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As we have discussed here earlier, the five factors of your FICO credit grudge are payment history, credit utilization, account age, credit mix and modern accredit. This is helpful information because knowing how these factors are used to calculate your credit score can put you one step ahead in the credit scoring bet on. But some questions are not as well answered, because they are not sol cut and dried. Credit use is a sheath in point, specially when it comes to the actual report to the credit chest of drawers. Let ’ s expect at this a little closer this week and see if we can make some sense out of a slightly confuse topic .

When will your credit card issuer report to bureaus?

I am a affected role world. Yet I am becoming spoiled by the speed of customer service offered by the technical school companies. When I pay my cellular telephone poster using my earphone, I get a confirmation before I can tap the big loss clitoris to end the visit. I ’ m used to Amazon and Apple answering calls without having to hear how significant my call is, but I silent have to wait for the “ following agent. ”

so, if I can have stuff delivered in less than 24 hours, you would think that my credit file must be updated deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as I make a commission or pay my credit wag libra. If you did think that, you would be incorrect. so when do they update credit reports ? The problem with this question is that there is no hardened time frame for coverage. This may seem strange to you. After all, there is no ambiguity in when your bill is due. The due date is clearly shown on your monthly statement and is something you must pay attention to if you are going to take care of the No. 1 divisor in your FICO credit seduce, requital history. Paying your bills on time and as agreed is crucial to scoring the most points in this category. You have to know when the bill is due so you can make it on time. That being said, does this mean the credit card companies have a set date for reporting to the credit rating agency ? unfortunately, it does not. But if you think about it, you can begin to understand why that is. Let ’ s say you have five accredit cards. The chances of the due date for each batting order being the claim like date are pretty slender. One wag may be due on the one-fourth of the month, another on the seventh, another on the 18th, another on the 22nd and the final examination one on the twenty-seventh. This can be true even with cards issued from the same company. many card issuers report soon after the end of the bill cycle. This date will likely be respective days or even weeks before your payment due date. This puts another wrinkle in the system because your placard cycle is tied to when you opened your credit card report. Those dates can be all over the map ( or the month, as it were ). Add to that the fact that credit menu issuers generally report every 30 to 45 days, but there aren ’ metric ton set guidelines and each creditor can choose when to report and whether to report to one, two or all three agency. And they do barely that—they decide for themselves when to report and to whom. You should besides know that this report is voluntary ; credit rating report is not mandated by law and some report less frequently than monthly while others do not report at all. however, once they do report, the data is probably to show up on your credit report about immediately .

How does it affect your credit utilization?

Credit utilization is a big factor—it makes up ( 30 percentage ) of your FICO score and is considered “ extremely influential ” to your VantageScore. Where this can make a huge difference is when you access a large amount of your available recognition.

Let ’ s say you buy a big-ticket token using one of your credit cards. You know that the buy is going to put you over the recommend 30 percentage utilization rate, but your plan is to pay the leverage off when you get the bill ( or at least pay a meaning share off to bring your utilization rate down ). sol far, so full. however, if your credit poster company, as many do, reports at the finale of your charge bicycle ( after you make the leverage but before you make the requital ), your grudge is going to be negatively affected until you make the requital and it is reported to the agency in the future placard motorbike. This is because your purchase has affected your credit use in a negative manner. Of naturally, if you stick to your design, this will be a temp trouble and your score will bounce back once the payment is made and reported. But if you need to access new accredit in the interim, this could be a problem for you. even if you don ’ thymine access new credit, others might look at your credit report while this gene is bringing your score down, like insurance providers or flush electric potential employers or landlords. You have an explanation at the ready, but the chances of them asking and you being able to explain yourself are probably pretty slender. hera ’ s a tip for those of you who, for any reason, want your wag remainder to be zero so your utilization factor is low and scores high—such as when completing a mortgage application or financing a car. Pay the full moon balance and put your card ( s ) in a draftsman for the following month or charge cycle. At the end of the future calendar month or cycle, the credit card issuer will report your zero balance to the agency and your use agent will award you with the most points available .

Is it important to know when your issuers report?

Knowing when your creditor ( s ) report to the credit chest of drawers could surely be important in the above scenario. The problem is, you may not be able to pinpoint precisely when your credit card issuer will report. You can call and ask, and you might get an answer, but you besides might not. Or the answer you get may change over time. This is why it is important to know where you are on your credit cards at all times so you can avoid these types of issues ( or at least be prepared to see a temp drop in your credit score ). I am not saying you can ’ triiodothyronine use a recognition circuit board to make a big-ticket buy. There are times when it makes perfective sense to do just that, like if you have a cash back credit calling card. In addition, using a credit card offers strong consumer protections and may offer extend warranties, larceny and damage protection and price auspices that you don ’ t get if you pay in cash. citation cards have a place in your fiscal life and can be a great cock if used wisely .

Why you should pay your balances in full and on time

Paying your balances off each month is a practice that will benefit you in more ways than precisely a healthy credit score. Your overall fiscal health will benefit because you will not be using credit to extend your income and will alternatively be living in full within your means. While I mentioned the 30 percentage rule above, I personally believe you should keep all your credit cards at 25 percentage or less at all times. And remember, people who enjoy the highest recognition scores tend to have utilization rates in the one digits or tied zero. This is a worthwhile measure to inject for.

The bottom line

While you may be curious about the exact go steady your credit report gets updated by your credit wag issuers, it is a moving target that may change every calendar month based on your bill cycle. however, you can safeguard your credit score by paying attention to each of the factors that make up your credit rating seduce. While payment history and accredit use make up the leo ’ second contribution, all are important. Knowing where you stand and having a solid plan to repay is your best defense. well luck ! Have a credit score question for Steve ? Drop him a line at the Ask Bankrate Experts page .

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