How Much Uber Drivers Really Make! [2022 Data from 7 Sources]

Figuring out how much Uber drivers actually make is harder than you might think .
Uber won ’ thymine give you any specific earnings figure, and a set of the information you see on-line may not be authentic .
Tiktokkers and Youtubers might say they are making $ 50 an hour. then person who sounds smart in a forum like Reddit will say that, actually, drivers make less than minimum wage after subtracting expenses !

Who can you trust ? The best thing you can do is look at a variety of data from a assortment of sources to figure out an average, general number .
Based on the top sources we studied, Uber driver pay ranges from around $15–$25 per hour. 
broad time on a annual basis, salaries for an Uber driver rate from $ 30,000– $ 65,000 .
Drive with Uber: Apply for Uber here! hera ’ s how we figured out those numbers : We looked at the acme big-name employment sites, trusted bloggers, and sources that pull data directly from drivers .
Read on to see how much Uber drivers make according to the circus tent sources ! then, take a look at the most normally asked questions about Uber driver pay up .

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How much Uber drivers make, according to top sources

Data from top sources around the network. Job sites, bloggers, and crowdsourced data .

Data Source Uber Driver Pay $41,000 per year
Indeed $30,000 per year
Glassdoor $40,000–$100,000 per year
The Rideshare Guy $15–$20 per hour $8–$12 per hour
Gridwise $12–$25 per hour
Bureau of Labor Statistics $34k per year, $16.67 per hour

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What does Uber say about driver pay?

Let ’ s start by going straight to the source. What does Uber say about driver earnings ?
At, visit how much can drivers make with Uber to get a good idea of how they handle this motion .
You ’ ll find that Uber doesn ’ t make any claims about specific driver earnings. They don ’ triiodothyronine list hourly pay, wage, pay per ride, or pay per trip .
The closest you ’ ll get to a direct answer about driver pay is : “ The money you make driving with the Uber app depends on when, where, and how much you drive. ”
therefore why acquire ’ thymine Uber state you how much you can make ? surely they have tons of data from every city where they operate .
Uber used to make more specific claims about driver earnings, but they were hit with lawsuits that complained that the advertised income figures were misleading .
In just one example of many lawsuits, Uber had to pay $ 20 million in fines about deceptive earnings claims .
Making claims about driver earnings is a legal and regulative minefield, then by and large you won ’ thyroxine see Uber making earnings claims anymore .

Can you make $100 per day driving for Uber?

According to the driver pay figures from all of our sources, it ’ s possible for Uber drivers to make $ 100 per sidereal day .
But depending on how much you can earn in your city, the issue of hours it takes to reach $ 100 varies quite a bit .
If you earn $ 20 per hour, you ’ ll hit $ 100 in fair 5 hours .
But if you ’ re on the lower end of earnings, like the $ 14,000 per class figure stated by, it will take you a distribute longer to make $ 100 .

Can you make $1000 per week?

The data we studied shows that it ’ s potential for some drivers to earn $ 1000 per week, but that it is very location dependent .
The drivers hitting $ 1,000 per week are in interfering markets during busy times of the class. $ 1,000 per workweek is about $ 50,000 per year, which is on the higher end of most of the datum we looked it .
Most of the data shows that full-time drivers will earn about $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 per year. If you drive 50 weeks in a year, that works out to $ 600– $ 800 per week .

Put another way, if you make $ 15 per hour, you ’ ll have to drive over 66 hours to hit $ 1,000. That ’ s not sustainable for most drivers .
You may have a great week here and there, or evening a $ 4,000 month, but during slower times of the year your earnings will likely dip below your target of $ 1,000 .

Data from popular job & career websites

On your first base search about Uber driver income, you ’ re probably going to land on one of the big-name speculate sites that advertise their job list services all over television and the internet .
Sites like indeed and are good ways to get a cosmopolitan sense about the pay for a certain job, but there are limitations .
One thing to look out for is that these sites largely talk about Uber driver pay in terms of a wage, but Uber doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pay up a wage .
You ’ re paid for each tease you complete, and there is no undertake minimal hourly yield ( except in California and NYC ) .
so when you see that Glassdoor says you can make $ 50,000 per class with Uber, remember that most drivers actually think about their yield in terms of earnings per hour, per nautical mile, or per slip . $41,000 per year

According to, the median Uber driver in Los Angeles makes $ 41,802. That means that half earn more, and one-half earn less .
The data says that the lead 10 % of drivers make more than $ 59,000, and the bottom 10 % make around $ 28,000 . doesn ’ t provide any data about earnings per hour or earnings per trip. Their data is more orient toward traditional compensable positions, and driving for Uber is anything but traditional .
It ’ south helpful to see a range of salaries based on localization, but the fact that the data doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate include any supernumerary nuances about the Uber earnings model indicates that the data international relations and security network ’ t absolutely reliable .

