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how much money do you save with solar panels

How Much Money Do you Save with Solar Panels?

Do solar panels help you save money ? This is one of the most park questions we receive .
solar power technology has advanced dramatically over the years, making it a more effective energy source with the potential to reduce initiation and care costs. In other words, solar panels are now more cheap, encouraging users to convert to a more environmentally creditworthy method acting of generating world power while potentially saving money on utility bills .
however, some consumers are hesitant to commit, most probable because it is more expensive upfront than regular electric line installations .
And it ’ s not surprise. When making a large investment, you want to know if your money is being wisely spent.

The solution to this wonder is actually not thus simple. In truth, there are several variables to consider when calculating the ROI of your possible solar empanel purchase .
To begin, where do you live ? Is there a lot of sunlight in your location, or is it generally cloudy ?
These are some of the questions that must be answered in order to calculate the savings that solar panels may provide .
During our study, we discovered that the bulge of papers on the subject appear to be fairly brumous. They provide no real-world examples of people who use solar panels and fail to emphasize the relevance of location .
In this post, we ’ ll search at how a lot money solar panels save on average, depending on where you reside .

Do solar panels really save you money?

The square answer to the question “ do solar panels rightfully save you money ? ” is yes. Having said that, the amount you ’ ll keep open is determined by a variety of circumstances. The act of direct hours of casual cheerfulness, a well as the size and fish of your roof, are all crucial factors in deciding how much solar can save you .
With thus many trendy investment opportunities available today, it ’ sulfur easy to be disbelieving of newly products that promise to “ save you tons of money. ” Solar panels are no exception – saving money by lowering your electric bill is one of the main appeals and selling points for solar as a product and home upgrade .

How much money do solar panels save you on electric bills?

When it comes to potential energy savings, solar panels have retentive been a terrific alternate. however, you should be mindful that the amount you save will vary based on a count of circumstances. We may make an approximation based on average statistics .
According to the US Energy Information Administration ( EIA ), the average home consumes 887 kWh and spends round $ 115 each month. A 2-square-meter solar panel may provide up to 45 kWh of alternating current every calendar month. To wholly meet the monthly average pulmonary tuberculosis of 887 kWh per family, you ’ ll need 20 panels totaling 8kWp and delivering 900kWh 45 output every calendar month.

With each jury providing 400 watts per hour, the total end product for all 20 panels is 8,000 watt per hour. If this seems excessive, keep in mind that you may make money from the supernumerary energy your system generates and exports back to the grid. solar panels utilize the sunlight, a sustainable energy source, so it is not wasted .
If enough solar panels are placed to match the typical monthly ability requirement, a home might save US $ 1,384 per year—or not have to pay for electricity at all—using this design .

Solar panel savings estimates by state

State Average Price (6 Kw Solar System) Average Electricity Rate Per State ($/Kwh) 20-Year Savings
Arizona $10,390 $0.1214 $20,646
California $12,476 $0.2079 $40,673
Colorado $14,030 $0.1244 $17,772
Florida $11,322 $0.1149 $18,052
Massachusetts $13,276 $0.2163 $42,021
Maryland $13,276 $0.1385 $22,132
New Jersey $11,011 $0.1592 $29,688
New York $13,853 $0.1928 $35,436
Texas $12,254 $0.1189 $18,142
Washington $11,766 $0.1002 $13,850

*Please keep in mind that the union tax recognition is applied to the above table .

Electrical Appliances That Consumes a Lot of Power

Certain home equipment takes a batch of energy. You can switch some for energy-saving alternatives while keeping in heed that the amount of electricity they require may be sufficient for early products. This way, you may be more conscious of your consumption and possibly save money .
Refrigerator – Having a electric refrigerator at dwelling is vital to keep food and grow fresh, but it typically consumes a set of energy because it is switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The average usage of a 16-cu. ft. refrigerator consumes 1,200 watt-hour every day. Choose a size that is appropriate for your syndicate ’ randomness requirements ( not excessively large or besides little ) and keep it a few inches away from the wall for adequate ventilation .
Water heater – Warm baths are quite pleasant, but if you enjoy taking long showers, keep in mind that a body of water heater may burn 4,500 watt-hour each sidereal day. While it ’ s fine to splurge every now and then, being conscious of your shower prison term might help you save money on both your electric and water bills .
Air conditioner – While an air conditioner is a must-have during the summer months, it is besides one of the most much pervert equipment. The type of publicize conditioner, the size of the quad you ’ rhenium cool, and the length of time it ’ randomness running are all variables that contribute to a larger ability price. Set timers if feasible to keep track of your consumption .
Clothes Drier – Another helpful device to have around, specially during besotted or cold seasons, is a clothes dry. The independent drawback is that it consumes around 3,000 watt-hour every day. It ’ s normally ideal to use the sun ’ mho heat to dry garments whenever feasible. As a leave, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to use it all year .
Incandescent Light Bulb – A room with four 100-watt lights may consume 400 watt-hour per day—and that ’ s alone one room. In comparison, a LED bulb consumes only 10 watts, which is ten-spot times less than a typical light bulb. If you think this amount is superficial, think again. It is far preferable to choose these energy-saving solutions.

Desktop Computer – If you use your desktop computer for eight hours or more every day, you should be aware of how a lot energy it consumes at home. While you may not have much control over this, particularly if you work from home plate, remember to disconnect your gadgets when not in manipulation. If at all feasible, use a laptop. not only does it use less energy, but it besides eliminates the need to constantly hack into an wall socket .

Another Reason to Go Solar

If you ’ ve been debating whether or not to switch to solar energy, possibly these figures can help you decide. You not only enhance your chances of saving money on electricity, but you besides contribute to making the earth a green environment .
Forme Solar, a leading solar Company in Los Angeles, California, and Orange County, is here to answer any questions you may have about going solar. Please contact us for a quote right away !

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