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Running an ecommerce business involves so many moving parts it takes ace organization skills to keep up. You ’ ve figured out how to sell on-line, and if you sell tangible goods that need to be shipped, you ’ rhenium no strange to frequent trips to the post agency or cargo center—and the price of shipping excessively. There are some ship services out there to help you manage all of your shipments, but choosing one can be unmanageable. Shippo is one service that you can use to make your shipping and returns practices easier and less expensive than working directly with shipping providers. Shippo is a ship software provider that offers discounted ship rates and the ability to track packages, agenda pickups and photographic print ship labels. Below we ’ ll go over all of the services that Shippo has to offer and what you can get from them as a business if you ’ re looking to improve your embark processes. When choosing a transport service—whether Shippo or another provider—you ’ ll want to consider how fast you need your packages delivered, whether you want them picked up from your office or home plate, tracking preferences, customer communication and monetary value, of course. Once you know which of those factors is most authoritative to you, it ’ ll be easier to decide whether Shippo might be right for your business needs. Plus, this Shippo review will besides provide some top alternatives so you can get a more arrant video of your options. Let ’ s perplex started.

What is Shippo?

Shippo is a platform that offers shipping solutions for minor businesses that need to streamline their transport processes. They evening integrate with a count of popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy to help workshop owners more well manage their ship needs—from printing embark labels to tracking shipments to managing the customer experience. San Francisco-based Shippo was founded in 2013 and boasts a client base of over 35,000 brands and over 100 million annual shipments.

Shippo features

The features Shippo offers can make your daily business tasks easier, saving you some meaning time and money. Let ’ s take a closer look at what precisely you can expect if you use Shippo.


A shipping software provider should, first and first, offer shipping services. With Shippo, you can create and print labels for your shipments from wherever you work and ship at your own convenience. If you ’ rhenium transportation using USPS or DHL Express you can besides schedule to have packages picked up, so you don ’ t have to waste fourth dimension driving to one of their centers. You can besides print other items via Shippo, like hark back labels and branded packing slips. The Shippo platform allows you to compare the rates of different carriers to find the best softwood for your shipments. Plus, Shippo offers discounted rates of up to 90 % off, according to their web site. Shippo besides provides address establishment so you can reduce the risk of returned or undelivered packages. Shippo works most major carriers, so you can likely find your preferable transportation solution working with Shippo. For national delivery Shippo works with :

  • United States Postal Service .
  • FedEx .
  • FedEx SmartPost .
  • UPS .
  • UPS Mail Innovations .
  • Canada Post .
  • Australia Post .
  • CouriersPlease .
  • Deutsche Post .
  • DHL Germany .
  • DHL Ecommerce .
  • Fastway .
  • GLS France .
  • GLS Germany .
  • Hermes .
  • Mondial Relay .
  • Newgistics .
  • Parcel Force Worldwide .
  • RR Donnelley .
  • Sendle .

additionally, Shippo partners with several carriers for international transport, equally well as tracking-specific companies. If any software documentation is required by a carrier or customs, Shippo will identify and pre-fill all the necessary information. You besides have the option to pre-fill package system of weights and indemnity sum, when applicable.


For your own peace of take care, a well as your customers ’, Shippo offers full-bodied dispatch tracking capabilities, including real-time updates and an calculate time of arrival ( ETA ) so your customers can prepare for manner of speaking. No count which carriers you choose, you can implement exchangeable track to keep the transportation process consistent. And if you send any packages outside of Shippo, you can still track them through Shippo. You can besides create branded track pages through Shippo to stay consistent with your customers and create customize e-mail notifications.


While you hope your customers will keep every item they purchase from you, that likely won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be the font. But by offering quick and easy returns, you can placid create a positive feel with those customers and increase the likelihood of them shopping with you again. Shippo allows you to create return labels for all of your orders, a well as purchase labels for any shipments you create outside of Shippo. Plus, you ’ ll lone pay for labels once a customer uses them.

Platform integration

Shippo works with a host of other companies, including ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, inventory management apps, finance software and more, so you can streamline your operations. Some of Shippo ’ s most popular partners are Shopify and Weebly ( immediately Square Online ). But their other ecommerce platform partners are Wix, BigCommerce, Squarespace, WooCommerce, GoDaddy, ChannelAdvisor, Commerce7, Virid, CubeCart, ePages, Selz, Craft Commerce, Magento, Spree Commerce, Arcadier, Reaction Commerce, Volusion and Stripe. When you use one of these platforms you can automatically import orders, compare shipping rates and print labels. The lapp process goes for the marketplaces Mercari, Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Vinted. You besides have the choice to import orders to Shippo via a CSV file or orders endpoint ( API ).

Analytics and reporting

Keep track of your dispatch operations with Shippo ’ s analytics and report features, which include tracking how much you ’ ve exhausted on shipments, either since you started using Shippo or for a specific time menstruation ; average price per box ; and the phone number of labels purchased day by day, hebdomadally, monthly, or another specific clock period. You ’ ll besides have access to your complete embark history so you can dig into the data and uncover any trends or pain points you want to work on in the future.