Indeed: ~$30,000 per year

If you look up ‘ uber driver ’ at, you ’ ll find a page for your city or state that lists annual salaries for drivers .
According to indeed, an Uber driver in California can expect to make on average $ 30,516 per year .
On the first gear end, drivers earn $ 14,000 per year and on the high conclusion, $ 73,000. That ’ s a big range !
indeed doesn ’ thyroxine go into any detail about how drivers are paid. They don ’ metric ton discourse earnings per trip, earnings per sea mile, or even earnings per hour . generally talks about traditional compensated jobs, and tries to fit Uber driving into that mold .
Driving for Uber is not a traditional compensated job, but they maintain that their data is from real number drivers .
It may be more utilitarian to think in terms of earnings per hour/trip/mile, but indeed gives a decent general sense for what you can expect if you drive in your area .

Glassdoor: $40,000–$100,000 per year

Glassdoor says that an Uber driver in Los Angeles can earn on average $ 63,000 per year, with a likely crop of $ 40,000 to $ 100,000 .
Of all the major job sites, Glassdoor offers the biggest range of pay and the highest maximal pay. No other large job site says you can make $ 100k with Uber .
But there is a trouble. Glass door breaks the numbers down in terms of ‘ base ’ pay, ‘ extra ’ pay, and a ‘ pay trajectory ’ for drivers. Uber doesn ’ thymine technically offer any of those for drivers .

Those measures are closer to the traditional wage + bonus that salaried workers typically get. Uber doesn ’ t have a wage and bonus .
however, lower on the page you ’ ll find a range of hourly pay that sounds more in channel with early data sources : $ 15– $ 20 per hour .
And $ 15– $ 20 per hour is nowhere near the $ 60k– $ 100k rate listed higher on the page. so take these measures to be very general information .

What trusted blogs say about Uber driver pay

Another common data informant you ’ ll find on-line is from rideshare bloggers. typically these are drivers, or former drivers, who write about Uber .

The Rideshare Guy: $15–$20 per hour

The Rideshare Guy has a comprehensive examination article going over Uber driver pay. ultimately they say that drivers can expect to earn around $ 15 to $ 20 per hour .
interestingly, they mention some Uber data that says Uber driver yield is around $ 19 per hour, or about $ 28– $ 32 per hour in Los Angeles .
That must be older data from Uber, because it seems like Uber no long publishes any specific earnings data .
The information from The Rideshare Guy is a fortune more helpful than the information from the boastfully job sites because they go into a draw of detail about the entire requital system with Uber .
You ’ ll learn how drivers are paid, how rush price works, pay per mile, pay per ride, tips, polarity up bonuses, driver expenses, and how to earn more . $8 to $12 per hour has a top-ranking article about Uber driver pay .
In the article, the author provides a few datum points. The first is a pay crop of $ 8 to $ 12 per hour that cites unlinked studies .
The second piece of data is an earnings table that lists ranges of income in a few US cities .
In that table, the medial annual income is around $ 33k– $ 43k. That means that half of drivers earn more, and half earns less .
But a lot of the datum from the mesa is quite a piece higher than the other state design of $ 8 to $ 12 per hour .
If you drive 50 hours per week and 50 weeks per year at $ 10 per hour, your annual income would only be around $ 25,000 .
The article doesn ’ t cite their data, but there is other helpful information about how pay works for drivers and other authoritative issues like gross vs. net income .

Driver income from crowdsourced data and government research

many of the early sources on this article manipulation secondary data, or user-submitted data. The sources below use chief data that comes immediately from actual drivers .

Gridwise: $12 to $25 per hour

Gridwise is an app for gig economy drivers that uses real earnings information to help drivers earn more .
Users can choose to share their app data with Gridwise, giving Gridwise a direct source of information about driver income .
According to Gridwise, Uber drivers earn anywhere from $ 12 to $ 24 per hour. Gridwise datum proves that earnings vary substantially from city to city .
Gridwise besides has detailed data about earnings per mile and earnings per slip, which are much more relevant to Uber drivers than annual wage figures .

