, try to bring enough cash that you won ’ metric ton have to visit an ATM .

Other Fees

monthly care fees are the most common type of checking explanation tip, but they aren ’ t the only one to be aware of .
These are some of the early fees that may be charged on your First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account .

First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account Fees

Type Fee
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0
Non-First Citizens ATM $2.50
Overdraft Fee $36
Returned Item $36
Stop Payment $35
Deposited Item Returned $7
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming) $16
International Wire Transfer (incoming) $16
Cashiers Check $10


The First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account offers many of the appliance features that you would expect from a checking report .
This is important because your checking account should be easily to use. If you have a unmanageable to manage checking account, flush the simplest fiscal tasks can be a headache .

Online & mobile banking

You can well manage your First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account through the savings bank ’ s web site or app .
once you log in, you ’ ll see your account splashboard which lists your accounts and balances. You can view your transactions history and any future transactions that you ’ ve scheduled .
You can besides make instant transfers or schedule transfers to occur in the future .
Another important feature is the ability to control your debit wag on the belong .
You can freeze and unfreeze your debit card temporarily if you think you lost your tease or suspect fraud .
additionally, you can notify First Citizens Bank of upcoming travel so that your cards do n’t get denied during the slip .

How It Compares

The match history is the hub of your finances .
not surprisingly, it is the most popular deposit report offered by banks .
so :
You ‘ve got plenty of options .
It ’ s significant that you put in the attempt to find the right report. If you choose the incorrectly one, you could wind up paying fees or dealing with unnecessary stress when managing your money .
When you ’ rhenium comparing checking accounts, fees are the first thing to look at. You want to make certain that you won ’ thyroxine wage any maintenance fees .
If the history does charge a monthly fee, make sure that you can meet the fee-waiver requirements each month .
other things to consider when comparing accounts are :

  • Minimum deposit requirements
  • Fee waiver requirements
  • Interest rates
  • ATM access
  • Convenience features

Other First Citizens checking options

First Citizens Bank offers several other checking accounts that deliver more premium features .
But, as you might expect, they can come with high monthly fees .

Select Checking

This account is lone slightly different from the Free Checking report — you get the option to receive paper statements .
It has a $ 12 monthly fee that is waived with any of the follow :

  • $1,500 average daily balance
  • Post direct deposits totaling $250 or more per month

Premier Checking

Rising up the tiers is the Premier Checking account that offers a limit number of free out-of-network ATM transactions, interest earnings, free teller ‘s check, money orders, and traveler ‘s checks, and special rates on CDs and home equity credit lines .
The monthly fee is $ 18 unless you meet one of the follow :

  • $5,000 combined daily balance in linked deposit or investments accounts
  • Post direct deposits totaling $4,000 or more per month
  • Have an EquityLine of at least $25,000
  • A consumer loan with an original loan amount of at least $10,000

Prestige Checking

Prestige Checking offers everything as the Premier Checking report, but with unlimited out-of-network ATM usage, absolve overdraft protective covering transfers, loose 3 ” ten 5 ” condom deposit box, and more .
The account ‘s $ 25 monthly fee is waived with any of the pursue :

  • $25,000 combined daily balance in linked deposit or investments accounts
  • Post direct deposits totaling $6,500 or more per month
  • Have an EquityLine of at least $100,000
  • A consumer loan with an original loan amount of at least $25,000

Premier Executive Checking

This is the lead tier First Citizens Bank checking report. Perks include higher debit card limits, free period payments, ATM tip refunds, and much more .
The $ 50 monthly fee can only be waived by :

  • Maintained combined balances of $100,000 in linked deposit and investment accounts

The Final Verdict

The First Citizens Bank Free Checking Account is a becoming option for people who live within the bank ’ s footprint .
If you want paper statements, this history is not for you.

curiously, if you can go without composition statements, you might besides consider a check account from an on-line savings bank .
They rarely charge fees and often offer features like ATM tip reimbursement that make them easy to use anywhere .

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