Personal Loan Calculator

Credit Score Average Interest Rate
Excellent (720 – 850) 12.5%
Good (690 – 719) 15.5%
Average (630 – 689) 19.9%
Poor (300 – 629) 32.0%

If you have an excellent credit seduce, you may qualify for a 0 % counterweight transfer accredit card, which could be a cheaper option than a personal loan.

How Do You Calculate Payments on a Personal Loan ?

If you want to calculate your monthly loanword requital yourself, divide the full sum you ‘ll pay ( including the principal and pastime ) by the lend term ( in months ). For example, say the total amount you ‘ll pay is $ 2,400, and the lend terminus is 24 months. Your monthly loan payment would be $ 100 ( $ 2,400 ÷ 24 = $ 100 ).

In general, your monthly requital stays the same for the stallion loan condition. however, the requital may change if you ask your lender for a postponement. A postponement allows you to take a schedule break from payments if you have a fiscal hardship—due to a problem personnel casualty, aesculapian emergency, or national emergency .

Keep in take care that the pastime may continue to accrue during the postponement time period. If it does, you ‘ll have a higher entire measure to pay off—which means either a higher monthly payment moving forward or a longer loan term ( or both ). If you ’ re getting a postponement, clarify the terms with the lender before you agree to it .

What Are the Most common Term Lengths for a Personal Loan ?

personal loans come in respective term lengths, but most are between two and five years. hush, you can find personal loans with longer vengeance periods—as high as 15 years .

With a longer-term loanword, however, keep in mind that your rates could be higher, and you will end up paying more pastime overall than you would with a shorter-term loan. furthermore, a long-run personal loanword besides means having a elongated debt charge, plus more opportunities to make late payments, which could damage your accredit .

How to Use a Personal Loan Calculator

Our loan calculator shows what your monthly payment, total concern paid, and entire paid amounts might be, based on inputs you provide. That information is helpful for a few reasons :

  • You can try different scenarios before you commit to a loan. Be sure to try different loan-term lengths to see how that affects your monthly payment and total interest.
  • You can see if the monthly payment fits into your budget. If the payment is too high, try a longer loan term.
  • You can decide if you’re willing to pay the total amount of interest in exchange for the loan. If it’s too high, try a shorter loan term.

If changing the lend term length does n’t get you the lend you want, you may be able to lower your loanword costs if you :

  • Borrow less money
  • Shop around with different lenders
  • Improve your credit score before you apply for a loan

Where Can I Get a Personal Loan ?

In general, you have three choices for where to get a personal loan : Online lenders, credit unions, and banks. here ‘s a quick attend at each option :

on-line lenders

not surprisingly, the on-line personal lend market is highly competitive. For borrowers, that can be a good thing : To attract customers, on-line lenders much offer benefits like competitive rates, low/no fees, and flexible requital options. In summation, the on-line option can be the fastest and most convenient way to get your money .

credit unions

credit unions offer fiscal services to people who live, study, employment, or worship in the community. To apply for a personal loanword, you ‘ll have to be a penis of the credit union, and you may be required to have a minimum savings account counterweight. calm, credit unions much have attractive rates, and they tend to be more willing to work with borrowers who have lower citation scores and sparse credit histories .


Banks typically have higher interest rates and tougher lend requirements than credit unions, but you do n’t have to worry about the membership issues. And, if you ‘re already a customer at the bank—especially a local residential district bank—you might get perks like lower rates or being able to qualify for a bigger lend.

The Bottom Line

To find the best personal lend for your fiscal position, be sure to shop around and compare rates, fees, and refund terms from several lenders. And, of course, be surely to use our loanword calculator to test out unlike options to find a scenario that fits your goals and budget.—Jean Folger

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