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Refinancing has a range of fiscal and personal benefits, but how frequently can you take advantage of these and when is the right clock time to refinance a mortgage ? We ’ ra here to help you find out .

Why should you refinance?

Whatever your situation, refinancing your home loan can have a roll of benefits which include :

  • Lower interest rate – lowering your interest rate will reduce your minimum monthly repayments, putting more cash in your back pocket. additionally, it will reduce the sum of interest you pay over the liveliness of your loanword, potentially saving you thousands of dollars .
  • Reduce your loan term – refinance allows you to increase or decrease your loanword terminus, from 25 to 30 years for case or frailty versa. Increasing your loanword term would decrease your monthly repayments. Decreasing your lend term means you would pay off your lend quick and reduce the total of interest paid on the loanword.

  • Debt consolidation – refinance can help you consolidate multiple debts onto your cheapest interest rate, which is by and large your mortgage .
  • Access new features – refinance means you could take advantage of stolon or redraw facilities, or make extra repayments on your loanword, things your former loan may not have allowed .
  • Access equity – Equity is the measure you have paid off on your loan and when refinancing you can access this money. You could use it to leverage a lower interest rate, use it for a deposit on another home, or use it on a holiday or renovations .

How often can you refinance?

There are no rules on how often you can refinance your family lend. however, you will need to meet the credit requirements of the lender. These will include the usual accredit history, income, and assets criteria you had to pass to get a lend in the first set .
Whether you ’ ve had the loan for six months or 20 years, refinance can be a feasible solution to save money and can be considered whenever your circumstances change or you feel your rate international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine competitive. however, it ’ mho important to understand the costs associated with refinance and ensure these don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate outweigh the savings you ’ ll receive from refinancing .

When should you consider refinancing?

There are a number of instances when you could consider refinancing. Your circumstances can be expected to change well as you switch jobs, have kids, and experience fiscal windfalls and setbacks. All of these events can be triggers to review your major fiscal commitments, including your home loanword .
Coming to the end of a fixed-term loanword is besides a bang-up time to consider refinancing. Fixed-term loans often have a lower rate for the fix period and revert to a higher than standard varying rate, increasing your monthly repayments .
You could besides consider refinancing based on cash rate cuts and the market. The Reserve Bank has cut the cash rate by 125 footing points in the last year to a historically broken 0.25 % and the home lend market has never been more competitive. We ’ re presently offering an basic variable rate of 1.99 % p.a. for one year, the first-ever varying rate loan in Australia starting with a 1. If you feel your stream sake rate isn ’ thyroxine competitive, it may be a great time to refinance.

It ‘s a estimable mind to review your mortgage to see if it is still desirable for your circumstances and however represents good value .
Keep in mind, refinancing is not for everyone. If you plan on selling your dwelling in the future year or indeed, then refinancing may not be an ideal choice. You will probably spend money switch over and you wo n’t realise much in the way of savings from refinancing. If you do not have a stable reservoir of income or have recently switched jobs that may besides affect the decisiveness, because you might not be eligible to refinance at a better rate than the one you presently enjoy .
If your recognition score has decreased even precisely a little, you may miss out on qualifying for the lowest rates. besides, the close costs may be high on your current home lend .

What to consider before refinancing

prior to refinancing you need to think cautiously about whether it makes fiscal sense to replace your old home plate loan or not. hera are some things to consider before you decide to refinance your home loanword :

  • Costs – There are certain costs to refinancing, like loanword application fees for fresh loans, mortgage discharge fees, or break costs if your home lend has a fixed rate. Some lenders besides offer a “ no-cost ” refinance, which normally means that you will pay a slenderly higher concern rate to cover the close up costs .
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance ( LMI ) – If you have less than 20 % equity in your home, you may have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance. This is because you can not transfer the existing LMI to the new lend, despite the fact that your previous lender is no longer at risk .

It ’ sulfur imperative mood that you do your research and compare your current home lend to the new lend you ’ re considering in decree to ensure that you in truth will be better off.

With the FastTrax Refi system, we pay off your old loan before sending any paperwork to discharge the loan. As a consequence you start saving on concern and repayments about immediately. From the time you return your dispatch mortgage documents and Loan Agreement to us, it merely takes days to switch .
To start your refinancing journey with us, book an appointment or call one of our friendly loan specialists on 13 10 90 .
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