The Bureau of Labor Statistics: $16.67 per hour, $34k per year

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a federal government agency, doesn ’ t have a class specially for Uber or early on-demand app drivers, but there is a category that close matches this type of exploit .
‘ Passenger fomite drivers ‘ is a class at the BLS that may include Uber drivers, and if it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, it is a airless enough catch to be useful for a survey of driver income .
The BLS says that the median pay for passenger vehicle drivers is $ 34,670 per year, or $ 16.67 per hour. That means that half of drivers earn more than that number, and one-half earn less .
The BLS data is in line with other data sources and uses real information from US taxpayers, so it does appear to be a relevant comparison for Uber drivers .

Calculating your true profits: Gross vs net pay

Most of the sources you ’ ll find that discus Uber driver earnings are for crying pay, which means that driver expenses aren ’ metric ton taken into report .
Uber drivers have to pay for their own expenses, so a more naturalistic way to talk about a driver ’ mho earnings is net pay, which is income minus expenses .
Income – Expenses = Net net income
Without subtracting expenses, you won ’ t know your true profit .
major expenses for Uber drivers include :

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Vehicle depreciation

After subtracting expenses, your net profit will look a lot lower than your crying income .
In terms of vehicle expenses, according to data from AAA a smaller vehicle costs around 40 cents per nautical mile to operate. so if you drive 25,000 miles per year for DoorDash, that ’ s $ 10,000 in fomite expenses .
But expect ! There ’ s a massive tax deduction that changes the equality and accounts for much of your fomite expenses .

How the standard mileage deduction increases your profits

Uber drivers can claim the standard mileage deduction on their taxes. It ’ randomness designed to compensate freelance drivers for fomite expenses .
For 2022, the discount is 58.5 cents per nautical mile .
If you drive 25,000 miles in a year for Uber, your standard mileage tax write-off is $ 14,625. That means that your taxable income is reduced by that total .
Your vehicle most probable does not cost 58.5 cents per sea mile to operate, so this is a generous deduction that will help offset your vehicle expenses by substantially lowering your taxable income .
so cook certain to carefully track your miles, either with an app or with a logbook .
Before tax clock time, Uber will provide some mileage tracking data, but you will want to use your own numbers because Uber may not include all deductible miles .

FAQs about Uber driver pay

Drive with Uber: Apply for Uber here!

How do Uber drivers get paid? What’s the earnings formula?

presently there are two earnings formulas for Uber drivers .
The newer formula, called upfront price, is being tested in most markets in the US .
With the upfront model, drivers see how much they will earn for a ride before accepting the drive request. The ride requests shows how far the pickup is, and the decrease distance & localization .
In the upfront model, drivers aren ’ triiodothyronine paid according to a rate card. alternatively, Uber uses a private algorithm to determine pay .

In other words, with upfront price you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know why you ’ rhenium being paid a certain amount, but you ’ ll have batch of information to see whether a ride is worth it or not .
The other earnings formula is a model that calculates pay based on a arrange rate card .
In this model, the rate wag for each city determines how much you are paid per mile and per infinitesimal. After a ride, you ’ ll see precisely how much you earned based on the pace tease .

How and when are drivers paid?

Uber pays drivers once per week via direct deposit .
Drivers can besides choose to withdraw their earnings any meter with Instant Pay, but there is a fee of 50 cents per withdrawal .
If you sign up for the Uber Debit Card, you can get instant Pay withdrawals for free, along with other benefits like cash back on accelerator .

Does Uber cover gas or any other vehicle expenses?

No, Uber does not directly compensate drivers for expenses. Drivers must pay for their own flatulence, car policy, care, and any other expenses .

What are Quest, Boost, and Surge?

Quest, Boost, and Surge are earnings promotions that give drivers the opportunity to earn more .
With Quest, you earn a bonus for completing a set number of rides .
Boost is an earnings multiplier that is added to rides that begin and end within a intend area on the map .
soar is another earnings multiplier that is added during periods of senior high school necessitate .

What are the best days and times to drive for Uber?

typically, commute hours and night life hours are the best times to drive. Commute hours include the morning and evening commute .
other clear times are weekend nights and Sundays .
Use Gridwise to see the best days and times to drive in your city, based on real driver data .

Summing it up: Is it worth it to drive for Uber?

When person is thinking about driving for Uber, they might have two questions : How much can you expect to make, and is it worth it ?
It ’ sulfur hard to find specific, dependable data about Uber driver earnings in any one particular put .
There are so many variables that go into figuring out earnings, and fair as many variables go into figuring out expenses and truthful profitableness .
But in the end, most united states Uber drivers earn around $ 15– $ 20 per hour. You may earn much more on a great week, or much less on a bad one .
You could earn $ 1,000 per week in interfering bounce and Summer months, only to see your weekly earnings decline to $ 500 during dull winter days.

Does that sound worth it to you ? only you can answer that !

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