How to Collect Payment with Google Forms

Do you own an on-line occupation ? Are you selling tickets for an approaching business summit ? Or do you run a clothe and accessories store on-line ? Read on as we explore diverse options for collecting payments from clients and customers using Google Forms .

How to Collect Payments with Google Forms

The rumors you heard are true. Google forms does not provide an choice for you to receive payment immediately on your forms. however, there are some ways to make it happen. hera are some options for collecting payments via google forms : :

1)  Use an Add-on to accept payments directly

You can accept requital directly from Google forms by using Add-on to enable a payment action with Stripe. If you have an existing history with Stripe, merely use an accessory to link your Google Form with your Stripe explanation. You can besides create an account with Stripe if you do not have one. once you have linked your accounts, your customers can pay with their cards when they are ready for check out. Google forms will mechanically redirect them to the Stripe requital page with the total sum up of their order already set.

Some Addons for collecting payments in google forms include ;

  • Payable Forms Addon
  • Neartail add-on

Use for Free: 37 Payment Form Templates

2) Link to a third-party website like Stripe or Paypal

Linking Google forms to a third-party web site is pretty square. All you have to do is add a standard connection to your Google forms ratification message and link it to your third-party payment web site such as Paypal. You can then request a fixed sum from your customer. note that the third-party requital liaison will be revealed to the user after the form submission.

3) Use follow-up via email with Appscript, mail merge

Use the Individual or Bulk follow-up via electronic mail to get in tint with your customers once you have received their responses. You can write custom codes or use unite tools to write emails on your form using Google AppScript

4) Peer-to-Peer payment: Bank account, Paypal address

Peer-to-Peer requital allows you to add details of your bank account, Cash App, Venmo e.t.c, to your form. You can ask your customers to upload a screenshot to serve as proof of requital after they have paid.

The Disadvantages of Using Google Forms to Collect Payments

When there ‘s money is involved, we all demand the best form of security. When you add a requital link to your Google forms, do not forget that Google forms are not PCI compliant which makes them dangerous. Some of the downsides you should worry about are :

  1. Sensitive information such as your card details (billing address, phone number, expiry dates, cardholder names) are unprotected. Anyone with access to your device can view your details.
  2. Your cards are not protected by the Payment Card Industry. This means although you can add your links to a Google Form, you cannot directly receive payments on them because you will always be redirected.

Free to Use: Free Payment Requisition Form Template

Formplus vs Google Forms in Payment Collection

You have to connect a link to another to make payment solicitation possible in Google Forms. This is because Google forms can not offer payment integrations since they are not Payment Card Industry ( PCI ) compliant. On the early pass, you can create on-line forms on Formplus and use these forms to collect requital. This is because Formplus has payment integrations for Stripe, Flutterwave, PayPal, and Paystack. You can use these payment gateways to receive payments in over 150 currencies .

How to Use Formplus to Collect Payments

You can use Formplus to design any type of order shape and meet payments online. Formplus ‘s imprint consolidation is a ace on-line payment processor that has highly secured payment platforms. The payment integrations include industry giants like Flutterwave, PayPal, Paystack, and Stripe. The processes involved in on-line requital and payment collection are equally seamless. It poses no security system terror and if you own an on-line store, you do not need to worry about any APIs. Visit the Formplus web site, and sign in to your account to get started.

now, let ‘s look at Formplus ‘s integration with each of these requital mediums .

1) PayPal

PayPal is one of the best players in the on-line payment processors industry. Its services have been tested and found reliable. You can use Formplus ’ integration to build forms that can easily and quickly receive payments on PayPal. Embed your Formplus payment forms and receive payments from your customers on your e-commerce web site, collect registration fees for a seminar, or receive donations for your organization. here ‘s a simple way to Integrate Formplus and Paypal

  • Sign up or sign in to your Formplus account
  • Select an existing form or create a new one
  • From the field section on your left, tap on payments and drag the “PayPal field” to your form.

Use For Free: Paypal Business Payment Form Template

2) Stripe

With the Formplus Stripe field, your customers would not have to leave your web site before they can complete their payments again. Embed the payment airfield directly into your shape on Formplus so that your customers can make instantaneous payments, without a redirect to complete their transaction. here ‘s a guide to help you get started with integrating Formplus and Stripe .

  • Sign up to Formplus and start creating functional payment forms. 
  • Add the stripe payment field to create Stripe payment forms, registration forms, and booking forms with the responsive drag-and-drop form builder.

Use for Free: Stripe Payment Order Form

  • once you ‘re done creating the shape on Formplus, degree centigradereate a Stripe account
  • Use the Stripe keys on your Form settings to connect it on Formplus. 

3) Paystack

You never have to write a line of code or build a payment chopine from strike with Formplus and Paystack. You can now easily pick up payments for your products and services on-line. The Paystack integration is safe, dependable, and perfective for Africans who want to receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the universe. Some of the advantages of the Formplus and Paystack payment integration includes :

  • Using calculation fields to calculate the transaction total.
  • Receiving and monitoring payment notifications in your Formplus account.
  • Meeting PCI compliance standards for online payments.

To be able to use the Formplus and Paystack medium to achieve this and more, you ‘ll need a Paystack account and a Formplus bill. If you do not have any of these two, it ‘s best to sign up immediately. Steps to help you set up your payment collection with Formplus and Paystack

  • Create a Formplus account and sign in
  • Use the drag-and-drop form builder feature to create mobile-friendly payment forms, registrations forms, and booking forms by using the Paystack payment field in your form.

After creating your mannequin on Formplus, connect to Paystack

  • Sign up to Paystack and link your account to Formplus by inputting your keys on the Formplus settings page

4) Flutterwave

You can process payments for products and services from anywhere in the worldly concern through the Formplus integration that connects your forms with Flutterwave. You can now safely receive payments and donations online right from your on-line shape. You will besides be able to :

  • Receive email notifications when you receive payments.
  • Meet PCI compliance standards

How to Integrate Formplus and Flutterwave to process payments on forms :

  • Sign up or sign in to your Formplus account
  • Select an existing form or create a new one
  • Add the Flutterwave field to your form and enter your Flutterwave credentials on the form settings page


Payment collection has been made deoxyadenosine monophosphate simplified as possible with technology today. Using payment forms integration might be the simplest way to sell your products on-line and experience faster requital. now that the options of Google forms and Formplus requital collection have been distinctly discussed, choose the one that best fits your business and start collecting payments from your customers today !

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