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Medicare Part B is outpatient coverage that helps pay for doctor visits and other medical services and supplies. It ’ s something most seniors rely on and those approaching long time 65 expression forward to. But it does come with costs. There are premiums, deductibles, copays and, in some cases, penalties. The more you know what to expect, the better you can plan for your health worry costs.

What Medicare Part B will cost you


Most people pay a standard premium for Medicare Part B : $ 170.10 per calendar month in 2022. That number rises with income, however. In 2022, beneficiaries whose 2020 income exceeded $ 91,000 ( individual return ) or $ 182,000 ( roast tax return ) will pay a premium total ranging from $ 238.10 to $ 578.30, depending on income. See the table below for a breakdown.

2022 Medicare Part B premiums

individual tax return ( 2020 income ) joint tax refund ( 2020 income ) Married & separate tax reelect ( 2020 income ) Monthly Medicare Part B agio
$ 91,000 or less . $ 182,000 or less . $ 91,000 or less . $ 170.10 .
Above $ 91,000 up to $ 114,000 . Above $ 182,000 up to $ 228,000 . not applicable . $ 238.10 .
Above $ 114,000 up to $ 142,000 . Above $ 228,000 up to $ 284,000 . not applicable . $ 340.20 .
Above $ 142,000 up to $ 170,000 . Above $ 284,000 up to $ 340,000 . not applicable . $ 442.30 .
Above $ 170,000 and less than $ 500,000 . Above $ 340,000 and less than $ 750,000.

Above $ 91,000 and less than $ 409,000 . $ 544.30 .
$ 500,000 and above . $ 750,000 and above . $ 409,000 and above . $ 578.30 .

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The Part B annual deductible is $ 233 in 2022. This is what you ’ ll pay before Medicare Part B coverage kicks in. The government normally adjusts the deductible sum each year, so you should expect your deductible to increase annual.


After you meet your deductible sum for the year, you ‘ll normally pay 20 % of the Medicare approved total of your bill. If your supplier charges more than the Medicare-approved come, your parcel of the bill may be more.


If you do n’t sign up for Medicare Part B during your initial registration period ( the seven-month period starting three months before the month you turn 65 ) and you don ’ t have qualified indemnity from another beginning, you ’ ll pay an extra 10 % above the standard premium price for every 12-month period you delayed. That extra agio can add up to a meaning come over the course of your retirement. ( qualify insurance from another generator may include coverage through an employer if you ’ re hush working, or your spouse ’ mho employer. COBRA does n’t count as qualify indemnity. )

The parts of Medicare

Read more about the different parts of Medicare and what they cover.

Medigap can help cover some costs

People who enroll in Original Medicare Part A and Part B often purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance, besides called Medigap, to help pay for out-of-pocket costs. These policies can cover Part B copays or coinsurance, but they do n’t cover Part B premiums. besides, Medigap plans issued after Jan. 1, 2020, are n’t allowed to cover the Medicare Part B deductible, unless you ‘re exempt. private insurers sell an align of standardize Medigap plans, with premiums regulated by the states. Your premiums depend on where you live, what coverage you get, how the insurance company prices the plans and how old you are. Medigap plans are n’t allowed with Medicare Advantage plans.

The Medicare Advantage alternative

More than a third of people who sign up for Medicare Parts A and B besides choose a Medicare Advantage plan, besides known as Medicare Part C. » Learn how to compare Medicare Advantage plans These policies, administered by private insurers, provide the same coverage as Original Medicare. In addition, most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage and other cost-sharing benefits not included in Part A and Part B, such as some amounts toward dental and vision services.

Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans much use a network of providers that plan members must use. In rally, Medicare Advantage plans often cost less, with advertised premiums angstrom low as $ 0 and limits on how much you will pay out-of-pocket. The maximum out-of-pocket limit is $ 7,550 in 2022. In order to buy a Medicare Advantage design, you must be enrolled in Parts A and B and paying your part B premium, plus any income-related monthly alteration amounts.

Medicare Advantage providers

Get more information below about some of the major Medicare Advantage providers. These insurers offer plans in most states. The plans you can choose from will depend on your ZIP code and county .

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