Customer service

Shippo offers several channels through which customers or inquiring parties can receive support. In fact, while writing this Shippo review, we used their on-line chat function doubly and were able to chat live with a substantial person both times. The responses were quick and in-depth and the customer service representatives were friendly and intimate. Shippo besides offers a help center, resource center, developer resources and a Shippo blog to answer frequently asked questions and provide educational resources. If you prefer, though, you can besides contact them directly with any questions. If you ’ re not a customer, you ’ ll be put in contact with Shippo ’ s sales team. Once you are a customer, you can contact the support team via electronic mail.

Shippo pricing

Shippo offers three plan options for their services and a significant pro is that their pay-as-you-go plan is a commitment-free option with no monthly subscription fee. With this option, you pay $ 0.05 per label plus the cost of postage. You will besides have access to email support, USPS discounts and inexhaustible tag book. Shippo ’ s adjacent choice is their professional design, which can be customized depending on your cargo volume. All of the Professional plans come with no per-label fee, the option to create a post customer know, five exploiter accounts, USPS discounts, and electronic mail and live-chat corroborate. Each Professional plan has a monthly tip, which increases depending on how many labels you ’ ll need each month. The least expensive choice is $ 10 a calendar month for 75 or fewer labels, the next plan up is $ 25 a month followed by $ 35, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100 and $ 125 for about 5,000 labels a month. beyond that, you have the option to create a custom plan that includes more labels. You besides have the option to start a 30-day free test of the Professional plan before you commit. The concluding design option is Shippo ’ s Premier history, which comes with 15 drug user accounts, technical foul execution aid, dedicated customer support, plus the features of the Professional plans. Pricing for this option is quote-based and you will need to contact Shippo ’ s sales team to learn more .shippo source : Shippo

Shippo reviews: What customers are saying

Shippo has fairly good ratings online from review sites and users highlight that the software is easy to use. On G2 Crowd they have a 4.3 out of 5-star rate and on Capterra they have a 5 out of 5-star evaluation. positive Shippo reviews highlight the fact that users can compare the embark prices right on the Shippo platform indeed they know where they ’ ll get the best deal. Some users besides say that they find Shippo is better for shipping little products and boxes than some other dispatch services. They besides like that Shippo mechanically gives their customers tracking and delivery estimates, removing the necessitate for customers to directly contact the sellers themselves. This can be a bad prison term rescuer and help you prioritize the most significant emails from customers. While negative Shippo reviews are few and far between, some users find the still of habit on mobile to be lacking, while others would prefer if customer support could be accessed via call, rather of electronic mail or live chat.

Shippo alternatives

Depending on what you ’ ra looking for in shipping software, Shippo may not be the best solution for you. If that ’ s the case, a Shippo alternative may be more ideal. Let ’ s look at some other options that may satisfy your needs better than Shippo.


Our first Shippo alternative, Easypost, is a flexible API that allows you to add ship and tracking capabilities to your ecommerce platform. They work with more than 100 unlike carriers and besides offer a pay-as-you-go design that offers shipping labels and delivery estimates adenine well as tracking and reporting. This plan costs $ 0.01 per package, plus a 1 % insurance tip, with a $ 1 minimum. Besides these costs, Easypost doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate commission any setup, support, or cancellation fees. however, you do have the option to pay an extra tip for domestic and external savoir-faire verification, the monetary value of which will depend on how many lookups you plan to use each calendar month. Easypost besides has commodity reviews from users who highlight the API ’ s comfort of function.


Another Shippo alternative is ShipStation. They offer many of the like options ; however, their enterprise plan, which lets you send outright shipments, is merely $ 159 per month. ShipStation integrates with just about any ecommerce chopine, like Squarespace, Shopify, Etsy, Square and more, so you can start transport in minutes. And you can automate your embark processes, while besides allowing you to customize when you need to. Like Shippo, ShipStation offers a 30-day free trial so you can try it out before committing.

USPS Small Business

There is, of course, the choice to go directly with the carrier alternatively of using a middle man. If you ship most of your packages via USPS, you might want to just work directly with them alternatively of opting for a third-party serve like Shippo. With USPS Small Business you can pay for and print all the transport labels you need on-line and have the packages picked up correct from your door. You can besides use them for marketing purposes with direct-mail advertising. They offer some of the best prices for smaller packages—generally anything that weighs less than five pounds—but they besides offer flat-rate transport that can besides be a cost-efficient solution. Whatever method you choose, USPS Small Business offers respective options when it comes to transport time, software size and package type. And while they ’ ll pick up your packages, if you ever need to visit a location in person, you ’ ll find one in your area.

The bottom line

If you ’ ra looking for a company to help you streamline your transport processes and free up your time for other things, Shippo is a bang-up option. print labels, tracking packages, communicating with your customers, facilitating returns, analyzing the datum and more are all possible with Shippo. Every commercial enterprise ’ sulfur needs are different, though, so if you ’ rhenium not certain whether Shippo is the best choice for you, it ’ s a well theme to sign up for their free trial to test-drive their product before you commit. It ’ mho besides deserving checking out their competitors, like Easypost, ShipStation and USPS Small Business to see if one of these solutions better fits your needs. This article primitively appeared on Fundera, a auxiliary of NerdWallet .

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